Ten Best Horror Movies

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  1. Karnak

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    I really liked the gravity drive in Event Horizon. Thought it was the star in that.
  2. Vidiot

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    It is ridiculous that anybody would need to go out and buy a new Blu-ray player because of bad authoring. But sadly, it's true. It kills me that an $89 Walmart Sony player is 5 times faster than the $600 and $700 BR players I bought a few years ago.
  3. I also like the flicks that James Wan has done. A return to trying to scare people vs. "shock" them with torture porn (ironic given that "Saw" was accused of being that by many).
  4. 'Saw' was great. Terrific ending.
  5. His latest, The Conjuring, goes in the totally opposite direction. It could have been rated PG-13 if the studio had wanted it.
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    I bought the first Sony player and if memory serves, it was close to two grand. Moth balled it a long time ago. It had a zillion outputs...a shame they have eliminated most of those. I have a $15000 LCD projector with a line doubler in my main theater...150" screen. It looks like film and I hate to get rid of it, but I bought it one model before HD came out. Problem is, even thought tHe picture looks good using standard DVDs, the best input it takes is component and they have just about phased that out on most players. So I got the Samsung because it had it, but it's not playing newer Blurays. So, I may have to buy a new projector but I have a feeling a $2500 projector using HDMI will look better than my $15K projector.
  7. Jrr

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    Yes, this new Panasonic player is really speedy. And at least they update the Internet TV aspect of these players. So, though it is ridiculous at least the players are cheap. This time I went mid price, $139 for a Panasonic. I'm glad forum members encouraged me to just bite the bullet and upgrade. Wish they would last more than a year though! Best Buy did say they have had a lot of issues with Samsung and the cheaper Sonys.
  8. Vidiot

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    The cheap Sony I have has actually been fine -- knock on formica! The ergonomics on Panasonic's remotes never thrilled me.

    Back to horror movies: I'm slowly going through the Classic Universal Horror Movie boxed set that came out some time back. It's amazing what brand-new transfers can do, even for movies that are 70+ years old. I liked the "kinder, gentler" nature of the old horror movies more than the "rip out the spleen" modern-day horror. Maybe it's because I gravitated to these films as a kid, so there's a lot of nostalgia involved with all the Famous Monsters-type movies for me.

    Don't get me wrong: I like some fairly intense modern films like The Exorcist and Alien and all that. But a lot of them strike me as cruel, particularly the Freddy Kruger series, Hostel, Saw, and all that stuff. I think they go way over the line in terms of people getting slaughtered without the villain paying the price. I don't have a problem with (say) Walking Dead -- arguably, not a horror movie but part of the Zombie horror franchise -- because the villain is mindless, soulless, and unstoppable. It'd be like hating the shark in Jaws: it just does what it does, and you have to get out of the way and/or try to kill it.
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  9. ruben lopez

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    Creepshow rules! According to my 8 year old daughter:thumbsup:
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  10. andy749

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    King Kong '33
    Bride Of Frankenstein
    Brides Of Dracula
    The Thing '51
    Night Of the Living Dead
    Island Of Lost Souls
    Invasion Of the Body Snatchers '56
    Son Of Frankenstein (Lugosi is wonderful)

    then...not sure, about a 50-way tie for #10. Some that come to mind:

    The Wolf Man
    Carnival Of Souls
    The Body Snatcher
    The Legend Of Hell House
    Dracula '31
    Invasion Of the Body Snatchers '78
    Let the Right One In
    The Birds
    Sleepy Hollow
    The Fearless Vampire Killers
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  11. Michael

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    yes sometimes BR life sucks...:D
  12. Ghostworld

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    OYE!!! How did I forget King Kong!!!
  13. Ghostworld

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    I dunno if it was just me watching that alone one night, but that movie scared the hell out of me.
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  14. I saw Event Horizon on opening night and it's still one of the creepiest moviegoing experiences I've ever had. Fabulous production design for a horror movie set in space.
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  15. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

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    GREAT film. One of the very first dramatic films to have a music soundtrack, by the great Max Steiner.
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  16. The Panda

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    No Hitcher? Pooh
  17. jeffchisako

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    1. The Exorcist
    2. Paranormal Activity
    3. The Exorcism of Emily Rose
    4. Antichrist
    5. The Shining
    6. A Nightmare on Elm Street
    7. Pan's Labyrinth
    8. Lost Highway
    9. Jacob's Ladder
    10. The Secret of the Beehive
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  18. smilin ed

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  19. Andy Lee

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  20. Mother

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    10 Classic Horror
    The Exorcist
    The Shining
    The Thing
    Evil Dead
    Evil Dead 2
    An American Werewolf In London
    Nightmare on Elm Street

    10 Asian Horror Classics
    The Ring
    The Grudge
    The Grudge 2
    A Tale of Two Sisters
    Dark Water
    The Eye
    The Host
  21. skybluestoday

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    • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
    • Psycho
    • Night of the Living Dead
    • Near Dark
    • Eyes Without a Face
    • Suspiria
    • Halloween
    • The Grudge (Japan)
    • Carnival of Souls
    • Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
  22. Siegmund

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    I saw the beginning of this film on what must have been its first ever British showing sometime in the mid-seventies. After the 'creature' had been discovered under the table, I was sent to bed but I was too terrified to sleep (I was about eight at the time and not that susceptible to shocks). I saw the whole film when I was in my early twenties and even at that age, I found it scary. Those voices calling 'Sally....' live long in the mind and won't go away. The ending is genuinely chilling.

    Talking to my American contemporaries, I get the impression that this film traumatised everyone who saw it at a certain age: I can't say I'm surprised, either!
  23. smilin ed

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    It's rare that a TV horror movie from that period could be so effective. I remember it too. It's every bit as effective as those BBC adaptations of M R James stories.
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  24. Bobby Boogaloo

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    Regarding TV horror movies, I always thought that It was done well. Actually surprised that they were able to get away with some of those scenes.
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  25. Carl Swanson

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    No one has Mrs. Doubtfire on their list?

    Think about it . . .

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