Terminator - VI - Cameron back in the fold

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Deuce66, Jan 21, 2017.

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    I like all of them!
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    T3 is a film on the whole, has flaws, but has scenes that are enjoyable. If there was a critique of T3, its premise that the future could not be
    changed, no matter what they did and John Conner would end up fulfilling his destiny. No happy ending, but the premise for a sequel.
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    San Francisco
    Ahnold's health probably has a lot to do with this.
  5. Michael

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    had enough of them...: )
  6. Michael

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    yea, shame...I have no problem waiting for Arnold...hopefully can...
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    Not me sir. ;)
  8. Michael

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    Indeed that's good...
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    Some significant casting news.

    James Cameron's 'Terminator' Reboot Finds Its Star with Colombian Discovery


    Colombian actress Natalia Reyes has nabbed the starring role in the Terminator reboot.

    Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are returning to the fold while Blade Runner 2049 actress Mackenzie Davis is one of the new star additions to the sci-fi action project from Paramount and Skydance. Gabriel Luna, who is known for playing Ghost Rider on ABC's Agents of SHIELD, has also been cast in the film, as well as Mexican-born Diego Boneto, known for his work in Scream Queens.

    But the main role in the new Terminator is that of Dani, a young woman from a working class neighborhood in Mexico City who finds herself in the battle between humans and machines.

    Luna will play a Terminator robot while Boneta will play Dani's brother.

    Reyes appeared in children’s programs in Colombia and has starred in two noteworthy Spanish-speaking series, Cumbia Ninja and Lady, the seller of roses (Lady, la vendedor de rosas). But what some sources say was the clincher was her work in Birds of Passage, the new film from Colombian filmmaker Ciro Guerra. Reyes is the lead of the film and buzz has the film heading for a debut at this year's Cannes Film Festival.
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    James Cameron Talks Plans for Five ‘Avatar’ Films & More ‘Terminator’

    And even as Cameron builds out the world of his most successful film property, he’s preparing for a long-anticipated return to his original blockbuster baby — the “Terminator” franchise.

    He reveals that as the culture’s relationship with technology has grown increasingly and swiftly more sophisticated in the nearly four decades since the original installment, he plans to re-explore the concept accordingly.

    “’Terminator’ films are about artificial intelligence, and I would say that we are looking at that differently than I looked at it when I made, when I wrote the first story in 1982,” he says. “That was just a classic kind of ‘technology bad, smart computers bad’ kind of thing. It’s got to be a much more nuanced perspective now, I think. And hopefully we’ll show that. So ‘smart computers bad, but…’ is the new motif.”
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    I think he saw Westworld. :)
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    Northern Kentucky
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    God damn, they really need to stop mining the past. This franchise isn’t going to feel fresh until they get rid of Arnold totally. Bringing her back isn’t going to keep the next one from bombing any more than the last one did. Just do a total reboot and be done with the foolishness already!
  14. Deesky

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    No reason why Linda Hamilton shouldn't appear in the next one, as long as the timeline tracks close to her current age. I for one would love to see her again in that role and if anyone can pull it off successfully, it's James Cameron.
  15. Isaac K.

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    That’s fine. I see EVERY reason why she shouldn’t be in the next film, and that is the law of diminishing returns. And no, James Cameron keeps saying that the next sequel will be great. He has said it for every single damned film since and including Rise of the Machines. It isn’t recapturing the magic. Just give it up.
  16. Isaac K.

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    He just doesn’t get it. It isn’t 1991 anymore. Few people even cared back in 2003 anymore. NOBODY in mainstream audiences cares anymore, just random goof ball fanboys. It’s the distant past. There is NO money to be made from this property as is. Genisys proved that. Why Cameron would want to do this yet again for even lower returns is just asinine.
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  17. He hasn't been involved in the process in any form except for cheerleader and rights owner since T2, so there's that.

    He Said He'd Be Back — Schwarzenegger Talks 'Terminator 3'
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  18. Deesky

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    Exactly right. He's said as much, ie, he only considers T1 & T2 to be 'the real thing and the next version he creates will effectively be T3, with every other movie in between (chronologically) being written out of history! :)
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  19. Seems to be a trend. Halloween ignoring other sequels in the series, rumors of a Flashpoint movie rewriting the DC movieverse so far...
  20. PaulKTF

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    Hey, I'm all for forgetting that T3, T4, and T5 ever happened.

    But the real question is... is the Terminator 2: 3-D- Battle Across Time theme park attraction still canon? :)

  21. Deesky

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    Well, when lesser mortals get involved in perpetuating a beloved franchise (Terminator) only to drive it into the ground, having the original creator return to the fold can only be a good thing.
  22. antonkk

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    I don't mind T3, it was OK if not great. Just please send someone back in time to erase T4 and especially T5!
  23. Deuce66

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    Linda H on set.

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    That's only been disproven by, well, just about everyone including Cameron himself. Examples abound: Alien Covenant, the Star Wars prequels, Godfather Part III, etc.

    In fact, when the original creators return to try to recapture the magic of their original work, it is almost guaranteed to fail because they are often surrounded by sycophants who are afraid to challenge bad ideas.
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  25. Deesky

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    I don't agree based on Cameron's formidable history of work and his singular vision and integrity. I judge his return based on that extended history of achievement and not by what others had done.
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