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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Steve Baker, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. Steve Baker

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    Columbia, Maryland
    Nice set up. By any chance did you sample the MC settings on the Tavish? Or did you just go with the Rothwell? I'm curious, because I will be switching to MC in the future,( when I get my TD150 up and running). If I need a SUT I will have to start saving $$. Always nice to hear that people with similar equipment are hearing what I hear. Lucky you to score one on the cheap.
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    Thanks. I did not sample the MC settings on the Tavish before buying the Rothwell. I had experience with the FET-based MC gain stage on my former Herron and recognized very nice SQ improvements using a SUT and focusing on sending the signal through the tube-based circuit. So yes, I had a bit of expectation bias based on my experiences through similar designs. With this said, I have A/B'd the Tavish MC stage versus the Rothwell SUT and it's not even close - the SUT sounds much better to me. The 61dB gain is a perfect match with my Hana SL cart.
  3. Steve Baker

    Steve Baker Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Columbia, Maryland
    I appreciate the reply. I will have to save up some coin for the Rothwell. I will be using a Denon 301 MkII to start. May get a Hana further down the road.
    In regards to the Classic, I spoke to Scott ( the guy who make the Classic), he said to try different settings on the Classic for loading. He also said the using it as shipped will get enough gain for decent playback. In answering my question about a SUT , his response was similar to yours. The recommended SUT for the Denon was the Rothwell MCX or the M1. Again thank you for the response. I have a clearer game plan.
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    Tavish Vintage owners here and it's really quiet in the silent passages. Nice piece. We use it with our all tube ( HK Citation II triode mode )set-up & Slagle TVC.

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