Taxi Driver (1976)

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    I loved this movie 30 gears ago. Watched it again last night, it was still a great watch. However the glaring continuity errors spoil it somewhat, characters having different hairstyles seconds apart in different scenes, dead bodies re-positioning themselves etc. Very amateurish, whoever was responsible for that did a terrible job. Can't imagine how these things were missed.
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    Oh, man, an Easy Rider sequel! What a fantastic idea! I mean, from an idiotic junk movie all those late 60's / early 70s exploitation movies that were all over the place back then.

    How about this: we know the main characters are dead, so how's about we pick up the story from someone else? Let's say a couple of the rednecks that were in the cafe later get psychedelicised by a medicine man in a bar and realise a horrible crime had been committed way back when. They find out who did it, track 'em down, and make 'em pay. It's twisted down home south so we need some back country horror - maybe an shoddily constructed underground torture room, maybe near or under the sawmill, or an inbred family of torturin' gimps with a horror shed/meat curing barn in back -- or both!

    Gawd the possibilities are endless! Paging Quentin Tarantino!
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    The real star of Taxi Driver

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    I need to buy this.
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    Great film. Is it ever mentioned if Travis is a Vietnam War vet? I remember he's a former Marine. He does seem to suffer from PTSD. I think he's somewhat sympathetic because he seems to want to appeal to the better part of his nature, and clean the city of its "filth". Problem is, he goes about it in a very wrong way.

    The cinematography is a key to this film. Scorsese wanted to show the seedy side of 1970s New York, and it really paints a picture.
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    I have a noir music cdr with stuff from Chinatown, Farewell My Lovely, etc. This is a MUST on any late night/noir mix tape.
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    In 1981 it was the most talked about movie in the country after Hinkley used it as an inspiration for his attempted assassination of President Reagan to impress Jodie Foster.
    A long time ago it seems now ...
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    Didn't Scorsese -or De Niro and Scorsese- have to testify at Hinckley's trial? Basically just to say "It was only a movie"?
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    You mis-quoted me; that quote referred to "'night, Mother" a great film that doesn't get talked about. TD obviously gets lots of talk.
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    The relationship between "Late for the Sky" and my ears hasn't been the same since the first time I watched this amazing film.
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    Love the song, but obviously they never slow danced to this song on American Bandstand...
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    Love this film, and I am lucky enough to have an original cinema quad poster framed on my wall. ( I bought it for £1 ) :)
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    I love Taxi Driver. Both Scorsese & Deniro where never better. They came close with Goodfella's, but TD was tops...
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  14. I like the scene where Travis takes his girlfriend to a porno movie and he doesn't understand why she is disgusted. It was an excellent way to show how caught up Travis was in his own little world, his own little reality. It raised an interesting question in my mind - what becomes of you if you are plonked down in a huge city with no friends or family and only minimal contact with people? How far can your reality shift from the 'norm'?
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    It's funny that you mention "Psycho", because years ago I saw a dosumentary on TV about Bernard Herrmann, and it pointed out that at the very end of the "Taxi Driver" score, he used the same three low notes that he used at the end of "Psycho". It was his subtle way to indicate that he thought Travis was still disturbed and a possible future threat, that he was still a "psycho'.
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    Given the time frame (1976) and Travis was a recent vet, it must have been Vietnam. His war experinces probably fueled his rage and paranoia and propensity towards violence
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    Funny tidbit- I saw "Taxi Driver" the week it opened in NY in Feb 1976. I was watching the film at the (now gone) Coronet Theater on Third Ave and 59th Street, and there's a shot where Travis drives right past that very theater !!

    One great thing you get from the film is the shots of the old, "bad" New York, long gone but not forgotten....This was "The Deuce" 40 years earlier
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  18. Ghostworld

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    I loved the old "bad" New York. Strip shows, live *** shows, harlots, pimps. Fantastically sleazy! The heck with the Disneyized version. Bring back the smut!
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    Sorry I sold this last year.

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    Saw it early 90’s and thought it was overrated. It’s not a bad movie but far from DeNiro/Scorcese’s best.

    I definitely don’t think it’s worth the most if the praise it gets. Raging Bull on the other hand....
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    I moved to NYC in 1976 and Taxi Driver captures the feeling of that time perfectly. I think many tourists come to NY looking for the NY of the ‘70’s and all they find is a big shopping mall for European tourists. The truth is that NY would have terrified them.

    Taxi Driver and King of Comedy are Scorsese’s masterpieces. I wish Gangs of NY could have had the same dark sinister edge as Taxi Driver, it would been much more effective. Instead it was like the Disney NY of the new millennium.
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  22. Johnny66

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    That's interesting, indeed! Never noticed, but thinking back and humming those notes - it is indeed true. Very clever! :)
  23. jjhunsecker

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    New York city
    I grew up in THAT New York, and I remember it well ...
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    Those were the days ! There are stories I could tell, but this is a family website ...:D
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    Yeah, the very last shot of "Taxi Driver'- of all the cars in traffic- compare to the last shot in "Psycho", of the car being pulled from the swamp. It's the same 3 low notes
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