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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by head_unit, Apr 26, 2020.

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    I use several of those services and I *still* don't use those buttons.
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    Oh I am!
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    Yes. I have been deep into the political world since 2000.

    Trust me on this, you would not believe the level of detail political campaigns have on you. Broadcast audience demographics gathered from monitoring devices is a major source of that data.

    But, can't go into this too deep right now... I am busy celebrating this morning!
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  5. The only time those get used is when my dog accidentally stands on the remote. Inevitably when I’m watching something good and then all of a sudden I see the Hulu log-in screen.
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    Update: that *was* available, but a Spectrum tech told me it now doesn't work.
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    Roku "upgrades" its devices every year. I have four stand-alone units, a 2016 Premiere +, and three 2017 Ultra's. One started to have some HDMI dropout issues, so I just bought a 2020 Ultra, and it sucks! I don't know what they did, but the video quality is awful. I've swapped it around among my four TV's, my 4k Sony XBR, and my three older, but venerable, 1080P Samsungs, but I can't make it work. The wifi reception is good, but the picture is pixellated, judder-ridden, and unsharp, and the luminance, contrast, and color are a mess. The only thing usable is the remote. The receiver, at this point, is a $90 paperweight. If you are looking to buy a Roku box, try to find a NOS older Ultra, or one of the other models (which I have not tested), I strongly suggest you avoid their "flagship" 2020 Ultra.
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    I've been half tempted to take the Roku remote apart, pull out the rubber membrane button strip and cut the little capacitive pads off the underside of the buttons with a razor so they can never accidentally be pressed.
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    On the other hand, I actually pressed one on accident the other day and got a "do you want to switch to Sling TV" popup. Using a Roku Express so not sure if that's an newer feature or not. That helps!
  10. JohnG

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    Absolutely love my TCL 65" tv with built-in Roku. Makes streaming so easy.
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  12. Stereosound

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    spectrum and roku are fighting just like little kids.

    i am sure it is about money, spectrum gets about $8 - $10 a month for their cheap little boxes that allow you to get it on other TV's than your main one, they want compensated for their loss, because you know, spectrum doesn't make enough money.

    if you have spectrum on your roku now just DO NOT ever delete it and it will never go away. should you ever delete you will never get it back, at least not until the kids stop fighting.
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    From someone's post in some thread here, I signed up for Philo TV. AXS, Cooking, Food, Travel, History, plus HALLELUJAH old Perry Mason reruns on the Sundance Channel o_O
    And cool stuff on NHK TV, oh I so love Japan, dying to go back. A bazillion free channels grafted onto the antenna channels.
    I'd never get another TV without Roku, got 4 of these TCLs now. The only odd part is you cannot input channels by number, you must scroll. But I blanked out shopping and Asian and religious and then it's not so bad, I'm used to it by now.
    Best of all ONE repeat ONE remote, no more stupid remote to run the stupid cable box with it's stupid always-spinning always-noisy hard drive. No wonder those boxes use as much energy when they are off.
    Oh as for Spectrum-their plans and channels and pricing was so complicated I could not figure out what the hell was going on. And kept trying to get me to bundle. And chat was down to ask about it. I gave up. Meh. I do have them for internet and their tech support has been good for years.
  15. Joey Self

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    For those that are looking for good movie channels, find the IMDB and MovielandTV apps. There are some on the latter that have the wrong year after them--like A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS said 2020 or something like that, but it was the Academy Award wining film from the '60s. Some others that are only on Prime or some other premium station.

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  18. Chris DeVoe

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    That sounds downright suicidal on the part of Roku. "Yeah, I think I'll buy that smart TV that doesn't allow you to look at YouTube!"
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    All of these carriage disputes get resolved.
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    I ran into that with a client the other day - I could install YouTube on her Roku, but not YouTube TV.

    Of course it's possible to get into YouTube TV from the YouTube app, so that's what she's had to do. It's still a pain.
  22. Chris DeVoe

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    Force them to use binding arbitration, like they force us.
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    "them and us" do not operate under the same applications of law. Them gots battalions of lawyers; us gots whatever we can afford.
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    Riddle me this: does Airplay 2 on Roku Ultra only upconvert audio to 48k as opposed to passing 44.1 through untouched?

    I was looking at the Belkin SoundConnect to add Airplay 2 to a couple of older stereos, yet I already have several Roku Ultras, but I don’t want the audio unconverted to 48k. I’m sure Belkin does 44.1 only.

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