Survey: What Brand of Turntable Do You Use

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Tony Plachy, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Hazelmullins

    Hazelmullins Well-Known Member

    Music Hall MMF 2.3
    I am new to TT's and this is my first :)
  2. DougT

    DougT Forum Resident

    Thorens TD-316 with stock arm and VdH MC-10
    ARXB with stock arm and Denon DL-103D
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  3. blowinblue

    blowinblue Kind of not blue.

    SoCal USA
    Rega Planar 25 purchased new in 1999.

    Even though I enjoy spinning vinyl I harbor a moderate amount of contempt for the medium. Some of that contempt is directed at the quality of many recordings, but most of it is directed at the quality of the pressings themselves. Even some of my 'audiophile' pressings come up short in this regard.

    My humble Rega, Sumiko, Creek setup plays the quality recordings/pressings in a thoroughly enjoyable way and allows me to get sufficiently close to the recorded event. The lower tier records are still going to sound like poor recordings or poor pressings no matter how much money I throw at a vinyl playback system. Yes, my records are clean and well-taken care of and my table is properly set up. Otherwise, my great-sounding LP's wouldn't sound great. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Lol.

    M. M.
  4. rl1856

    rl1856 Forum Resident


    Primary is a Linn LP12/ITTOK LVII/ Denon 103D SS Ruby
    Secondary is a Technics SP15 / AT 1503 MKIII / Ortofon CG25 DI MK2 (mono)

    Computer TT is a AR ES1 stock arm/ Shure V15vMR

    Den TT is a AR XA / Shure M97he
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  5. BroJB

    BroJB Forum Resident

    Pro-Ject Debut Carbon w/Ortofon Red cartridge
  6. NOS300B

    NOS300B Forum Resident

    Elac Miracord 90
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  7. IXLR8

    IXLR8 Forum Resident

    SW, CO, USA
    1. Dual seems to be my favorite over and over but I’m open to a new favorite
    Dual 721 (several)
    Dual 701
    Dual 1229
    Pioneer P-610
    Pioneer P-51
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  8. Doc Diego

    Doc Diego Well-Known Member

    Systemdek llX, Thorens TD150, Connoisseur BD2 and Technics SL-DL1.
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  9. PooreBoy

    PooreBoy Forum Resident

    Lake City, TN
    I’ve acquired two more turntables since I last posted in this thread:
    Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB
    Marantz TT-15S1
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  10. ellingtonic

    ellingtonic Forum Resident

    VPI Classic 2 SE Black Friday
  11. cab.ctb

    cab.ctb Well-Known Member

    Pro-ject 2Xperience SB with 2M Bronze.
  12. Noel Patterson

    Noel Patterson Resident Scatterbrain

    Ontario, Canada
    Yep same here. Pretty darn good for the money.
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  13. BroJB

    BroJB Forum Resident

    Yeah, it really is. I get a wee bit of Pro-Ject's infamous motor hum, but it's all but unnoticeable.
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  14. 4011021

    4011021 Forum Resident

    Since my last post in February I added a Technics SL-1210GR to the main system and kept the Pioneer PLX-1000 for the secondary.
  15. GyroSE

    GyroSE Forum Resident

    Michell Orbe SE
    Michell Gyro SE
  16. Byrdsmaniac

    Byrdsmaniac Forum Resident

    Rega Planar 3 with Shure V15 Vmr since 1989. Technics Sl-7 with Shure M110 HE in the bedroom. As far as I'm concerned I'm set for life.
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  17. Klapamos

    Klapamos Well-Known Member

    Rega Planar 1
  18. eis01

    eis01 Active Member

    Fezewig's Inn
    VPI HW-19 mkiii
  19. Noel Patterson

    Noel Patterson Resident Scatterbrain

    Ontario, Canada
    Have you taken out the 2 screws on the motor mount under the platter? Not the 4 that hold the rubber band but the 2 on the sides. That should fix it, if not
  20. HiFi Guy 008

    HiFi Guy 008 Forum Resident

    New England
    Which model of B&O and what cartridge?
    I used a B&O RX with an MMC2 cart for years.
    Sound quality was stunning for some pressings - better than a tricked out Linn - but not all pressings. It hated some Deutche Grammophone records.
  21. RobCos02330

    RobCos02330 Forum Resident

    Thorens Super Repro 160 from Vinyl Nirvana in the music room as my primary.

    UTurn Orbit in the tv room as a secondary.
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  22. ShockControl

    ShockControl Bon Vivant and Raconteur!

    Lotus Land
    Pioneer. Ten Bucks. Had it for ages. Works great.
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  23. Classicrock

    Classicrock Forum Resident

    South West, UK.
    Michell Orbe SE / SME 309.
    Pioneer PLX 1000.
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  24. cypert2

    cypert2 Forum Resident

    Cypert, AR
    DENON DP-62L
  25. SlugTrail

    SlugTrail Member

    Primary system has a Linn LP12 at the heart of it. I have a secondary system with a Rega Planar 1 (latest generation), which sounds pretty nice for a 'plug-n-play'.
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