Surround music R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Ed Hughes, Jul 9, 2018.

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  2. Bingo Bongo

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    If it had taken off in a car audio environment, it might have had a chance.
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  3. MYKE

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    Somebody should tell Dutton Vocalion. GARBAGE. :laugh:
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  4. PsychGuy

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    Comments that follow the article are much better than the article itself.
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  5. walrus

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    If surround mixes weren't continually bundled with CD's and other stuff a lot of people don't need, perhaps it'd be healthier.

    Also, if surround albums were sold online on HDTracks or whatnot, that would also go along way. There's no reason surround sound needs to be permanently relegated to shiny round things.
  6. MYKE

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    Except for the fact that you have to drive from either the far left, or far right side of the interior. Unless you sit parked, and sit in the center.
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    DVD-Audio? Who wrote this...Rip Van Winkle?
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    seriously. and tell Roger Waters since he's got Animals upcoming in surround. ...and those pesky Beatles. White Album in surround later this year....and Fleetwood Mac, who just put out Tusk, Mirage and the '75 album in surround. yeah, it's dead alright.
  9. wolfram

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    Berlin, Germany
    Man, ain't that the truth.
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  10. BradOlson

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    This is just more crap being passed on as the truth to the media.
  11. MYKE

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    And the Doobie Brothers' quad albums later this year.
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  12. Ski Bum

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    Who is still making an audiophile quality multichannel pre-amp that will take the multichannel analog output from a multichannel SACD or BD-A player? I think there are still a couple on the market (e.g. McIntosh as part of a full A/V component), but it is pretty much a lost product category. I'd be delighted to be corrected.
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  13. Digital-G

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    Surround is dead. CDs are dead. Rock is dead. Audio Fidelity is dead. Next thing you know someone is going to tell me that 8-tracks aren't viable anymore!

    Why is everyone so gung-ho to kill off our music choices?
  14. gregorya

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    I hear rumours of surround's demise this all around me... ;)
  15. Ed Hughes

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    Harsh, but not entirely wrong either. :agree:
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    So many things wrong with that article.

    DVD-A hit the market in 2000, way before record shops started disappearing. In fact, that year was the best sales year for CDs and music revenues ever.

    And there absolutely was a format war with SACD, which doesn't even deserve a mention?
  17. Ed Hughes

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    Yup, thought that was odd when I read this nonsense.
  18. fredblue

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    London, England
    so let me get this straight, the Grammy award for best surround sound music is withdrawn in the same year "Appetite For Destruction" is released in 5.1..? :crazy:
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  19. Hymie the Robot

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    Car systems, like home systems have balance (and fade). My home system has more than one listening position and it sounds excellent when the balance is correct. From MY experience, your post is silly. You will have the exact same problem with stereo recordings in a car without a balance control. I will concede that when the driver's sweet spot is dialed in, the passenger spot will not sound good.
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    Not a bad article. Similar to my feelings ten years ago when I gave up on surround.
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  25. MYKE

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    Sushi Is Dead ! actually, some love it, while others find it disgusting, but our headline is much more sensational for The Sheep.
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