The 1 Song That Ruins An Album?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dominick, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. Hardy Melville

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    New York
    To be clear these are not cases where the album is literally ruined, because one can just skip the offending song. But by that measure (these are some others - I think I posted on this before)...

    Casey Jones on Workingman's Dead.
    I Don't Know that You Don't Know My Name (a real stinker), on Ssssh by Ten Years After.
    Corporal Clegg, Saucerful of Secrets, Pink Floyd
    Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, Blonde on Blonde, Dylan.
    D'yer Maker, Houses of the Holy, the Ledsters.
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  2. Rufus rag

    Rufus rag Forum Resident

    Moonchild - In the Court of the Crimson King
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  3. Mr-Beagle

    Mr-Beagle Forum Resident

    There's A World and Lines.
  4. Trelayne

    Trelayne Well-Known Member

    Gothos, Alabama
    "Fracture" from Starless and Bible Black
  5. Mr-Beagle

    Mr-Beagle Forum Resident

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  6. bob_32_116

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    Perth Australia
    "The Hissing of Summer Lawns" is possibly my favourite Joni Mitchell album, but I could do without the closing track, "Shadows and Light". I appreciate the fact that she is stretching herself and trying something different here, I just don't find it that great to listen to. It rambles.
  7. bob_32_116

    bob_32_116 Forum Resident

    Perth Australia
    No, Mouse's Night is great, and YOSW, while not "great", is decent enough. They should have tossed "Wot Gorilla". Wot were they thinking? Steve Hackett had a song of his own ready to go, but they put that thing in its place, which was probably the trigger for his deciding to leave the band.
  8. gregorya

    gregorya Forum Resident

    Room 409?.. ;)

  9. bob_32_116

    bob_32_116 Forum Resident

    Perth Australia
    Now this I can agree with. "Mother" is atrocious, and it would still be atrocious even sung without those awful screeching vocals. Sorry, Andy.
    The other non-Sting song on the album, Copeland's "Miss Gradenko", is fine and sits quite well alongside Sting's compositions.
  10. Peja11

    Peja11 PC is Neither

    No thanks to Mrs. Scarrot, Thoughts on a Grey Day from Fleetwood Mac's Bare Trees.

    Apologies to @SKATTERBRANE for the duplication post #468
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  11. bob_32_116

    bob_32_116 Forum Resident

    Perth Australia
    I think the first half of that album well and truly overshadows the second half. The closing title tracks saves the second side from being a complete snoozefest.
    The first side is brilliant.
  12. LitHum05

    LitHum05 El Disco es Cultura

    No, this thing is way better than the one I had in mind. ;)
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  13. bob_32_116

    bob_32_116 Forum Resident

    Perth Australia
    That's the understatement of the century. There are so many things wrong with that song that I don't know where to start.
    The lyrics seem to be meant to be taken seriously - then that ridiculous siren effect comes in and makes it sound like something Weird Al would do.
    On top of that, the production is appalling. Thank heavens for the skip button. I'd hate to be a vinyl afficionado listening to this and rushing to lift the tone-arm.
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  14. Psychedelic Good Trip

    Psychedelic Good Trip Forum Resident

    New York

    Guess Mike Love was trying to use the effects to soften the tunes serious subject. Mike covering his backside from backlash for what could of been a controversial tune without the sirens. IMHO
  15. Somerset Scholar

    Somerset Scholar Forum Resident

    No thanks.
  16. eflatminor

    eflatminor Forum Resident

    Kiss, kiss, kiss of John Lennon's Double Fantasy album.
  17. Scott S.

    Scott S. Indie Music Curator

    Walmartville PA
    Blue Moves by Elton has a real clinker on it called Bite Your Lip, Get Up and Dance.
  18. Tim Irvine

    Tim Irvine Forum Resident

    Austin, Texas
    Rach’s 2nd on the flip side of Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini? Oh wait. That belongs in a different thread. The Seven Year Itch ruined it for me. I was with the guy who said “Voices of Old People...close the thread.”
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  19. yesstiles

    yesstiles Forum Resident

    I'm with you. I also don't enjoy the first 2 minutes of Schizoid Man.

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  20. Mr. LP Collector

    Mr. LP Collector Forum Resident

    "Top Rank Suite" off the Moody Blues 1981 lp, Octave.
  21. Terrapin Station

    Terrapin Station Forum Resident

    NYC Man
    Wow--that's one of my favorite Crimson tunes.
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  22. allthatglittersisnotgold

    allthatglittersisnotgold Part-Time Picker, Full-Time Grinner

    Crumpler, NC
    Shiny Happy People on R.E.M's Out Of Time
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  23. zen

    zen Forum Resident

    Because it hit #1 in the States?
  24. Mike Reynolds

    Mike Reynolds Forum Resident

    That was my exact sentiment when I first heard the song. :)
  25. Trelayne

    Trelayne Well-Known Member

    Gothos, Alabama
    that whole album is horrible

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