"Supergirl" on CBS (now on The CW)*

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  1. Wow. The Flash more than holds its own with both of these shows in my opinion.
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    Makes too much sense :)
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    To be clear in my previous post, I was not critical of the actor hired to play Jimmy Olson. I found the plotline of Supergirl giving advice to help Lois Lane's sister get back together with him ridiculous.
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    It's the only part of her face that can still move.
  5. Vidiot

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    I think there's a combination of Botox, heavy makeup, a facelift, very soft lighting, and lots of post defocus going on. Calista has a different face from the pilot.
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    The commercials for SG look so bad I'm still glad I bailed after the first show.
  7. Vidiot

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    The show continues to get worse. Noted Hollywood pundit Ken Levine just posted a fairly scathing run down of all of the Supergirl show's problems, which boil down to trying to appeal to too many facets of the audience at the same time:

    Supergirl Is Becoming Supertrain

    (For those who don't remember, Supertrain was one of the worst NBC TV series in history, from the short-lived 1979 show when Fred Silverman was trying to get the ratings up. It was an extremely expensive show that was such a big failure, it almost bankrupted the network (according to some sources).)
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    i have to agree that 'supergirl' get a little bit harder to watch each week, i also feel the same way about 'quantico'.....can't imagine either one of them getting renewed.
  9. tommy-thewho

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    The pilot was very well done and every week it has slowly descended....
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    I read the network's ordered more episodes this week. It appears that the show's a hit! AND....they're casting for a Superman!
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    They ordered more episodes, but not the full amount expected. I'm guessing that they want to string it along a bit longer to fit in with their programming and are hoping things will improve by introducing new gimmicks like superman cameos and crossover episodes with Flash etc. It's a sign of panic IMO.
  12. The almost inevitable Supergirl-Flash crossover has finally been confirmed, though what's genuinely surprising is that it will hit the small screen during the same week Dawn Of Justice arrives...
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  14. shokhead

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  15. Wait, you couldn't possibly be saying the CW has bad shows? No! Say it ain't so. Actually, I do enjoy The Flash and I Zombie but that's it.

    To be fair--show runners can sometimes be micro managed by the network and pressured into doing things that aren't in the best interest of a show. I do think that the CW WILL be a better choice and.p, perhaps, the producers will have the same freedom they did with The Flash to craft an interesting show.

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    I still truly believe "Supergirl" is an awesome show & will continue to watch every episode no matter where it goes.
  17. tommy-thewho

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    There will be some cost cutting on CW.

    CBS was paying 2 million per episode.

    She's super pretty and likeable.
  18. Squealy

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    I don't know how they're going to find downtown locations in Vancouver that The Flash and Arrow haven't already used a million times, not to mention all the other shows that film here. It's not that big a city.
  19. shokhead

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    I think they are moving production to Canada.
  20. carrick doone

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    I think it's all in how they film the city. It's easy for us as locals to play "guess the location" but I think for people outside the city it doesn't matter so much. It's a long way from 21 Jump Street where they used to show the very identifiable skytrain as an opening shot.

    Maybe the worst problem they have is getting access to all the locations considering all the filming! :)
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    It does and the red skirt frames them nicely
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    I tried to like this show. She's cute as can be but it's just too out there for me with too many aliens. Not my thing at all.
  23. GodShifter

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    Terrible show. Cancellation would be the best thing it could ask for.
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    I watched it once, and changed the channel before the show was over. Nuff Said.
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    Tangent, but, wasn't Supertrain just the same show as The Love Boat and Fantasy Island, but set on a train? all three shows began with the introduction of the guest characters who were having a relationship crisis or were up to no good or whatever, and the over the course of the episode their situations would improve. Instead of the Love Boat's stock footage shots of the ocean or of the cruise ship between scenes, Supertrain had shots of the model train speeding down the tracks. But the primary model footage of the train shooting out of the city station was made for the premiere and then reused each week, so, what the heck made it an expensive show?

    I just wonder now, looking back, if the show may have been used to hide some funny accounting problems that had nothing to do with the show at all.[/QUOTE]

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