The Beatles 62-66 & 67-70 Vol.2 : The Orange and Green Albums

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Skywheel, May 30, 2017.

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  1. Skywheel

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    Recently, while I was perusing the resurrected "Are you Satisfied with the Beatles Red and Blue Compilations" thread, it again occurred to me that a second volume of each of these could be made with additional album tracks so I took on the challenge.
    I planned to title them The Aquamarine and Mauve Albums, but decided that because these would be Volume 2 secondary colors would be more appropriate.
    Admittedly whenever I see lengthy lists I tend to slide through them like the Penny Lane fireman on his fire house pole, but still I persisted.
    I increased 62-66 to 8 tracks a side while 67-70 stands pat at 7 per side.
    To make this thread more interactive I invite all to rip my choices asunder (as if I have a choice).

    I believe this thread demonstrates just how very deep the Beatles canon quality runs. I even have a Best Buy bonus disc of culled choices for those who purchase these together.

    The Orange Album 62-66 Volume 2::
    Side one
    1) I Saw Her Standing There --- A classic
    2) Twist and Shout (Medley, Russell)
    3) Anna (Alexander) ---- These two covers the Beatles made their own --John's best vocal maybe
    4) P.S I Love You --- Love Paul's 'scat' part at the end
    5) Please Mr. Postman (Dobbins, Garrett, Gorman, Holland, Bateman)
    6) I Wanna Be Your Man
    7) Not a Second Time -- One of many that define Beatlemania for me
    8) This Boy --- Harmonies to turn The Beach Boys green

    Side two
    1) Tell Me Why ----I've defended this great lyric ad nauseum
    2) I Shoulda Known Better -Another to define Beatlemania
    3) I'm Happy Just to Dance With You
    4) If I Fell --- One of my daughters favorites
    5) Things We Said Today
    6)I'll Cry Instead -- Beatlemania
    7) No Reply
    8) I'll Follow the Sun

    Side three
    1) Words of Love (Holly)
    2) Every Little Thing
    3) Look What You're Doing -- this era saw Paul do some pure as a bell tone vocals
    4) I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
    5) The Night Before
    6) Another Girl -Another Paul bell tone vocal
    7)Tell Me What You See -Yet another bell tone vocal
    8) It's Only Love

    Side four
    1) Run For Your Life
    2) I've Just Seen a Face
    3) Bad Boy (Williams)
    4) I'm Only Sleeping
    5) Good Day Sunshine
    6) And Your Bird Can Sing
    7) Dr. Robert
    8) Tomorrow Never Knows

    The Green Album 67-70 Volume 2::
    Side one
    1) Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite
    2) Good Morning, Good Morning
    3) Lovely Rita
    4) When I'm 64
    5) Dear Prudence
    6) The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
    7) Martha My Dear

    Side two
    1) I'm So Tired
    2) Piggies
    3) Rocky Raccoon
    4) I Will -- A wonderful lyric from Paul
    5) Julia -- Followed by a wonderful lyric from John
    6) Birthday -- basically written as recorded, but still powerful
    7) Helter Skelter -- Wow!! This one is just murder

    Side three
    1) Honey Pie
    2) Don't Pass Me By --If Octopus' Garden can make Vol. 1
    3) Cry Baby Cry
    4) It's Only a Northern Song
    5) Hey Bulldog
    6) It's All Too Much
    7) You Know My Name -- Gotta love it

    Side four
    1) Oh Darling
    2) Maxwell's Silver hammer
    3) Because
    4-6) Mean Mr. Mustard/ Polythene Pam/ She Came in Through the Bathroom Window/
    Carry That Weight/ Golden Slumbers/ The End
    7) Two of Us

    And then lastly for those of you still with me
    The Best Buy bonus disc of culled tracks

    Side one
    1) Ask Me Why
    2) Money (Bradford)
    3) Long Tall Sally (Penniman)
    4) Hold Me Tight
    5) Things We Said Today
    6) You Can't Do That
    7) I'm A Loser
    8) You're Gonna Lose that Girl

    Side two
    1) Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Williams)
    2) Here There and Everywhere
    3) For No One
    4) Rain
    5) I'm Fixing a Hole
    6) It's getting Better
    7) Happiness is a Warm Gun
    8) I Want You (She's So Heavy)
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  2. Skywheel

    Skywheel Forum Resident Thread Starter

    southern USA
    I realize there is no track from Magical Mystery Tour, but really Baby You're a Rich Man was the only viable candidate remaining.
    I've just never really cared for that track at all.
    Blackbird, Mother Nature's Son and For No One were also solid candidates that didn't even make my Culls bonus disc.
    I've never been big on George Harrison so he may be a little under represented. Woud have been nice if I could have worked in Long, Long, Long.
    I like the lyrics to Yer Blues but it hasn't aged well for me at all.
  3. California Couple

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  4. Beatlened

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    Id never complain about any beatles track list. That would be an enjoyable lineup. Rain shouldnt be confined to the bonus tho.

    I would make room for Got to Get You Into My Life and She's A Woman. Both top 10 hits in the USA. also Thank You Girl and I'm down . Plenty of good ones left in the tank .
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  5. supermd

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    May as well just buy the rest of their entire catalog. ;)
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  6. daca

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Abbey Road is my favorite Beatles album. Typically when I listen to it, I listen to the entire CD from beginning to end, well almost....

    I can barely stand this song. Maybe had I been alive and listening to the record when it was released, I could have liked it. However, it has never grown on me and I skip it.

    Worst. Beatles. "Song." Want to know what is faster than the speed of light? Me hitting the "Next Track" button when this song is queued up on 'Abbey Road.'
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