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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by RickH, Dec 23, 2022.

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    A trailer for "That 90's Show" debuting Jan. 19 on Netflix starring Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp reprising their roles as Red and Kitty Forman except now with grandkids. Judging from this trailer, I'm not impressed with the new characters, the grandkids - looks like any typical modern sitcom in their scenes, but seeing Red, Kitty and a few other originals in guest appearances should be fun.

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    Yep. It looks absolutely awful. The granddaughter is especially horrendous with no comedic chops whatsoever.

    They tried it without Topher Grace, they tried it with that short-lived That 80s Show and now they trying it again by copying nearly everything about the original.

    It will fail hard and won't last long regardless of the return of 2 good characters. It's a charmless endeavor.
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    terrible, they obviously make money off one more squeeze or they wouldn't bother, but has there really EVER been a good reboot???
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    The trailer does look bad. The new cast seems light on chemistry and talent.

    Even the "dumb ass" and "foot in the ass" jokes sounded trite and under thought. You actually have to have talent in order to be so talentless that you make Red Forman unfunny. Grumpy isn't enough. You need the wit, sarcasm, and total lack of any filter.
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    That looks awful. I liked That 70s Show…at least the first few years. And Red & Kitty were always hilarious. But this looks really bad.
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    Just started watching the first three episodes. It's not bad -- it's not as great as the first few seasons of "That 70's Show", but it's a decent modern-era Netflix sitcom. It was cool to to see Topher, Laura, Ashton, Mila and Wilmer make cameos.
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    Thanks, I did a search for a thread on the show prior to posting this one but couldn't find it, as happens quite often here. :realmad:
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    What made Red Forman funny is that the targets of his barbs were well-written, relatable, "lovable loser" types -- usually Eric, but also Bob and sometimes Kelso. Without those foils for Red's anger, Red is nothing.
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    The kid who plays Ozzy seems like he is quoting one liners instead of acting out dialogue. And his voice is very irritating and obnoxious.
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    Kobra Kai. Nothing else springs to mind.
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    Oh, Doctor Who 2005.

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