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THE BEATLES -"GET BACK" film directed by Peter Jackson on Disney+

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by sfligio, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. joy stinson

    joy stinson Secret friend

    Dickson. Tn
    I can’t remember where or how found it but maybe can look up by googling possibly…..their play if you want me to play line in a LIB outtake ..Google an outtake of LIB and there’s a scene where paul is taking to George with John sitting there…Paul says t George ..he’s not trying to get him, but they’re on a deadline….turns out paul says that they have been teaching George for a day ands half how to play his guitar part in the song then George says his..”I’ll play if you want me to play….whatever pleases you.” This was clearly edited into original LIB movie.
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  2. Beatlebug

    Beatlebug Another box set won't do any harm

    Garswood, UK
    A few pages back people were commenting on the 1956 date near the start. I think it's a reference to John starting The Quarrymen, not the meeting with Paul. And from that 1956 date the ages for Paul and George are derived, if that makes sense.
  3. Graham

    Graham Forum Resident

    London, UK
    An hour into it and the DNR is shocking. A total wax-fest.
  4. beatle_giancarlo

    beatle_giancarlo Forum Resident

    PJ was condensing the early years relatively, time wise...so its not strictly accurate to a T. It works. 1956 = The Quarrymen, not necessarily Macca joining the group.
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  5. Nerktwin

    Nerktwin Forum Resident

    You guys, I’ve only seen part 1 and am nervous. What if they can’t get George back in the band?
  6. CrawdaddySim1

    CrawdaddySim1 Forum Resident

    Indianapolis, IN
    I find it very interesting, in the conversation at the 1:11 mark, that Paul and George are remarkably insightful about why/how things are going wrong with the group, tracing it to the death of Epstein and even referring to him as the “daddy” figure! It’s like they’re having a 2021-style discussion in 1969. Hard to imagine such a candid discussion among other British groups at that time… imagine Pink Floyd doing it! The Beatles knew exactly what was happening AS it was happening, and we’re talking about guys still in their 20’s. And yet it’s obvious that they still haven’t processed Brian’s death, probably the saddest part as he wasn’t much older than them when he died.
  7. Shaddam IV

    Shaddam IV Forum Resident

    I'm hoping he rejoins the band and shows everyone by playing fantastic guitar on a very long piece on the next album, along with contributing some of their best most popular songs! One can hope!
  8. Tero

    Tero Forum Resident

    Something new for me: there is a connection between The Long And Winding Road and Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight. At 1:47 in the t0day's episode.
  9. joy stinson

    joy stinson Secret friend

    Dickson. Tn
    Though I wore it out then, IMHO POB hasn’t held up well though in its day it as a hugely affecting album and rock critics especially pushed it then. Instant karma is a great rock song though Spector echo recording techniques affected it and was never a fan of cold Turkey as it grates on me, only my personal opinions which don’t expect others to agree with. I never liked many of John’s songs in that vein though know others do.
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  10. Bink

    Bink Forum Resident

    I mistakenly put this post in the thread for the Let It Be boxset thread when I intended to post here. My initial thoughts:

    I have just finished watching part 1 and have basically ignored this thread since it started being streamed, so I don't know if any of my initial thoughts have already been mentioned by others:

    Firstly I absolutely loved it. Although I am a big Beatles fan I haven't really listened to much of the Twickenham bootlegs so it was great to see and listen to them rehearsing and jamming in this episode.

    I am not sure that the opening sequence showing their history was necessary, particularly where some parts the screen ratio was stretched. I guess it provided context...

    I loved seeing Paul gradually picking the melody for Get Back and building up the song.

    I found the way they continued rehearsing after George left really fascinating.

    The way it was edited suggests George might have been upset about Paul's comments about 'soft lead guitarists' as George appeared to have face like thunder after that. But I am not going to claim to know what was going through his head....

    It is great that they are releasing so much footage, but I could see that 100 minute edit also being useful if I just want to dip my toe in at any point in the future - maybe they could double it up in a release of the original film?

    And a purely random thought:
    After major Beatles archive releases, Yoko and John's estate usually release something similar - eg after the reissues of the Red and Blue albums we got Lennon Legend. After The Beatles Anthology we got the John Lennon Anthology. After the Sgt Pepper Super Deluxe, we got Imagine Super Deluxe. So are we going to see a 'fly on the wall' documentary of the Imagine sessions (I know a lot of this has already been released, but could see them expanding on it).
  11. Drifter

    Drifter AD survivor

    Vancouver, BC, CA
    I find the quality varies depending on the lighting/quality of the frames. If it was a well-lit, non-zoomed in scene, I thought it looked great, but if it was a close scene with a lot of shadows/blacks, it looked like they were straight from Madame Tussauds. Thus, I didn't always really notice the DNR too much.
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  12. bewareofchairs

    bewareofchairs Forum Resident

    George's walk-out wasn't really handled accurately. There was a whole argument with John which took place shortly before that the doc doesn't mention at all, and I find that...interesting.
  13. Cristiano Cortellazzi

    Cristiano Cortellazzi Forum Resident

    Sirmione, Italy
    I noticed a gross error in the Italian subtitles: when they talk about George's eight-track recorder, whoever developed the Italian version used the term .. "Stereo 8" which as we all know is a completely different thing! :doh:

    I'd like to let the powers that be know, but I don't know who to write to.
    It would be important to correct the error before it ends up on the DVD and Blu Ray ... any ideas?
  14. CrawdaddySim1

    CrawdaddySim1 Forum Resident

    Indianapolis, IN
    Was it recorded?
  15. Bink

    Bink Forum Resident

    Another observation (apologies if previously mentioned) - the film appears to suggest that Paul was involved in the writing of Gimme Some Truth. That was new to me.
  16. joy stinson

    joy stinson Secret friend

    Dickson. Tn
    Very true….I’ve never gotten straight what it was about.
  17. bewareofchairs

    bewareofchairs Forum Resident

    No, if I remember rightly it was during a break. It was only referenced to.
  18. joy stinson

    joy stinson Secret friend

    Dickson. Tn
    Actually learned that somewhere on this forum. It’s one of my favorite solo John songs and it’s his best radical phase song IMO.
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  19. bewareofchairs

    bewareofchairs Forum Resident

    I also think Yoko was let off pretty lightly here. She wasn't sitting there quietly the whole time. She did involve herself in conversations at times, like her suggesting they play to an empty room of chairs, and hanging on John while they were rehearsing.
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  20. Bill813

    Bill813 No relation to Billy Shears or Bunglalow Bill

    George - "Is that one called "I've Got a Feeling?""
    John - "It's called "I've got a hard on.""
    Paul - "Everybody's got a hard on."
    John (sings) - "Everybody's got a hard on."
  21. Frangox

    Frangox Well-Known Member

    Can we just enjoy this special "Thanksgiving" gift from the Beatles.... I don't give a heap about Yoko Ono ....but she is a part of the story...so everything is relevant!
  22. appleboy

    appleboy Forum Resident

    Yes - see the Colbert interview - Peter raised this with Paul - who had no memory of involvement until Peter showed him the footage!
  23. jeighson1

    jeighson1 Forum Resident

    Ann Arbor, MI
    Then you will find your memory of Abbey Road replaced with a vague sense of a Beatles album that never was. ;)
  24. Kenneth Womack

    Kenneth Womack Forum Resident

    Totally agreed. Jackson really hit the right note of melancholy at the conclusion of episode one.
  25. Gary_Stewart

    Gary_Stewart Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
    I took a tab of LSD (for the first time since 1987) right around 9, so it would be kicking in once the peak started. I laughed. I cried. It was beyond anything I ever expected to see and experience as a Beatles fan. Any squabbles/disappointments about the "Let It Be" box are irrelevant now in light of this. I'm now listening to the all of the Day 1 audio, and will keep listening until midnight again when we meet Billy.

    Interesting that Jackson saves Dig A Pony for tonight, as it was one of the first things played on the 2nd.
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