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DCC Archive Tell us about your audio system

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Unknown, Dec 23, 2001.

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  1. Highway Star

    Highway Star New Member

    eastern us
    I'm going to try and post a link to a photo of my '60 Telefunken Sonata that I spoke of earlier.
    web page
  2. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    Ultra Kool, man! :cool:
  3. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialistâ„¢

    Greater Vancouver
    Telefunken your posting works just fine. :D
  4. Highway Star

    Highway Star New Member

    eastern us
    Thanks. I have about 40 or so vintage radios and phonos and when I get them all in my ImageStation album I'll provide a link sometime in the near future.
  5. Randy W

    Randy W Original Member

    Living room -

    Table: Sota Saphire w/ acrylic mat, clamp, Simiko "The Arm" (damped headshell) and Micro Benz H2
    CD: Linn Ikemi
    PreAmp: Cary SLP90
    Amp: VTL Stereo 75 with KT90s
    Wire: Music Metre Silver
    Speakers: ProAc Super Towers
    Accessories: Isolation Pods and Magic Bricks
    Power conditioner: Monster HTS2500

    Office -

    CD: Linn Genki
    Integrated Amp: Creek 4140
    Speakers: Rogers LS35A
    Wire: Monster
  6. Dan Steely

    Dan Steely See the glory of The Royal Scam

    CD: Marantz CD-67SE (used as transport)
    MD: Sony MDS-JE500 (used as transport)
    DAC: Musical Fidelity X-DAC
    Pre-Amp: Rotel RC-972
    Amp: Rotel RB-971 MkII
    Speakers: B&W 602 S2's

    Monster Cable Interlink DataLink CD->DAC
    Van Den Hul The First DAC->Pre
    Van Den Hul D-102 V Special Pre->Amp
    Van Den Hul ? Amp->Speakers
  7. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma
    Yeah, the Boston Acoustics were really main speakers, fairly heavy too, but small (4"drivers); for my folk's setup with a 80w/per Sony Reciever and a 8" woof. They barely have any space for huge whoopin'
    speakers, so before Bose had the cubes, my dad wanted small and powerful. He paid "big bucks" for those speakers, over $200. Besides the fact that the outer gasket outside the driver cones were rotted and disentergrating, the cone was built like a cheap black paper cup with a poorly sealed magnet on the coil. Even a 12 year old could see that against it, the RS driver for $10 was better built. (Hey same goes for Bose, just like Pat said. I dare ya to take a good look at what $300 buys! It ain't even $50 of speaker!)

    They must have been cranking James Taylor too loud; They gave them to me saying "the left side is honking like a goose". After a while, the left was indeed "honking" for me, but when I took them apart, even the driver not honking just totally shed the gasket over my hand as if it had moments before it blew through. This was like tar-coated foam, been known to rot out normally after 3-4 years.

    I replaced them with $10 full range RS 4"ers and they really sound great and can take a beating. Now, there just back surrounds, but still nice.

    People have listened to the RS speakers I've had in the basement and have been amazed to know they're rebuilt RS'ers.

    Like I said, if you buy a pair of speakers at RS, listen to the stock drivers for 30 min and then throw them out. Once you replace them with the DIY boxed-drivers they sell over the counter, they'll suprise the bejessus out of you. The price makes dirt look more expensive. I'm always in for experiments, but a RS driver won't be killed easilly.

    I also have a passive RS sub (no amp onboard) that whoops up a storm. Next time you wanna build speaks cheap, don't pass RS by. I'm tellin' ya....
  8. Jim Ricketts

    Jim Ricketts Active Member

    Freedom, USA
    Great stuff being posted but what caught my eye were some LS3/5A owners. I still have my pair I bought in 1979 for (I think) $450 which seemed like a lot for such a small speaker but the sonics sold me - best I had ever heard at that time. This past summer I replaced the B110 drivers and crossover with new production (within 1 db matched) from Stirling. Changed the internal wire to 6N silver and they continue to sound absolutely amazing and can plenty loud with a 10w 300B SET amplifier. Wes, you are gonna love your LS3/5A speaks - simply a classic. I see where Stirling is now offering thinner (9mm vs. 12mm) cabinets similar to the reference BBC # 001/002.
  9. Chris M

    Chris M Senior Member

    Baton Rouge, LA
    Here we go,

    Antique Sound USA A-108 100W Monblocks (with Chinese 6550 firecrackers.)
    Harmon Kardon Critera tube preamp
    Paradigm Studio Reference 100's
    Sony ES CD Player -XA 20ES
    Straight Wire interconnects and speaker cable
    El Cheapo Pioneer DVD playrer.
  10. Unknown

    Unknown Guest Thread Starter

    I haven't finished the DIY speakers yet, but here's a sneak preview of 'em, post-veneer, but prefinish:


    Here are the innards:


    The kit is the IPL S3TLM.

    I built the crossovers recently, but still need to paint the stands and grills, finish the cabinet, complete the wiring, and pop the drivers in, of course.

    Any woodworkers on this group? I need some advice on finishing the cabinet. I'm leaning towards either Danish oil or just a clear finish like Deft. The veneer, btw, is walnut burl. The figure showed more clearly before it was sanded.
  11. eBay Feed

    eBay Feed Automated

    I listen to:

    Thorens T 160 turntable
    Sony dvd player with digital out to:
    Audio by Van Alstine DAC
    AVA Omega III Preamp (solid state) in a dynaco PAT 5 housing
    AVA Mosfet (hybrid) Amp
    B&W 580 series speakers

    I also have a "Great American Sound Co" amp called "Son of Ampzilla" which actually sounds pretty darned good! I bought it used when my AVA amp had to be sent in for repairs... It is currently "resting" until being called back into duty!

    I make my CDRs on a Phillips CD recorder...

    I may not have the best system around, but I get lots of enjoyment from it!

  12. Dan

    Dan Senior Member

    My system:

    Kenwood VR-4080 Receiver w/HDCD

    cheap Sony 5-disc changer

    Toshiba SD-3205 DVD 5-disc changer w/HDCD

    Sony single cassette deck with Dolby S (haven't used that it about two years!)

    Infinity SM-85 speakers

    Pinnacle PN8+ speakers

    Sony WM-40 subwoofer (still looking for the right center channel)

    Sharp MD-R2 Minidisc deck

    Sharp MD-722 Minidisc portable

    Apple iPod MP3 player

    (plus my old Sony stuff in the bedroom with a small pair of Wharfedales)
  13. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma
    Hey Patrick,

    If I get a Hot Wheels wireless racing car for Xmas, can you put those speakers flat on the ground so I can see if I can do those awesome turns with the foam still in?

    Nice going Patrick. So, you like a light wood? I like mine cherry/dark. ;) Thanks for the pics. See? Patrick is a fairly daring fellow.

    Patrick, honestly, the best luck I've had with finishes have been the wipe-on kind in a can... I think the Cherry Walnut stuff I used was called Zifft or something... But the cool thing was, it goes on evenly with a old Tee shirt for all kinds of wood, and you can always polyurathane (or whatever) it later to give it a gloss.

    That's what I did the Foreplay and my Record Racks with. Took minutes, effortless, dries like a champ in a couple o' hours, and the look was great (no Ramones "Now I'm Gonna Snif" headaches!). Gave a nice rich color. They have the same thing for maybe a light colored wood. No paint brush necessary. Gloves recommended! I'm still on one small can, and I even stained my living room table (was naked before)

    I went nuts with this stuff. Great! I wish life was this easy. Here again is the kit and you can see the stain job. Brushing my teeth was harder.

    [ December 24, 2001: Message edited by: Sckott ]
  14. Unknown

    Unknown Guest Thread Starter

    The walnut is dark...it may look a bit lighter in the pics because of sanding and flash. It's about the color of your average Hershey's bar. Here's the veneer, pre-application:


    I'm actually concerned about getting the finish too dark, because I don't want to obscure the figure.
  15. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma

    Go to your local version of a paint store and bring a 'handy' piece with you (If you have one). They can advise you on what matching stains to use.
  16. Sam

    Sam Senior Member

    Rochester, NY
    Ok, here's my system:

    Hales Revelation 3 Speakers
    VPI Jr. turntable with upgraded MKIII platter.
    Rega RB 300 arm with modified Heavyweight counterweight and Incognito wiring (what a difference!)
    Grado Sonata (soon to upgrade to Master).
    Audible Illusions M3 preamp
    Krell KAV250a amp
    NO DIGITAL!!!!!
    Old Sony cassette deck (tc something)
    RC audio speaker cables
    Tara labs interconnects
    Music Meter interconnects
  17. Unknown

    Unknown Guest Thread Starter

    Hello Telefunken,

    That's my Sonata! Thanks for the picture!
    Actually it's very close. Everything is the
    same except the turntable. It appears that
    your tonearm and upper album clamp is a dark
    grey. Those items on mine are both a cream
    color that match the rest of unit.

    This model actually sounds pretty good
    although in strict audiophile terms it
    is a rather odd beast. The stereo channels
    are not equal and it is designed to work
    with a wide range "radiator" speaker.
    Think of console unit as housing a
    non-directional subwoofer and maybe it
    won't seem so wierd.

    The turntable is neat: 16,33,45,78 RPM.
    The 45-spindle is real heavy-duty. The
    cartridge is ceramaic -- a Sonotone 8TS,
    I think. It uses an idler wheel drive.
    Fully automatic.

    The AM section sounds really good -- better
    than most people would think AM would sound.
    The Shortwave is quite sensitive and
    selective. The bandspread helps out a lot.
    The FM tuner (monophonic) sounds good as
    well and is surprisingly sensitive.

    One day I'll get the matching Telefunken
    stereo Magnetophone (model 77, I think).

    The wood work as is found in many European
    sets is impeccable: beautiful two-tone wood.
    However, the veneer is thin so care must be

    I've had this unit for twenty-five years
    and is my first stereo and shortwave
    radio. Started off with tubes. Not
    too bad, huh?

    Thank you again for the picture Telefunken!
  18. Unknown

    Unknown Guest Thread Starter

    I've not posted here for so long i forgot my login details and had to re-register, anyway here is my system.
    LP12with cirkus/Ittok LVII arm/Valhalla power supply/Dynavector 17d2 MKII Cartridge.
    Naim Nac 72 pre amp
    Naim Nap 180 power amp
    Technics RX-B501 Tape Deck
    Heybrook HB3 MKII speakers

    Merry Xmas to you all. :D ;) :cool:

    [ December 24, 2001: Message edited by: Andy uk ]
  19. Highway Star

    Highway Star New Member

    eastern us
    You're welcome Paul. Glad to see another Tele owner out there. According to the owners manual there was an optional Allvox Radiator RS1(speaker housing) that could be used to get a wider stereo field. These things are more like a jukebox though. I'm not familiar with the Magnetophone model. Thanks for the reply.
  20. Henry Love

    Henry Love Senior Member

    The basement, Denon 5800 receiver Rega Planar 3 turntable Denon DRW-585 tapedeck Sony SCD-777ES SACD (pick of the litter) Sony DVP700P DVD player Def Tech BP2002TL L/R speakers Def Tech CLR2002 Center Def Tech BP2X surrounds Thanks for all the good tips , Happy Holidays.
  21. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    Learned from the guys who installed the wood floors in my house: Use OIL based stain, not water based stain. Spreads much better and more evenly! They had to redo the whole floor in oil based stain.... :eek:
  22. Doug Hess Jr.

    Doug Hess Jr. Forum Resident

    Belpre, Ohio
    NAD 7240PE Stereo Receiver
    Denon DRM-710 Cassette Deck
    Technics SLPD5 5 changer CD Player
    Klipsch KG 3.2 speakers
    Sennheiser HD 495 Headphones
    (Would love a headphone amp)

    Old Technics turntable that I get out once I put the cats away to transfer things to cassette or CD or DAT when I borrow my brother's SONY DAT deck.

    [ December 24, 2001: Message edited by: Dough ]
  23. Doug Hess Jr.

    Doug Hess Jr. Forum Resident

    Belpre, Ohio
    Think about it. Not everyone has a reference tube set like Steve so he wants to know what he is mastering to. No point making a CD sound great only in his own living room-- this is super research to see how varied the stuff is we listen on. Then when someone with a $20,000 system and someone with a $500 system both say, "Hey, that CD of the Eagles sounds super" that shows just how good Steve's work is!! And why maybe a CD doesn't sound so good on a particular system since certain combinations may add up to a particular mastering not sounding good because of the coloration of the sound by the speakers, amp, etc. At least that's what I think he is doing. PLUS, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the lists too, so maybe he is just curious.
  24. indy mike

    indy mike Forum Pest

    Merry (almost) Xmas!!! I think Steve just loves equipment and likes to know what we monkey with (or else he's casing some joints)... My rig contains the following: Adcom GFP-555 preamp (dead phono section with loadsa hum, see my "help, cheap tube phono section needed" posting elsewhere), Dynaco ST-150 amp (better caps added in the audio circuit and heavier internal wiring added), Denon DP10-F turntable with Grado XF-1 cartridge, Marantz CD67SE digital drink coaster player with Musical Fidelity X10-D tube buffer stage (at least I gots a little tube magic to put some sparkle into the system - great improvement for under $200), TEAC V-570 cassette deck, Madisound Speaker Components Dynaudio MDY-4 speakers (kit built, preassembled cabinets, 2 way time aligned monitors with Dynaudio 6 1/2" bass/mid and 1" dome tweet) - great midrange and surprisingly low bass for such a small box but they need a ton of power to come alive. If you wanna futz around with speakers and get good advice the Madisound folks are very helpful; visit www.madisound.com I'm constantly looking for ways to upgrade, but I like what I have...
  25. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Mastering Engineer Your Host

    You nailed it, Doug!
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