Survey: What Brand of Turntable Do You Use

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Tony Plachy, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Vinyl Addict

    Vinyl Addict Forum Resident

  2. Bachtoven

    Bachtoven Forum Resident

    VPI Scout 1.1
  3. vinylbuff

    vinylbuff Forum Resident

    North Port Florida
    All stock Rega RP6/Exact........ and I :love: it!
  4. SirMarc

    SirMarc Forum Resident

    Cranford, NJ
    I've been using mine since the mid 80's when my father upgraded and gave it to me. I make decent money, and have gone turntable shopping over the years, but haven't found one under a few grand that I like more. Gotta love the auto lift and shut off.

    I use a Technics SL-QD33 in the downstairs system for background music with an AT cart
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  5. Raylinds

    Raylinds Resident Lake Surfer

    VPI Aries 3
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  6. TVC15

    TVC15 Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    VPI Classic 2
  7. Lymbo

    Lymbo Forum Resident

    Huntsville, AL
    Pioneer PLX-1000

  8. HenryH

    HenryH Forum Resident

    Linn LP12 / Lingo PS / Naim ARO / Linn Arkiv
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    RJJETS Forum Resident

    VPI Classic Signature
    Luxman PD272
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  10. wvsteveo

    wvsteveo Forum Resident

    JVC ALA1...purchased in mid 1980s. Very entry level looking to replace.
  11. qwerty

    qwerty A resident of the SH_Forums.

    Source-Odyssey (Scottish turntable) - see

    Orpheus Silex
    - classic 3-speed 1950/60's idler/belt drive transcription TT from Melbourne, Australia. Believed to be the first suspended turntable in the world. Competed against the Garrard 301. Has wonderful 1950's deco styling with grey hammertone finish (some rare models had green or bronze hammertone).
    Image below is Thomas-Schick's (has non-original mat). Note the tonearm is mounted to the suspension via the "mushroom" attachment. Lovely custom "teardrop" plinth.

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  12. youraveragevinylcollector

    youraveragevinylcollector Forum Resident

    Hartwell, GA
    Audio Technica LP-60 at the moment, hope to upgrade to a Technics SL series DD turntable in the near future.
  13. Wes_in_va

    Wes_in_va Trying to live up to my dog’s expectations

    Southwest VA
    Main rig: Kenwood KD500 with an Acos Lustre GST-1 arm
    Family room: JVC QL7
  14. aseriesofsneaks

    aseriesofsneaks Forum Resident

    St. Catharines, ON
    My primary turntable is a Technics SL-1200 MKII. I also have a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. Both have Nagaoka MP-110 carts.
  15. gklainer

    gklainer Forum Resident

    VPI Classic (ATOC9ML/II) in the Music Room, a Music Hall MMF 2.3 (AT150MLX) in my office and a 70's Sanyo TP-825 (Micro Acoustics 2002e) in the bedroom. Also, a Dual 1229 awaiting repair.
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  16. Burning Tires

    Burning Tires Forum Resident

    Atlanta, GA
    Music Hall mmf-5.1 se
    Ortofon 2M Blue

  17. Ron13a

    Ron13a Member

    Gastonia NC
    Thorens TD-150 /Rega Arm
    Rega Panar 3
    Thorens TD-165
    Pioneer PL-71
    Pioneer PL-518
    Pioneer PL-518
    Pioneer PL-510A
  18. 56GoldTop

    56GoldTop Forum Resident

    Nowhere, Ok
    Yup. Nope. Me neither. I have never been nor do I ever expect that I'll be a DJ or turntablist.

    My father who has two Technics decks (SL-1400MK2 and another model I'm not sure of) was never, nor will ever be a DJ or turntablist. He mated them to his Fisher integrated. Before that he had two Garrards (Lab 80 and the Type A changer, for mom's use).
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  19. Tommyboy

    Tommyboy Senior Member

    New York
    VPI Extended Aries 1. HRX platter and feet. 3D tonearm
  20. Fiddlefye

    Fiddlefye Forum Resident

    As you can see there isn't a whole lot of brand loyalty going on around here....
    Thorens TD-125/Fidelity Research FR-24 MkII
    Ariston RD11s/SME 3009 S2 Improved
    Technics SP-15/Sumiko MMT, SL-D2
    Rek-O-Kut B-12H/Nottingham Ace Space arm
    Braun PS-500
    Harman Kardon ST6
    Dual 1219
    Garrard Zero 100, RC88, LAB 80, Type A
    B&O Beogram 3000
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  21. 56GoldTop

    56GoldTop Forum Resident

    Nowhere, Ok
    ...too many splendid machines around for that... I guess many of us like options. :D
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  22. DLD

    DLD Senior Member

    Dallas, Tx
    Technics SL 1200 MK2
    Technics SL 1200 MK5
    Yamaha PF-800
    JVC something or another
    On any given day carts might be different but as of today, Denon 103R, Shure V15TypeV, AT15s, SHure V15TypeIV with Jico SAS
  23. DLD

    DLD Senior Member

    Dallas, Tx
    DJ? Huh? I use my 2 to play the He!! out of records at mi casa. SL1200s are rock solid, very quiet, vinyl spinners with near unheard of longevity and spot on speed. Not a second of trouble with either of mine.
  24. DLD

    DLD Senior Member

    Dallas, Tx
    to 56GoldTo[, I replied to your post and meant to reply to the person who originally asked if we Technics users were DJs.
  25. vanhooserd

    vanhooserd Senior Member

    Denon DP-300F.

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