THE BEATLES - New "GET BACK" film directed by Peter Jackson to be on Disney+ in November, 2021*

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  1. PhilBorder

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    I'd guess D+ paid Beatles Inc a lot for this. Kind of a crappy thing to do, actually. And I have no problem not watching it.

    Why do so many new media business decisions completely ignore consideration of the fans without whom there would be no business?
  2. Lovecraft

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    Bottom line, there will be ways and means of seeing this if a physical product is not forthcoming.
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  3. soundQman

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    You can deputize a friend or family member to fulfill that necessary function for you at home.
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  4. soundQman

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    There are more effective ways to extract the maximum amount of money from a product, that's why. Customer satisfaction or fan loyalty is nice if you can get it, but secondary to immediate profit. Often exclusivity or limiting choice and controlling access works better, at least for a while.
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  5. One thing I realized, since it's in three parts. Could it have originally been planned as a trilogy of films, in the Peter Jackson tradition? And maybe still could be in the future?
  6. jmxw

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    Hey, stop being so reasonable. This is not the thread for that... :nyah:
  7. CoryS

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    When the Anthology debuted on broadcast television (exclusive to a network, as I recall), I don't remember everyone being up in arms.

    It was eventually released on VHS and DVD, and in expanded versions to the original.
  8. Michael

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    pretty cool...can't wait to see the changes!
  9. appleboy

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    That made me laugh! It's kind of surreal as I sit here in wintery Wellington New Zealand, where 15 minutes from me, Peter Jackson sits in an editing suite and all those reels, putting the finishing touches on a dream come true.
  10. Pizza

    Pizza With extra pepperoni

    6 hours?! That's a lot of Let It Be.
    I'm going to start calling it Don't Let It Be Too Long.
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  11. SirCandy

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    Surrounded by his Beatles memorabilia too!:righton:
  12. seacliffe301

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    All you have to do is point a camcorder at your TV screen. It'll be great.
  13. Quantum Reason

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    I wonder what the signed contracts between Disney, WingNut Films and Apple Corps were originally? How is that a film that was planned for a theatrical release in 2021 (as stated at the end of the December trailer) is now only a Disney+ exclusive? If The Sparks Brothers can get a theatrical release then why can't The Beatles? I'm sure we know why. Just hoping the 6hr cut plus extras will show up on home video at some point. But, personally, I've been sitting at home for the last year. Was really looking forward to an "event" movie to get me out of the house. It doesn't`t look like much is going to change for 2021.
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  14. Bayowolf

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    Probably it was Peter's idea; from LOTR, you know his credo: "Never do something in 2 hours when 6 hours would suffice."
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  15. Smash

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    My only concern with this release (based on the sneak peek) is still the heavy-handed DNR. Not quite "Roxy the Movie" bad, but still quite waxy.
  16. paulisdead

    paulisdead fast and bulbous

    They'll be a psychical release. Disney+ and Apple both know Pirate Bay's servers would crash without a BluRay or UHD disc on the market. That's a lot of missed revenue to miss out on.
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  17. paulisdead

    paulisdead fast and bulbous

    I'll go you guys one better and hold a microphone to the TV speaker and record it to a portable cassette recorder. :righton:

  18. dsdu

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    Tape it in quadrophonic!
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  19. seacliffe301

    seacliffe301 Forum Resident

    I cannot begin to tell you how often I used to do this as a kid.
    Great throwback
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  20. BungalowBill

    BungalowBill Sideman

    I did exactly that in '83 or so when R.E.M. made their network TV debut on Letterman. I know I have it somewhere, but I likely did not label it.
  21. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    My oldest best friend was a 'pause-button' MASTER, when it came to this machine!
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  22. forthlin

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    Not to be a one-upper...I recorded AHDN/Help!/YS/and Let It Be all in one night at a drive-in theater in the 70s. Put the speaker on the back seat, set the mic right next to it, and made my friend promised no to make a sound during the whole night. For what it was, the tapes came out pretty good.
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  23. audiomixer

    audiomixer As Bald As The Beatles

    I refuse to sit through 6 hours of "Get Back" over Thanksgiving Weekend.
    I'll buy the physical product...maybe.
  24. audiomixer

    audiomixer As Bald As The Beatles

    Ah, no. It's only streaming three days over the Thanksgiving weekend and then it's gone from Disney +. Don't get too excited about repeated viewings.

    "Disney has opted for a streaming debut for the three-episode series over a theatrical release for the movie about the Fab Four. Peter Jackson's The Beatles: Get Back six-hour documentary series is headed to Disney+ for a Thanksgiving holidays debut. ... 25, 26 and 27 exclusively on Disney+.
  25. I'm not aware of anything that's gone up on Disney+ for a set number of days only and then vanished.
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