The amazing effect the Schiit Modi d:a has made in my system!

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by DEG, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. DEG

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    Lawrenceville Ga.
    I bought this little baby about 2 months ago to use as the d:a section in my old Sony 5 disc carousel changer. Holy Smokes! I am totally blown away by this little baby. It has made my cd collection come to life like never before! And for $105!!! I plan to get one for my Oppo. Unfortunatly, the optical output of my Rega Saturn CDP doesn't work, I could use the coax input but I have to find my cable. I use the optical method with the Sony changer. A highly recommended unit! David
  2. ProfessorC1983

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    Very happy to hear it because I literally *just* swiped my card on the Modi Multibit and it's arriving next week. Plan to use it for TV/Roku audio via TOSlink optical, so it's great to hear that input is working well for you.
  3. Stone Turntable

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    Me three, new Modi Multibit arriving today to potentially replace the basic Modi I've been using happily since 2014. We'll see if the improvements since then (and the Multibit innards) kick the sound quality up a notch.

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