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    I'm really happy with this deal so far, super cheap wax and quality selections. My order was placed last Weds, 6 records for $105, ordered together. I received the "free" discounts on the 3rd most expensive record, and on the least expensive record, a $48 discount. A Tone Poet (Cornbread) and a BN80 (Grant's First Stand) arrived on Friday, they charged me just over $33, packaging was great. I have another Tone Poet and BN80 coming Weds, was charged another $33.

    That leaves me two pre-orders pending, the Herbie Hancock Inventions and Dimensions BN80 (out 10/11), and the Pink Floyd 2LP Later Years set with about $40 left for them to charge me on my order. PhantomStranger's post has me wondering if they're gonna sandbag shipping these out. Is that the big rub? I'm willing to play the waiting game as long as it doesn't get totally stupid.
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    and it looks like the sale is no longer available.
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    as shown in the pictures...
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    I'd definitely reach out to Customer Service and complain if you haven't already. that was a great deal.
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    Yes, I would absolutely do this. Seems really fishy..

    Ask them to explain what the "technical issue" was that would prevent them from ever filling your order.

    If it were me, I would first check to make sure that other vendors have these items in stock and ready to ship before contacting Target. Present them with that info and ask them to explain why they can't get the items. If they balk or are evasive, tactfully suggest that you are suspicious that the real reason is that they just didn't want to sell you the items at the discounted price, and that their behavior will influence your willingness to do business with them in the future.

    I don't know if that's necessarily YOUR style but its the way I often handle big corporate vendors when they act this way..
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    If anyone is interested....the sale is back on this week, but only includes movies and music.
  7. I'm surprised they ever include music in these sales - they drop-ship most of their music orders and must be taking a bath on the CD orders.
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    Had they done this in the past prior to a couple weeks ago? I really hope they do it again, you can really make out like a bandit on certain pressings. It looks like they price match Wal Mart/Amazon on certain titles, which become a great deal with B2G1F. It was like when Amazon had the B1G1 50% Off Sales a few years back around Black Friday.
  9. Yes, this B2G1 media sale has been a yearly occurrence for
  10. Nrochie4184

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    Buffalo, NY that was likely the one and only time? I can't recall if they had any good Black Friday deals for music.

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