Super Deluxe Edition Pre-orders Disappearing Much Quicker From Amazon US

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by veon, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. veon

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    United States
    In the last week pre-orders for The Cult’s Sonic Temple set, David Bowie’s Conversation Piece set, Prince’s 1999 set, The Doors Soft Parade set, Muses’ Origins of Muse set, and the Kinks’ Arthur set have all became unavailable. I know production of physical products is declining, but I would have thought some of these sets wouldn’t be sold out already (especially the Bowie and Prince boxes). It’s bizarre that the other Amazon sights still have these sets listed. Any thoughts?
  2. bluej

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    Dayton, Ohio
    I'm thinking it might be some kind of error, because it's not just the super deluxe sets; for example, if you search "Prince 1999 deluxe," NONE of the forthcoming reissues are available, including the vinyl or the 2-CD version.

    (I'm hoping it's just an error, because I still need to order some of these!)
  3. Daniel Plainview

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    Bowie Storyteller Vinyl no longer available either. Thinking it's just a mistake. But it does make me slightly nervous (my pre-order is still alive and well).
  4. bluesbro

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    Maybe its related to getting this to you on release date? I assume there is only so many boxes that can fit on a truck at any given time before going overboard with costs.
  5. tinnox

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    Right now I don’t think you can order
    Jethro Tull 40th anniversary Stormwatch cd book set. I preordered and says delivery pending. Comes out in October.
  6. Justin Brooks

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    might they not be disappearing simply because initial allotments are selling out?
  7. MaestroDavros

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    This has been a widespread problem with Amazon US preorders of late in general, not just super deluxe editions.
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  8. MikeT

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    New Jersey, USA
    Funny - I noticed the same thing over the past few weeks. A lot of my pre-orders for items mentioned no longer have a release date, and can't be pre-ordered. Since I pre-ordered those items weeks ago, my order still stands - but without a delivery date.
  9. veon

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