The Band: Geniuses, Overrated or Average.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Chemically altered, Feb 28, 2022.

  1. edenofflowers

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    I'm not even a huge fan of the band and even I can tell they were exceptional.
  2. DrJ

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    Davis, CA, USA
    Great post. I agree.

    My biggest point earlier is that I think Cahoots is far from a truly weak album or dog, as it is sometimes portrayed.

    Like you I find the performances are the greatest strength. I personally think the compositions are also quite strong musically (including on side 2), but definitely lyrically they do not tend to be in the same league as on their best albums. I think the relative weakness and tendency to cliches in the lyrics probably reflects that, as Robertson explains in the new boxed set booklet, they really didn't set out to make an album - it sort of materialized organically. Typically, strong (albeit loose) musical performances would be more likely come out of that type of arrangement (especially with musicians of this caliber and seasoning) than strong lyrics.
  3. Lexhibit

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    true, it's even more head scratching how they all scattered into obscurity in the late 70s with all that talent me the early 80s reunion without Robertson was one step forward but two steps back
  4. Endicott

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    I think that individually they were as talented as any band around, but for some reason only the in brown album and a few tracks scattered in the other albums did they really harness all that individual talent into collective greatness.

    That said, when they were firing on all cylinders, they were close to genius level. (The Weight, Chest Fever, the brown album, Stage Fright, Acadian Driftwood, a few others)
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  5. Mother

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    Geniuses. I absolutely love those first 2 albums, Stage Fright, and Northern Lights-Southern Cross both great too. The Last Waltz, one of the greatest concert videos ever, their work with Dylan, all pretty hard to beat. A couple of the latter-day album are a touch patchy but will always consider these guys hugely influential and complete musical geniuses, all of them. I'm just not sure which song is the greatest of all time: Up on Cripple Creek or The Weight. :love::love:
  6. Vinyl Socks

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    I love The Band AND John Denver.

    In no way, shape, or form was The Band anything even remotely reminiscent of John Denver.
  7. lazydawg58

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    That one was a head scratcher. :shrug:
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  8. DrJ

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    Catskills Mountain High - one of the great lost tracks from the Basement Tapes….
  9. Khorn

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    The Band’s engagingly unique in my book. Their music “speaks to me”. Always a place somewhere in my rotation.
  10. Scott6

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    Mmmm. You have a point however I think Dylan was uncredited for legal reasons.
  11. speedracer

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    Actually a lot of us were just there to have fun, and those groups sure helped! I went for the Allmans, loved the Band, and left a Deadhead alrhough it waa the first time I had seen them live and was not familiar with the jamming from song to song. Took me another year to figure it out and a lysergic asskick at Hartford 74
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  12. SonicBob

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    I love The Band for the simple reason that they had a roots music-americana bend in their style but were proficient and adept as musicians in how they played and performed their music as a group. They were geniuses in as for what they projected within their style and sound within and it came out within what they played. It's not to everyone's liking, and so it's not necessarily transcendental; for me personally, it's a treasure, but that's not up to me to project that onto others.
  13. StarThrower62

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    The chemistry of the musicians of The Band to create that sound performing Robertson's great songs is where the genius lies. No need to use the much abused adjective in the plural. We're talking about a band here. The Band!
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  14. poisonedhangman

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    As musicians together, the Band had an approach to what's now called "roots rock" that no group has ever quite matched. Is that genius? IDK. I will say one thing, even their so called duds like Cahoots have great songs on them. (like River Hymn)

    I've been listening to the 50th Anniversary Deluxe edition of Stage Fright for a couple of weeks now. And it's just amazing. I like it as much as I do Music From The Big Pink and The Band.
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  15. Great band.

    great songwriter(s)

    great singers (except Robbie not a big fan of Richard’s either)

    Two masterpiece albums, two very good and the rest
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  16. UnderTheFloorboards'66

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    I respect them and like some of their songs. Not a huge fan of roots rock and roll though, but their first three albums are undeniably good for what they were doing. Although, I could see someone who isn't receptive to that type of music maybe thinking they're a bit overrated. I think their association with Bob Dylan definitely elevated their stature as a rock n' roll band. I think they sit somewhere alongside CCR and the Allman Brothers.
  17. keyse1

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    I’d get a new wife:)
  18. twicks

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    IMO they have one great album, the self-titled. I've tried but for me Big Pink is 3 great songs (Weight, Wheel's, Chest Fever) and a lot of unremarkable stuff.
  19. Kassonica

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  20. Gratefully Deadicated

    Gratefully Deadicated Escaping through the lily fields

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    I really like The Band and their albums (yes even Islands and the non Robbie albums) but they are one of those bands for me where there's always a weak song or two on every album. This actually strikes me as odd considering how much I really like the rest.
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  21. MHam

    MHam Give Me Bass Relief

    I hate the term "genius" applied to musicians. I translate it as "let's have an argument".

    As far as The Band goes I love them. When I am in a Band enthusiasm I can listen to their live albums all day and I'm singing their songs in my head incessantly. Who could ask more from a band?
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  22. rkt88

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    immensely gifted and talented group - and those all time favorite of mine since big pink.

    I've sworn off of involvement in any any RR +/- debates.
  23. fretlessrich

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    my father told me that when their first record was initially released “everyone” thought the name of the group was actually “Big Pink”. Anyone else remember that? Great band (I like Rock of Ages cut by RL a lot).
  24. rkt88

    rkt88 The unknown soldier

    malibu ca
    a deep cut and all time fav of mine.

    chest fever!

    just noticed. that lp cover art is NOT from music from big pink. from a much later lp.

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  25. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...


    "Chest Fever" is probably #2 or #3 for me behind only "Rag Mama Rag" and possibly "Up On Cripple Creek."

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