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Tears For Fears Live At Massey Hall To Be Released

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Andrewb, Apr 10, 2021.

  1. Andrewb

    Andrewb Claiming squatter's rights Thread Starter


    As part of Record Store Day 2021 Tears For Fears will release Live At Massey Hall as 2xLP and a single CD on 12 June. This is a RSD first with limited numbers but a wider release is expected later:

    Taken from the their Songs from The Big Chair tour, this double album captures the band live in Canada in 1985. Mixed from newly found multi-tracks, this is the first time the band has had a live album in this format.

    • Mothers Talk
    • Broken
    • Head Over Heels / Broken
    • Pale Shelter

    • Memories Fade
    • Start of the Breakdown
    • The Prisoner

    • I Believe
    • The Working Hour
    • Mad World

    • Everybody Wants to Rule the World
    • The Hurting
    • Shout

    Record Store Day
  2. JulesRules

    JulesRules Operational, partially functional

    I hope the Gorts can merge the posts that already talked about the release into this thread!
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  3. Andrewb

    Andrewb Claiming squatter's rights Thread Starter

    I have put in a request to see if that is possible.
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  4. Paul Rymer

    Paul Rymer Forum Resident

  5. JAuz

    JAuz Forum Resident

    I'm really looking forward to this. I hadn't noticed the phrase "newly found multi-tracks" before. Hopefully that's a sign that the sound will be better than the tracks on the 2014 super deluxe box set.

    Bring it on!
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  6. Defdum&blind

    Defdum&blind Forum Resident

    Could it mean that they were missing? :shrug:
  7. jamesc

    jamesc Formerly Known as Undertow

    Dallas, TX
    Love the artwork!
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  8. Andrewb

    Andrewb Claiming squatter's rights Thread Starter

    Me too. Canadian maple leaf I presume giving a nod to the recording location.
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  9. ramdom

    ramdom Hoarder Hearing

    Perth ON, Canada
    I’m trying to recall if I did the merch for this show, as that was the era I was on tours and doing Massey Hall, the Band Shell, etc. Memory fades...
  10. NunoBento

    NunoBento Rock 'n' Roll Star

    As I mentioned in the other thread, this is a dream come true to me. One of the most essential music releases of the past 10 years for me.
    The key of the announcement is the line "newly found multi-tracks". I'm really curious to see how this sounds.
    The only way to make this better would be a complete restoration of the film of the concert, but god knows where are those tapes and how much a full restoration would cost. Given the shocking lack of TFF releases over the years (e.g.: the entire lifespan of the DVD advent passed without a proper video collection; there are still no vinyl releases for Raoul and ELAHE, etc), this Live At Massey Hall release is a completely unexpected gem.

    The only downside of this is why-oh-why it's having such a limited release. 1500 copies in the UK and 3500 copies in the US for a band who sold 30 million albums seems ridiculously low.
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  11. Paul Rymer

    Paul Rymer Forum Resident

    There's supposed to be a wider release later as well.
  12. D-rock

    D-rock Senior Member

    Columbus, Ohio
    There's going to be a CD version, isn't there?
  13. Andrewb

    Andrewb Claiming squatter's rights Thread Starter

    Haven't seen any announced so far for your side of the pond, but 750 copies in the UK for RSD. I'm guessing the wider release (whenever that is) should include a CD edition.
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  14. qtrules

    qtrules Forum Resident

    the first post says a single CD.
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  15. micksmuse

    micksmuse Forum Resident

    san diego
    they went conservative on the first printing of the deluxe seeds set. which sold out almost instantly. one would think they would have learned from that.
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  16. NunoBento

    NunoBento Rock 'n' Roll Star

    Where did you see that?
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  17. JulesRules

    JulesRules Operational, partially functional

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  18. walrus

    walrus Forum Resident

    Minneapolis, MN
    If I walked into a store and saw this it’d be an instant buy. But of course it’s RSD so that probably won’t happen. :shake:
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  19. BIGGER Dave

    BIGGER Dave Forum Resident

    Head Over Heels: UMe Debuts Vintage Tears for Fears Live Set for RSD Drops 2021

    Among Universal Music Group’s RSD Drop offerings for Record Store Day’s two-pronged 2021 celebration include a previously unreleased live double album from Tears for Fears.

    Live At Massey Hall captures the British rockers supporting sophomore album Songs from the Big Chair as it starts to take off worldwide. When the group started a four-date stand at the Toronto theatre at the end of May 1985, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” was on its way to topping the U.S. charts. (“Shout” would follow later that summer.) Indeed, nearly all of the album is featured in the set, including “Rule the World,” “Shout,” singles “Head Over Heels,” “Mothers Talk” and “I Believe,” and favorite album tracks “The Working Hour” and “Broken.” The rest of the set features the cream of TFF’s 1983 debut The Hurting, including “Mad World,” “Pale Shelter” and “Memories Fade.”

    The expanded concert line-up of the group at Massey – core members Roland Orzabal (vocals/guitar) and Curt Smith (vocals/bass), in-studio sidemen Ian Stanley (keyboards), Manny Elias (drums) and Will Gregory (saxophone), guitarist Andy Sanders and second keyboardist Nicky Holland (a key member of sessions for 1989 follow-up The Seeds of Love) – has been heard on official releases before. Footage from the shows appeared in the Scenes from the Big Chair documentary, and six tracks were included on the Big Chair box set released in 2014. (Four of them had been heard before that, on a Canadian promo disc in 1986.) The material on this set, however, has been newly mixed from recently-located multitrack tapes, offering the first optimized listening experience for a classic Tears for Fears concert.

    TFF have had an active year despite the slowdown of the music industry: they gave The Seeds of Love the box set treatment last fall, signed to Irving Azoff’s management company, got their last album (2004’s Everybody Loves a Happy Ending) digitally available after a lengthy absence, and continue work on their seventh studio album.

    Live At Massey Hall is limited to 3,500 copies worldwide and will be sold on the first RSD Drop date (June 12) at all participating retailers. The full track list is below!

    Live At Massey Hall (Mercury/UMe, 2021)

    All tracks recorded live at Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – 5/29-6/1/1985
    LP 1, Tracks 2-3 and 5 and LP 2, Track 4 possibly previously released on Live At Massey Hall promo – Vertigo (Canada) DJV173, 1986
    LP 1, Tracks 2-3 and 5 and LP 2, Tracks 2, 4 and 6 possibly previously released on Songs from the Big Chair box set – Mercury (U.K.) 3794991, 2014

    Head Over Heels: UMe Debuts Vintage Tears for Fears Live Set for RSD Drops 2021 - The Second Disc
  20. JeffMo

    JeffMo Format Agnostic

    New England
    Cant wait!!!
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  21. RedRoseSpeedway

    RedRoseSpeedway Music Lover

    Beyond excited for this release
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  22. Classic Car Guy

    Classic Car Guy "The greatest love of all is unconditional"

    Northwest, USA
    If this is the Memories Fade live version in 1985.. Then that was the Best of Roland, the sax player and especially Ian Stanley. Those are the 2 other key ingredients that made them so big. Well if so, I'm getting it.
    There are probably only 2 male pop vocalist that really blew my mind. Its Roland Orzabal's Prime and Tony Hadley.
  23. JulesRules

    JulesRules Operational, partially functional

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  24. NunoBento

    NunoBento Rock 'n' Roll Star

    I think we can all agree that this is the definitive version of this track :)
    As I said before, I’m very curious to see how they will mix this set. Hopefully they won’t fall in the Pink Floyd trap and try to de80size it, sucking the reverb out of it and making everything sound drier.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2021
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  25. drumzNspace

    drumzNspace Forum Resident

    New Yuck City
    Instant add to my TFF Amazon music playlist


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