The All Purpose Rainer Werner Fassbinder thread

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Solaris, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. LeBon Bush

    LeBon Bush Hound of Love

    German Fassbinder blus are often missing english subtitles, that's what I referred to :)
  2. TwentySmallCigars

    TwentySmallCigars Forum Resident

    Gotcha, thanks!
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  3. jwoverho

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    I had the Criterion Alexanderplatz box several years ago (which I sold) and have the Second Sight on order (which stretches the program over 4 discs, instead of the Criterion's 3 discs.

    Fassbinder's creativity and productivity packed into his 37 years is pretty staggering.
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  4. TwentySmallCigars

    TwentySmallCigars Forum Resident

    The Second Sight set got a more favourable review on DVDBeaver, which is why I went with that one. I've never watched the Criterion version.
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  5. stepeanut

    stepeanut Has Anybody Seen My Love?

    It’s the superior edition, without doubt. And, unlike the Criterion, it runs at the correct frame rate.
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  6. Siegmund

    Siegmund Vinyl Sceptic

    Britain, Europe
    Very big fan. I’ve almost all of his films, with the notable excerptions of Lilil Marlene and Querelle.

    I’m not sure why Bergman has such a reputation for being a ‘downer’ filmmaker; Fassbinder, imo, is far, far bleaker.

    Martha (1974) may be the most horrifying mainstream film ever made. I don’t think I could watch it again - far too disturbing and bleak.

    Personal favourite is probably The Merchant Of Four Seasons. That one’s also pretty bleak.
  7. TwentySmallCigars

    TwentySmallCigars Forum Resident

    Bergman is another director that I have done a marathon viewing for. I had only seen three or four of his films but picked up the Criterion box because it looked impressive (and I wasn't disappointed). I acquired the few other films missing from the box and over the course of a couple of months, watched everything chronologically.

    Last week I told a friend that the long-awaited Fassbinder Vol. 3 was imminent and I was ready to start my next marathon. His comment was 'Bergman was too upbeat for you?'.
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  8. Siegmund

    Siegmund Vinyl Sceptic

    Britain, Europe

    I've seen most of Bergman. I don't think his reputation for being sunk in gloom is entirely deserved. He made plenty of comedies, especially early in his career. Shame was the only one I can recall finding unrelievedly bleak.

    Fassbinder also had his 'lighter' moments, but they were very few and far between - even a 'comedy' like Satan's Brew is fairly disturbing.
  9. jpmosu

    jpmosu a.k.a. Mr. Jones

    Ohio, USA
    Just curious: what Bergman films are missing from the box set?
  10. TwentySmallCigars

    TwentySmallCigars Forum Resident

    • It Rains on Our Love (1946)

    • Music in Darkness (1948)

    • Prison (1949)

    • This Can’t Happen Here (1950)

    • Mr Sleeman is Coming (1957) TV Movie

    • The Venetian (1958) TV Movie

    • Rabies (1958) TV Movie

    • Storm Weather (1960) TV Movie

    • A Dream Play (1963) TV Movie

    • Don Juan (1965) TV Movie

    • The Misanthrope (1974) TV Movie

    • Face to Face (1976)

    • Hustruskolan (1983) TV Movie

    • Dom Juan (1985) TV Movie

    • The Blessed Ones (1986) TV Movie

    • Madame de Sade (1992) TV Movie

    • Backaterna (1993) TV Movie

    • The Last Gasp (1995) TV Movie

    • In the Presence of a Clown (1997) TV Movie

    • The Image Makers (2000) TV Movie
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  11. jpmosu

    jpmosu a.k.a. Mr. Jones

    Ohio, USA
    That is WAY more than I would have guessed! Thanks.

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