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  1. bubba-ho-tep

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    Just my two cents on this matter and then I'll move on:

    In my experience, those who act the most defensive when taking advantage of loopholes actually know that they are not acting in a totally honest manner but will do or say anything to justify their actions to themselves as well as to others.

    No judgement from me. I've also taken advantage of obvious mistakes/loopholes in the past. I just don't bend over backwards trying to justify my actions to total strangers on the internet.
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  2. U2Achtung1

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    Did anyone get any damaged ones in plastic bags?

    I got a Gimme Some Truth where the shrink is open, but not damaged. A Taylor Swift is mostly fine, though creased in one corner. Shall I ask for refund? Sometimes they don't even ask for a return. Can also get replacements.
  3. hvbias

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    Sorry for the off topic discussion, is A Love Supreme Live in Seattle digitally cut?
  4. GentleSenator

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    yeah, you should. if the automated system doesn't decide in your favor (ie: tells you to return the damaged stuff before they send a replacement) just chat with customer service. they've been great every time when i had an issue.
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  5. Biittner Hair Flyin'

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    Target's customer service rocks. A couple of years ago, I bought the Beatles U.S. Albums CD box set from Target and discovered that one of the 13 CDs skipped. Knowing that Target sells those 13 CDs individually, I called Target and asked if I could get a partial refund to cover the cost of buying the replacement CD (about $15). After putting me on hold for a couple of minutes, the rep told me that they were going to go ahead and refund the ENTIRE cost of the box set.

    That is the definition of great customer service!
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  6. Coltrane811

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    I have not read anything that indicates that it is AAA, and they usually do a very good job of announcing that. I’d imagine due to the age and provenance of the tape that they had to do some editing in the digital domain.
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    Your proposal seems more sensible to me, but their system apparently isn’t designed to account for such solutions.
  8. GentleSenator

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    agree! but their automated system is definitely not like amazon's. ya gotta talk to someone.

    definitely. like i said: talk to someone. they'll get you sorted out.
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  9. DapperGentleman

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    I received a mis-shipped item in my latest Target order. (Sent a CD rather than vinyl, it was a database error with the UPC code I think.)

    The entire process of filing the claim, receiving a full refund (and NOT having to return the incorrect item) was automated and quick and easy.
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  10. Sedwards

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    I found some very interesting titles on the target sale this time around. Sound far I've received:

    Nik B„artsch - Entendre (2 LP)
    Cassandra Wilson - Coming Forth By Day
    Janos Starker - Brahms: Sonatas For Cello And Piano Nos. 1 & 2 (Speakers Corner)
    Various Artists - XII 2020
    Peter Gregson - Patina
    Lightnin' Hopkins - Mojo Hand (Japanese Import)
    Mick Fleetwood & Friends - Celebrate The Music Of Peter Green

    And on preorder:

    Eva Cassidy - Live At Blues Alley
    Rafael Kubelik/Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Pictures At An Exhibition (Mercury Living Presence Series) (Half-Speed LP)
    Paul Paray/Detroit Symphony Orchestra - The Music Of Chabrier (Mercury Living Presence Series) (Half-Speed LP)
    Various Artists - Project XII 2021
    Jerry Garcia Band - Jerry Garcia Band (30th Anniversary) (5 LP)
    Pat Metheny - Road To The Sun
    Julia Kent - Asperities
    Jon Hassell - Seeing Through Sound

    Surprised to see the MLP's and the Mojo on the site!
  11. astro70

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    Could you point me towards Mojo Hand?
  12. Sedwards

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  13. astro70

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    Southern Illinois
  14. Levi's Tubs

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    Wha? Target has a Speakers Corner release? What was it listed as? I couldn't find anything, but of course Target's search function is awful.
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  15. Sedwards

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    Yeah, right! It's listed as Record label: City Hall Records with a release date of 2013. But the only recent pressing I know of this LP was the 2008 Speakers Corner release so went for it. And it is, indeed, the SC release!
    Janos Starker - Brahms: Sonatas For Cello And Piano Nos. 1 & 2 (Vinyl)
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  16. Mike6565

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    darn I missed that Eva pre-order…. Nice grab!
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  17. Levi's Tubs

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    No sale for Xmas? Poop, was hoping for something to tidy up some loose ends.
  18. Mooserfan

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    I don’t think my heart could stand it (much less my wallet).
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    Another B2G1 sale is coming 2/6/22 through 2/12/22. Movies, Books, Board Games, Puzzles and Video Games (no music again :shake:).
  20. This post had me excited then I got to the parenthesis :(
  21. GentleSenator

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    steve hoffman puzzle forum
  22. Gregalor

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    I’m still excited!
  23. Paul DeLuca

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    Seeing 30% off Dylan cd sets, a few other artists.
  24. GentleSenator

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    in store, online...?
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