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Target B2G1 Sale

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by rjraphael, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    That is baffling, but it happens. Very likely the person who ordered that junk got your titles instead and someone in the shipping depot just slapped the wrong labels on the outside of the boxes. Also fair to point out that Target doesn’t even ship these things—Alliance Entertainment does.

    More to the point, we have really had nothing but great reports on the post-order Customer Service at Target in this thread. If anything, this makes it MORE likely for me to order from them because I know they will handle whatever it is that went wrong.

    That said, I haven’t taken part in the last two sales—there’s just nothing else I want from them.
  2. farewelltransmission

    farewelltransmission Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
    Just placed what will probably be my last order of this sale:

    Bobby Hutcherson - Oblique (Tone Poet)
    Tina Brooks - The Waiting Game (Tone Poet pre-order)
    Clifford Brown/ Max Roach - A Study in Brown (Verve/Acoustic Sounds pre-order)

    Still waiting on a Nina Simone Acoustic Sounds title (back ordered) as well as an Art Blakey Tone Poet (back ordered) from the last sale. Who knows if/when any of this stuff will show up but the price is right.
  3. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    The Blakey just came out Friday—mine shipped but hasn’t arrived yet. So hopefully you don’t have to wait very long.
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  4. Davidmk5

    Davidmk5 Forum Resident

    Marlboro , ma. usa
    That happened to me the Last time they did the buy 2 get 1 , a bunch of items i wanted had that message & luckily Amazon had them in their sale so i got them from them .

    Also noticing this time a LOT of overpriced stuff , like single lps in the $40 - $50 range ........
  5. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    I didn’t even know about the Pearl Jam on purple vinyl until checking this thread today. My store had two in stock, so I picked up one along with Mariah Carey’s MTV Unplugged and her Christmas record, the latter of which they didn’t have in store so will have to ship. Kind of surprised that a well-trafficked Target still had the PJ in stock, especially if the Synergy/Ten Club fandoms are after it.
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  6. aperfecttool

    aperfecttool Ænimic

    RDU, NC, USA
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  7. Rentz

    Rentz Forum Resident

  8. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Aloha, OR
    only issue for me is the lack of options to contact customer service. at least with amazon i can have a chat going while i go about my business. target offers what, a call-in option only? that's a big opportunity for them.
  9. SJP

    SJP Forum Resident

    I suspect the "not shipping to your zip code" means temporarily out of stock. I found this to be the case during the last 3 for 2 sale where I went to order the new Taylor Swift vinyl for one of my girls and got that message, only to be able to order it a couple days later.
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  10. Swordsandchains

    Swordsandchains Forum Resident

    Amazons 3for2 sale is now
    Live, already one order in...
  11. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Aloha, OR
    their system both online and in-store has been all sorts of screwy all weekend. many things showing as "in stock" at my stores only to be nowhere in sight. and no, not just the pearl jam record.
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  12. SJP

    SJP Forum Resident

    Believe me, I've chased enough in-stock items at Target only to be disappointed to no longer trust this designation. This was originally when I was chasing down a particular blu-ray/SACD player which was an absolute steal. I think I went to about 10 stores which allegedly had it in stock before I finally found one. More recently, it was chasing down clearance vinyl. All of these were using that brickseeker app or whatever it was called. What a waste.

    Except for the blu-ray player, that is still sitting sweetly in my rack!
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  13. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
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  14. DailyHiFi

    DailyHiFi Forum Resident

    I was able to score the pearl jam exclusive in store. Thanks for the heads up on that.
  15. bmusic

    bmusic Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
    They do have a chat option. It's been pretty helpful for me when I have problems with orders
  16. cdash99

    cdash99 Forum Resident

    Best Buy is doing the same thing.

    If your credit card has a rewards program that allows you to convert points to gift cards, you may be able to pick up an Apple gift card for less than the traditional dollar-per-point exchange rate.
  17. grouploner

    grouploner Forum Resident

    Pittsburgh, PA
    I just got back from Target, where this (Pearl Jam Target exclusive purple) was listed as "in stock", not available for shipping, not available for order pickup. Although I did find the record, it took me about 45 minutes of scanning the aisles (I live right down the street, so I figured I'd walk over when they opened at 8AM).

    To be honest, I don't think they could have hidden this better and still placed it out on the floor for sale! Very weird, indeed...

    It was (as someone mentioned above) in the baby clothes section. As I was walking past I saw a display of DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, and at the very end of THAT display there was an end cap with 3 columns / 2 rows of LP's. (Although they were part of the display, they were placed so that you really couldn't see them all that well unless you were specifically looking.) Looked through those, no deal.

    THEN once I found those records, I noticed there were some LP's on the REAR side of this LP display (also placed so you couldn't really see them unless you were right there, you would never have seen it if you were just walking down the aisle). And in the bottom row of this back end cap, the last 5 or 6 LP's were Pearl Jam. They were the only ones I saw in the store.

    Not sure I get the baby clothes and LP connection, unless someone was obscuring them so their friends could buy them or something.
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  18. putz

    putz Forum Resident

    I was notified that Pearl Jam 10 was shippable, so I ended up picking up 6 LPs in the $15 to $17 range. Hopefully it's the exclusive one.

    Scheduled to arrive Fri, Dec 4
    The Stooges - Live At Goose Lake: August 8 Th 1970 (Vinyl)
    Qty 1

    The Bangles - Ladies and Gentlemen: The Bangles! (Vinyl)
    Qty 1

    Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby (Vinyl)
    Qty 1

    Pearl Jam - Ten (Vinyl)
    Qty 1

    Shelby Lynne - Not Dark Yet (Vinyl)
    Qty 1

    Scheduled to arrive Tue, Dec 1
    Jimi Hendrix - Winterland (Target Exclusive, Vinyl)
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  19. Rentz

    Rentz Forum Resident

    Have one of those players sitting in my living room it was a steal!
    Only thing I wish it had was a screen in front
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  20. floyd

    floyd Senior Member

    Spring Green, WI
    Lookin' for a little advice. There are a number of Bob Dylan albums from the mid 70's and so that I do not have eventhough I have compete Bootleg series and all the MOFI releases. So we are talking albums like Street Legal, Slow Train Coming, Infidels ... many are available at $6 to $8 on CD or in the $16 range for vinyl. With this sale it could be a good time to fill some holes. Are the current vinyl offerings of these "lesser rated" Dylan albums worth it or should I just get the CD. I am talking fidelity wise - am I just getting a CD master on vinyl and therefore better off just finding clean originals? I buy mostly vinyl these days but I am by no means anti CD.
  21. floyd

    floyd Senior Member

    Spring Green, WI
    Also the Pearl Jam Ten there is also the double album but it seems I have heard some negative reviews on that maybe it is the same mastering nonetheless. I guess the second disc is just a remix.
  22. Boomy

    Boomy Forum Resident

    The albums are in the kids/baby section because in a Target that area is by heavy traffic/main aisles. They strategically put the discounted media there during the holidays (maybe you've seen some DVDs there, too) to grab people's attention. That's what I'm gathering and it seems logical for that reason.
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  23. karmapolice

    karmapolice Forum Resident

    los angeles, ca
    restrictions on shipping many lps removed perhaps for black friday so jump on it....I snagged floyd delicate sound of thunder and hendrix too that had been unavail for this sale .......
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  24. The Vinyl Lover

    The Vinyl Lover Well-Known Member

    Well, cancellations started for me, one of the two Nina Simone recent reissues was cancelled because I supposedly did not confirm I still wanted it, of course there was a couple of request to approve the delay that I confirmed but guess Target ends up doing what they want. I have 5 other items (mostly Tonepoets, Verve reissues) that I preordered and they were unable to fulfill on release date and now showing up as “delayed”. Learned the hard way I guess, but I will never go with Target again for a preorder. Truly disappointing.
  25. beyondmiles

    beyondmiles Forum Resident

    Seattle, WA
    Just got the same notice. I’ve had trouble with approving delays with them before - it seems to not want to approve for all items, even though I only have an option to approve once for multiple items that are delayed.

    Unfortunately it’s not available on the site anymore so out of luck.

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