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    More often than that. Looking at my purchase history for the last year, they had the B2G1 sale that included music in Sept, Oct, and Nov 2019, and Feb, Jun 2020. There were additional months where the sale only applied to movies, books, and/or video games. Most sales were for 1 week, but one time towards the end of last year they extended the sale for 3 or 4 weeks in a row.
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    yeh there have been at least 6 of them withing 12 months ........ then sometimes just movies & or books .
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  3. Target is getting out of the media business sooner rather than later. The frequent sales are their way of cleaning out excess inventory.
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    It's clear that BestBuy is doing that since they stopped carrying cds entirely (except whatever existing stock might be in any given store) and I read that the only reason they still carry vinyl is that they signed some contracts to carry it through a certain date in the future. But Target still seems to add "Target exclusive" titles to their website which seems like a weird thing to do if they are planning to get out of the media business soon. I am not completing doubting what you wrote because, sadly, I think most people no longer buy any physical media but I'm not sure how soon is soon.
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    Perhaps Target is constantly evaluating which music genres, formats, and demographics, etc that they’d like to focus upon...

    Which most music retailers have done for decades.
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    perhaps in-store, but what incentive would they have to discontinue online sales?

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