Supertramp's Even in the Quietest Moments new 24-96 release, anyone check it out?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Stefan, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. Stefan

    Stefan Senior Member Thread Starter

    Montreal, Canada
    I see HDTracks, Quboz, ProStudioMasters, etc., all have a new 24-96 release of Supertramp's Even in the Quietest Moments listed as a late January release. Has anyone checked it out for sound quality, compression, EQ, etc.?

    All I've found is a technical note on ProStudioMasters:

    "contains high-resolution digital transfers of material originating from an analogue master source"

    That could mean just about anything!
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  2. c-eling

    c-eling They're made of light,We never would have guessed

    Including massive compression :D
    I'm not going anywhere near it.
    This is a copy and paste Stefan
    Analyzed: Supertramp / Even In The Quietest Moments (2020 Remaster)

    DR Peak RMS Duration Track
    DR7 -0.21 dB -9.70 dB 4:09 01-Give A Little Bit
    DR7 -0.21 dB -9.33 dB 6:52 02-Lover Boy
    DR8 -0.21 dB -11.26 dB 6:28 03-Even In The Quietest Moments
    DR11 -0.21 dB -14.94 dB 4:03 04-Downstream
    DR8 -0.21 dB -10.55 dB 4:52 05-Babaji
    DR8 -0.21 dB -10.55 dB 6:21 06-From Now On
    DR7 -0.21 dB -11.95 dB 10:52 07-Fool's Overture
  3. peterpyser

    peterpyser Forum Resident

    Ugh! It's even worse than the 2003 remaster.
  4. Synthfreek

    Synthfreek I’m a ray of sunshine & bastion of positivity

    I haven't heard it, I have the old Audio Master Plus Series CD and I think it sounds great.
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  5. c-eling

    c-eling They're made of light,We never would have guessed

    It does and that old stock mastering can be had for dirt cheap.
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  6. colinu

    colinu I'm not lazy, I'm energy saving!

    I know that I am preaching to the choir, but you would think that Hi-res releases would be spared brick-walling.
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  7. Stefan

    Stefan Senior Member Thread Starter

    Montreal, Canada
    Yeah I saw that but I was hoping that maybe that's a release for Spotify or CD and perhaps the hi-res being released on 2021 is different. Wishful thinking probably.
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  8. MOB_HRV

    MOB_HRV Forum Resident

    Brussels, Belgium
    The new 24/96 hi-res files are horribly brickwalled, and even without looking at the waveform, you can hear obvious compression.
    I did not check every song in detail, but during the very first guitar chords in Give A Little Bit, there is a tape flaw (channel loss) that was not in the previous CD editions.
    So, I guess they used a damaged master (due to age probably), mastered the music as if we were still in the Loudness War, and even did not bother to restore the channel loss. :thumbsdow:shrug:
  9. djnathan7

    djnathan7 Forum Resident

    It sounds a little bit more natural to my ears in terms of EQ compared to the 2002 remaster when comparing both on Tidal but the drums have been ruined and are way too compressed as well as some tape damage ruining this one. The 2002 remaster until I track down an older pressing will be my goto for now.
  10. Limopard

    Limopard National Dex #143

    Leipzig, Germany
    Keep your A&M original and turn it up.
    Listened to the new one via Tidal Masters. EQ is ok, but it is loud. The brickwall limiter cut quite deep here.
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  11. imthetxman

    imthetxman HardMediaMan

    I really wish they would get this right. Unfortunately my A&M original is bad shape. Warped.
  12. rhassle

    rhassle New Member

    Love the album. Have owned previous two Cd versions. Immediately bought the 96-24 download. Muffled. No dynamics. Sounds like it was recorded via mikes wrapped in pillows. Hate it. I deleted it from my player. Tidal in not a good way to judge music and list impressions here. My system is revealing. Cd’s sound infinitely better that this piece of crap. Don’t buy it. A&m should be ashamed of this scam. Are they deaf?
  13. djnathan7

    djnathan7 Forum Resident

    The OG cd unfortunatly is still the way to go on this one as MFSL never touched it. Out of all the supertramp remasters I feel this one is worse than Breakfast.
  14. imthetxman

    imthetxman HardMediaMan

    Really is too bad. This is an outstanding album. Right there with Crime of the Century IMO.

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