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DCC Archive Tell us about your audio system

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Unknown, Dec 23, 2001.

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  1. Unknown

    Unknown Guest Thread Starter

    Thought it might be fun to list the components we use to re-produce our favorite music.

    My system includes:

    * VPI HW-19jr turntable
    * Moth MK-I tonearm
    * Denon DL-160 m/c cartridge
    * Rotel RCD-970 cd player
    * McCormack TLC-1 preamp
    * Audio Research SP-9 preamp (using its phono section as a feed from the tape outputs into the TLC-1)
    * Classe CA-100 amplifier
    * Magnepan MG-12 speakers
    * MIT T-2 and Tara RSC Prime Bi-wire speaker cables
    * MIT T-2 and Wireworld Solstice interconnects
    * Rotel RLC-900 and AudioPower PowerPack II line conditioners

    Other equipment not normally utilized:

    * Rotel RT-550 tuner
    * Rotel RQ-970BX (I keep this around just in case my ARC SP-9 ever goes down - can't be without my vinyl!)
    * Pioneer RT-909 open reel tape deck
    * Nakamichi RX-303 cassette deck
    * DBX 224 noise reduction unit
    * DBX 400X signal router

    That's all for now, but I'm always looking (and thinking) about upgrades.
  2. Unknown

    Unknown Guest Thread Starter

    Oooops! Forgot to mention two other pieces:

    * VPI HW-16.5 record cleaners
    * Pioneer PDR-509 CD recorder
  3. Unknown

    Unknown Guest Thread Starter

    I enjoy my music with a little bit help of:

    WILSON AUDIO Watt/Puppy Vi speakers
    KRELL KPS-25s CD player
    JEFF ROWLAND DESIGN GROUP Model 8 t power amplifier
    JEFF ROWLAND DESIGN GROUP Cadence phono stage
    WELL TEMPERED Signature turntable
    LYRA Parnassus cartridge
    KRELL KSA-5a heaphones amplifier 5 Watt Class-A...

    ...and a lot of of amazing good software!!!
    TRANSPARENT Ultra Wave loudspeaker cables
    XLO Signature interconnects
    XLO Reference and NBS Reference power chords
  4. Unknown

    Unknown Guest Thread Starter

    Oops, forgot to mention my AKG K-1000 headphones... the best headphones in the world! Okay... Sennheiser and Stax are also good stuff!
  5. SteveSDCA

    SteveSDCA Senior Member

    San Diego
    B&W Nautalis 804's Speakers
    Classe CAP-151 Amp
    Sony C333ES SACD player
    Adcom GCD CD player
  6. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Mastering Engineer Your Host

    Dark Green Zenith fold down stereo portable phonograph.

    English record preener with little sponge thingy for the inside to clean playing surfaces.

    Wait a minute, oops. Thought it was 1969 again... :D
  7. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    uhhh Steve, if you actually listed all that you have, you would not have time for mastering! 'Cause then we'd say "What combinations do you use to listen to "X"? "Y"? Etc....

    ...and 1/2 of us would die of jealousy! ;)

    [ December 23, 2001: Message edited by: Gary ]
  8. GregM

    GregM No static at all

    Daddyland, CA
    Good one, Steve, but the $tereophile described your system pretty well a few months ago. You can't hide that easy! :D

    As for me:
    VAC Avatar integrated amp
    Sony SCD-1 SACD/CD player
    B&W Nautilus 802 speakers
    PS Audio P600 power plant

    Burgeoning integrated surround system:
    Audio Refinement/YBA Multi 3 channel amp
    Audio Refinement/YBA Pre 5 passive preamp
    B&W N805 rear speakers
    B&W NHTM1 center speaker

    Additional gear:
    Svetlana EL34 and Chinese Dragon 12AX7 and 12AU7
    Electraglide Fatmans (feeding VAC and Sony)
    PS Audio Lab Cable cords (feeding P600 and Multi 3)
    CPCC Model 11 cord (feeding Pre 5)
    Alphacore Goertz Silver Sapphire interconnects
    Alphacore Goertz MI2 Veracity (to N802's)
    Alphacore Goertz MI1 biwire cable (to rear and center speakers)
    Aurio Media Isolation Bearings (under the SCD-1)
    Cap and resistor upgrades to the VAC and SCD-1
  9. Holy Zoo

    Holy Zoo Gort (Retired) :-)

    Santa Cruz
    I must say, that's an impressive list of cool audiophile gear (Steve's childhood fold-down record player not withstanding!)

    I must confess, I have much more mainstream stuff:

    Bedroom stereo:
    Sony SCD-CD775 (SACD player)
    Sennheiser HDR-600 headphones
    Creek OBH-11SE Headphone Amp
    (speakers and amp are TBD)

    Den/Office stereo
    Advent 1 speakers (thanks Steve!)
    Rega Mira integrated amp
    Marantz CD-63 cd player
    BIC T-4M 2-speed cassette player
    also... I just ordered a Music Hall MMF-5 turntable (thanks Ben!)
    TBD: stand-alone cd recorder

    Living room (home theater):
    Acoustic Research AR-1 speakers
    Denon AVR-1700 receiver
    Sony DVP-870DXP (300 disc dvd player)
    TiVo (hacked with extra 80gig drive == over 110 hours!)
    Sony KP-61HS10 (61inch rear projection tv)

    [edited to fix typo]
    [edited again ot add forgotten Creek headphone amp]

    [ December 23, 2001: Message edited by: Holy Zoo ]

    [ December 23, 2001: Message edited by: Holy Zoo ]
  10. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Mastering Engineer Your Host

    Folks, this is a great thread.

    If many of you could list your systems, no matter how big or small, it would be of great interest to me.

    Don't hesitate to list if you only have an old Pioneer Receiver, Technics CD player and a pair of JBL Bookshelf speakers. Nothing to be ashamed of! Trust me, I had the same thing for years...

    I would really like to know.

  11. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialistâ„¢

    Greater Vancouver
    Well mine is ok

    Classe'- DR-6 Pre-amp
    Classe'- Seventy power-amp (125 watts
    per side at 4 ohms)
    Sony- XA-20 ES cd player
    Magnum Dynalab- FT-11 Analogue tuner
    Nakamichi- BX-300 three head cassette deck
    Castle Accoustics- Conway2 Loudspeakers

    Kimber- KS-1010 interconnects
    (between pre, power and cd player)
    Kimber- Silver Streak interconnects
    Kimber- 8tc speaker cable
    Inyue'- line conditioner
    Sennheiser- HDR 6-9 cordless (need up-
    Geeze kinda mild compared to some on this board.

    [ December 24, 2001: Message edited by: Dave ]
  12. Andrew

    Andrew Chairman of the Bored

    Acuras DIA-100 Mk II amp
    DBX XB-140 subwoofer amp
    Musical Fidelity X-10D tube interface (I use it for both CD and tuner)
    Denon TU-680NAB tuner
    JVC TD-V661 cassette deck
    AMC CD8b CD player
    Stax Lambda Nova headphones
    Technics SB-W500 subwoofer
    Infinity SM 102 speakers
    Monster basic cable & Kimber PBJ interconnects

    Works pretty well for me.
  13. Krink

    Krink Forum Resident

    Took me a few years(on a budjet) but here goes...

    Rotel RC995 preamp
    Rotel RB-990BX Amp
    Classe .3 Cd player
    Systemdek IIX Turnatble w/Sumiko Premier arm
    Grado MCX cartridge
    Dynaco FM-3 tuner
    Mirage 1295is Speakers
    Panamax MAX1500 Lineconditioner

    Haven't listened to many CD's since I got the table setup about a montha go though!

  14. Mal

    Mal Phorum Physicist

    Here goes:

    Systemdek IIX-E
    Ortofon 540
    SME 3009 - series II

    Panasonic A-350 DVD player for CDs
    Marantz CD-63 SE for CD-R

    SONY TC-K611S Tape deck

    Akai 4000DS Reel to Reel

    Denon TU-260L Tuner

    Onix OA-21 power amp

    Pair of Quad ESL "57s" (1972 vintage)

    Cabletalk interconnects for the A-350

    Twin & Earth (solid core copper mains cable :D) for speaker cable

    Sennheiser HD-580 Precision headphones

    I'm desperate for the Sony SCD-XA777ES ......


    [ December 23, 2001: Message edited by: Malc S ]
  15. John Oteri

    John Oteri New Member In Memoriam

    Hollywood, CA
    I have a really small inexpensive system.

    I'm too shy to list it. :(
  16. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Mastering Engineer Your Host

    John, let me tell you something.

    From when I was in college, until 1990 I had just one system:

    Pioneer 1010 Receiver (first one with 100w/ch.)

    Pair AR3a speakers

    Pioneer 12D belt drive turntable with Shure V15 type II (Improved) cart.

    That's it! It lasted me from 1975 to 1990. It's STILL GOING STRONG at DCC'r Marcia McGovern's house!

    That system cost me 950$ new in 1975 and lemme tell ya, that was a lot of dough to me.

    I never even considered changing it for all of those years.


    It sounded great, and, heck, why should I have spent the money on more gear, when I could have spent it on LP's?

    Kind of like: Why spend $$ on expensive record shelves? Just use Corn crates and spend the money on RECORDS!

    Anyway, I added a Sansui CD player in the early 1980's, and of course a Teac 6100 Tape Deck, but basically all that changed with my original system is a Shure Cart. upgrade (Type III). :)

    That is the system I had at home when I was a Psych. major in school, and when I was mastering Buddy Holly "From The Original Master Tapes".

    So, don't fret about your system, just enjoy the music.

  17. Mart

    Mart New Member

  18. Larry Naramore

    Larry Naramore Bonafied Knucklehead

    Sun Valley, Calif.
    I think I've got Steve beat. My first system was a stand alone record player purchased for $3.00 at a gararge sale in the early 70's along with Album 1700 by Peter, Paul and Mary. BTW Steve I purchased my first amp and turntable at your old stompin' grounds Pacific Stereo. After it died I went to a Luxman L-450 purchased at a Hi Fi store on Sepulveda Blvd down from the old drive in theater that I still use today. Recently downgraded my speakers :( to KLH 9915's (15" floor standing) but for $250 a pair they can't be beat. BTW are you related to J. Anton Hoffman? Someday when my son with a hollow leg moves out (do you have one in the cooker yet? Is the honeymoon over?) I'm going to shoot for a tube system. 5 disc Price Club CD changer. Harmon Kardon TD4400 cassette desk. JVC cheapo turntable, 2 german shepherds one black and tan saddle and one white, 5 cats, one named Sammy D (black as coal and only one eye), 1 pidgeon, 1 wife of 26 years, no girlfriends :( , 1 son (22 years old with hollow leg) and foster daughter (click here), 1 dumptruck (http://www.larrytherubbishman.com), 64 Falcon Ranchero. I guess I better stop rambling! :)
  19. Kevin Korom

    Kevin Korom New Member

    Chicago 'burbs
    Main Music system:

    Speakers: Spendor SP2/3s, biwired
    Preamp: C-J PV-7 w/Tungsram & Siemens NOS tubes
    Amp: Anthem Amp1 w/EH EL34s (anyone got any NOS they wanna part with cheap ;))
    TT: VPI HW-19Jr/PT6/Goldring 1042
    CD: Pioneer CLD-79 (think PD-65) w/ADE24 "black box"
    cabling from Cardas, MIT, DIY
    DIY powered sub w/NHT 1259 driver

    I have a system by the kitchen I listen to while cooking, etc:

    Sansui G-7700
    RS LX5s
    CEC 3100 CD deck

    And one of these days I'll get my spare stuff set up by the computer!
  20. Holy Zoo

    Holy Zoo Gort (Retired) :-)

    Santa Cruz

    Mart - doesn't the plasma display sliding back and forth accross your wall make ya dizzy?

    ;) [​IMG]
  21. Paul L.

    Paul L. New Member

    Interesting that everybody has such different equipment. Hardly any stuff in common. Just think, with such a wide range of machines, we all like DCC!!!

    Luxman RX101 receiver
    Sony CD changer CDP-C312M
    Boston Acoustics speakers CR6
    Sony TC-R302 cassette ($10 at auction)

    Upstairs office:
    computer: Plextor burner and EchoAudio MIA sound card
    McIntosh MC-502
    Marantz PMD 320 CD player with pitch control
    Luxman DZ-92 CD player ($99 brand new more than 10 years ago and still going strong)
    Revox A77 open reel 1/4 track
    Revox PR99 open reel 1/2 track
    AR turntable model XA with Stanton D680 cartridge
    Sony DTC-670 DAT
    Sony TCD-D3 portable DAT
    Nakamichi 680 cassette
    Klipsch Heresy speakers

    Living room:
    Eico HF-81 tube integrated amp
    Sony SACD NS500V
    Klipschorns with ALK after-market balancing networks

    What I miss most that I used to have:
    Crown 824 open reel
  22. Highway Star

    Highway Star New Member

    eastern us
    First up is my beloved and reliable mint cond. Telefunken Sonata stereo console with am/fm/shortwave and phono, made in West Germany c.1960.

    My audio system is nothing too fancy but serves me well: Sony E2000ESD pre-amp (also have the 1000 version). Tube power amp is a Music Reference RM-9 w/2 quartets of Svetlana EL-34s(100wpc).

    Speakers are a set of modified Infinity IL-40's.

    Turntable is a linear tracking Sony PS-FL7II w/Ortophon cart.

    CD player is a Sony which is using the preamp's DAC.

    The Sony pre-amp has a bypass switch which takes everything out of the loop except the volume control. The digital parametric EQ comes in real handy on some of the older recordings.

    Hardly ever use surround but the rear speakers are run by a Wright Audio P-75 stereo tube power amp w/2 pairs of 6CA7s (35wpc).

    Homemade sub is run by Yamaha MX-830 Class A power amp(170 wpc).
  23. Pat

    Pat Forum Detective

    Tampa, FL
    Well, Steve, you asked for it!

    My main system was (bought new) straight out of 1979, except for the SONY CD Player CDP-XE400 (which is my second one purchased in late 90s).
    Technics Receiver SA-600
    Technics Cassette Player/Recorder M63
    Technics Direct Drive Turntable SL-D2
    Technics Speakers SBL-50s

    Nuthin' Fancy... but I can still hear the difference between good and bad sounding mastering! One day, I hope to "graduate" to something better. I drive "OLD" cars too...what can I say!

    Seasons Greetings to Steve and all the members of this fine board!
  24. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Mastering Engineer Your Host

    Great information, all.

    Keep them coming, please.

    Telefunken, how about posting a shot of your Telefunken Sonata?
  25. John Oteri

    John Oteri New Member In Memoriam

    Hollywood, CA
    Oh, all right.

    Yamaha receiver, Yamaha CD player, old Yamaha turntable with Shure M93 cartridge.

    Advent speakers.

    Not bad, but not what I really want. Will have to do for now!
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