Survey: What Brand of Turntable Do You Use

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Tony Plachy, Oct 22, 2016.

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    Long overdue, here is the latest and greatest summary. We now have 1032 TT's owned by the members who have posted in this thread spread over 114 brands of which 10 more brands were added since the last update. At least 3 of those 10 are new brands of which I want to give EAT a shout out because IMHO they make very nice TT's. The dominance of Technics as the most popular TT brand has only grown greater, 14% of the TT's in this tread are Technics! The 21 brands that are now in double digits account for 80% of the TT's in this thread. I think it is interesting that of the 21 top brands only VPI can claim to be an American made TT , where as, when it comes to speakers and amps I think there are more American manufactures than with TT's. Finally, I put Pioneer into the 50 or more group because for numbers over about 20 or 30 I think the accuracy of my count is +/- 1.

    In a class by itself

    Technics 148

    The other big guns (50 or more)

    Rega 96
    VPI 79
    Thorens 68
    Pro-Ject 59
    Pioneer 49

    The rest of the double digit brands

    Dual 45
    Linn Sondek 40
    Denon 36
    Music Hall 29
    Audio Technica 25
    Garrard 21
    Acoustic Research 16
    Clearaudio 16
    Michell 16
    JVC 14
    Nottingham Spacedeck 14
    Bang & Olufsen 13
    Kenwood 13
    Sony 13
    Yamaha 11

    The complete list

    Acoustic Research 16

    Acoustic Signature 2
    Acoustic Solid 1
    ADC 1
    Akai 1
    ARB 2
    Ariston 3
    Audio Note 3
    Audio Technica 25
    Avid 7
    Bang & Olufsen 13
    Basis 4
    Braun 1
    Brinkman 2
    Cambridge 1
    Clearaudio 16
    Consonance 2
    Crosely 3
    Dansette 1
    Denon 36
    DIY 1
    Dual 45
    EAT 2
    ELAC 7
    ELP 2
    Empire 7
    EMT 1
    Fairchild 1
    Feickert 1
    Fons International 1
    Funk Firm 1
    Garrard 21
    Gates 1
    Gemini 1
    GLI 1
    Gold Note 1
    Goldmund 2
    Goldring 1

    H.H. Scott 1
    Harman Kardon 3
    Heybrook 1
    Hitachi 4
    Immedia 1
    ION 2
    Jean Nantais Reference 1
    JVC 15
    Kenner 1
    Kenwood 13
    Kuzna Stabi 3
    Lenco 9
    Linn Sondek 40
    Luxman 4
    Magnavox 1
    Marantz 8
    McIntosh 3
    MCS 2
    Merrill 4
    Michell 16
    Micro Seiki 6
    Mitsubishi 2
    MoFi 1
    Music Hall 29
    NAD 1
    Nottingham Spacedeck 14
    Numark 3
    Oracale 5
    Origin Live 1
    Orpheus Silex 1
    Philips 4
    Phonospie 1
    Pioneer 49
    Presto 2
    Pro-Ject 59
    PYLE 1
    QRK 2
    Quadraflex 1
    Realistic 4
    Redpoint 1
    Rega 96
    Rek-O-Kut 3
    Renkforce 1
    Revolver 2
    Revox 1
    Roksan 3
    Rotel 1
    Sansui 7
    Sanyo 1
    Setton 1
    Shinola Runwell 1
    SME 3
    Sonographe 1
    Sony 13
    SOTA 4
    Soulines 1
    Soundesign 1
    Source-Odyssey 1
    Stanton 1
    Strathclyde 1
    Sugden Connoisseur 1
    Systemdek 7
    Technics 148
    Thorens 68
    Toshiba 1
    Townshend 1
    Triangle Art 1

    TW Acustics 1
    U-Turn 7
    Verdier La Platine 1
    Vestax 1
    VPI 79
    Well Tempered 4

    Yamaha 11
    Yorx 1
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    Pleasantville, NY
    Some people think it is the woman's touch that makes it look so good! :righton:
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  4. Tony Plachy

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    Pleasantville, NY
    That is a great looking and I am sure great sounding TT setup.
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  5. TommyTunes

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    The Rega has been replaced with a Pro-Ject Classic SB with Hana SL
  6. rockin_since_58

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    Simi Valley, CA
  7. Tony Plachy

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    I have been meaning to do this for sometime. Below is my VPI Classic Direct with the new Fatboy tonearm.

  8. Myke

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  9. Tony Plachy

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    Pleasantville, NY
    Tom, You are one of the few SME TT owners that have posted here There are only three SME TT's posted here, which surprises me because I have always thought of SME as a desired brand for TT's. How do you like your SME TT?
  10. toddfan

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    Overland Park, KS
    In the market, so curious...why did you switch? I've considered both of those.
  11. dangorange

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    Natick, MA
    I'll add my Funk Firm LSD with a Dynavector 10x5 to the list!
  12. TommyTunes

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    I lusted after SME’s for 15 years, so you would think I’d use it all the time. Because it’s in my upstairs second system, I’ve only have about 30 hours on it after two years. The best I can tell you is that it’s in the ballpark of my Acutus Reference. The SME is better detailed and overall faster but that may be more a result of cartridge (Lyra Atlas vs Koestu Onyx) rather than the table.
    What I like about the SME and for that matter the Avid is that they are tweak free. Once you set them up nothing changes or drifts out of alignment.
  13. TommyTunes

    TommyTunes Senior Member

    I never was thrilled with the Rega, the P3 out of the box IMO was not a great table, you really need to add all the Goovetracer upgrades. I’m not going to tell you that the Project is radically different. I just think the isolation is better.
  14. Jansson

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    Stockholm Sweden
    Yes I like this combo.
    I have the 12 inch tonearm.
    A good feature with Mörch is the possibility of interchangeable tonearm tubes so that you can match the compliance of the pick up of your choice.
    I find that this combo tracks very well. And as you say, delivers very stable deep bass. Overall
    clean sounding and very little coloration.
    I want it to be as transparent as possible.
    Lyra Delos is IMO really good when given the right working condition.

    Would love though testing the Titan on my table. Most probably a success.
    What turntable do you use?

    RONENRAY Forum Resident

    antwerp belgium
    At thise time i have 4 turntables in use;
    Michell Gyro se with Sme 309
    Michell reference hydraulic transcription with Sme 3009
    Thorens TD 124 mk1 with Sme 3009
    Lenco L75 rebuilt to PTP5 with Grace G704
  16. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Forum Resident

    Add one for Luxman
  17. Ron13a

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    Gastonia NC
    Thorens TD-124 and an AR "The Turntable" with a Rega arm.
  18. ianhilluk

    ianhilluk Forum Resident

    Simon Yorke S7 w/ Sumiko Palo Santos cartridge.
  19. steviebee

    steviebee Always playing Ese and The Vooduu People

    London, England
    Upgraded my LP12 Valhalla:

    Linn LP12/Ittok LVII/Linn Krystal
    Cirkus bearing/ Keel
    Lingo 4 power supply

    New rosenut plinth

    Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

    My only loss is my fluted plinth, but I feel being a Linn picture frame is in it's future.
    My old inner bearing is now an ashtray!

    Big shout out to the wonderful Ray, and all at Graham's Hi Fi in North London! My thanks :)
  20. drum_cas

    drum_cas Forum Resident

    My TT's:

    Main: Pro-ject RPM 1 carbon, Ortofon red
    School: Philips quartz pll f7511, GP 401 or 412
    Garden/campsite: Philips 22AF180
  21. myles

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    Plymouth, UK
    I am using a Nottingham Analogue Interspace Jr and am imminently about to enjoy a Linn Sondek LP12 - with a few tweaks!
  22. Netnomad

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    Rega Planar 2 with upgraded sub platter and Exact cart.
  23. rolli

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    Hi all,

    Tables in use:
    Technics SL1700MK2 (stock) with an Audio Technica AT 540ml cart
    Sansui SR838 with an Ortofon 2m Blue cart

    Tables not in use at the moment:
    Technics SL1650 with a Grado Blue cart
    Pioneer PL 510a with a Stanton cart
  24. Timeless Classics

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    Started with my father's Dual table, then to an Audio Technica. Then came progressive upgrades in the VPI turntable line.
  25. UCrazyKid

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    Onkyo Integra CP-1055F MkII direct drive with Grado Gold1 cart.

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