THE BEATLES - New "GET BACK" film directed by Peter Jackson to be on Disney+ in November, 2021*

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    You are understanding it wrong. Episode 1 will debut the 25th. Episode 2…..etc. Debut does not mean it will be taken down the same day.
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    This doesn't strike me as a temporary thing, I'm not sure what you are getting this idea from. The rollout over 3 days simply means you'll have to watch it an episode at a time over three days rather than binge-watching it all at once. Disney+ has always rolled out its shows over a period of time, it has just usually happened once a week.

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  3. Agreed. The real question is, will I remember to come back to this thread in December to say "I told you so"? :laugh:
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    We will see...
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    Psychical? Like… they’ll beam it directly into your brain? :D :hide:
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    Where do I sign up?
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    Concern Trolling is still trolling.
    Let's please refrain from it.

    Thank you.
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    I love it. I snuck my trusty portable cassette recorder into the theatre the weekend that "Let It Be" premiered. It was my second time back :cool:.
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    Yep. Hopefully that chip has a better spell check than my phone does :D
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    This is a classic case of humanity "finding a way". :D I grew up in the VHS-era, so I love hearing these stories. So many episodes of Doctor Who where we only have the audio were recovered via kids at home recording them straight from the TV on reel to reel. Also, look at the long lost "holy grail" of Beatles appearances "Paperback Writer" on TOTPs. Discovered because a fan recorded it with their 8mm camera.

  12. forthlin

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    So there are people from all over the planet who did similar things--that recognized this was something so important that we'd do whatever it took to capture the moment. That seems like a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon, glad I was there for it.:)
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    My Dad was tech-savvy. We used to use the line out from the tv direct [through a Y-connector] directly into the cassette deck. Ah, the good old days... :cool:

    Actually, Dad eventually got two identical stereo cassette decks [no built in speaker, had to be plugged into an amp] probably thinking one would either replace or become spare parts for the other... but my brother and I co-opted them to do various sound-on-sound experiments, as they had both line-in and mic inputs... [I spent a quite some time trying to track down pictures of them on the internets, but that will have to be a project for another day.]

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    I can understand the consternation at music streaming, but as TV and movies are just streaming but at specific times rather than on-demand, I am really puzzled by the objections.
    It's almost as if people are looking for (needing?) something to complain about.
  15. Dean R

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    Perhaps you could explain how this is limiting choice in a new way.
    When Anthology showed on TV it was only available on TV at the moment it was released.
    Quarter of a Century later it is now available at any time you want it for $10 or whatever, to watch as often as you want.
    Surely that is massively increased choice.
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    I said for awhile. Then physical product may come later if deemed profitable, after most new subscriptions or fees for streaming have been purchased. The strategy is to stagger availability in time in order to milk the asset as much as possible. Some of us may not want to subscribe to Disney+ just to view a single program. I know I don’t, and would prefer an optical disc right up front, and knowing with certainty that it will be available.
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    Just out of curiosity. Does anyone know if there are any high res photos of the rooftop concert anywhere?
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    OBS screen captures are amazing!
  20. Max Wilbury

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    Trailer !!

    I'm getting emotional... I love it.

  21. Diego Lucas

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    Incredible trailer, excited a lot!!
  22. Brodnation

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    The trailer was really well made and I'm excited for the film... but good lord they scrubbed the picture. They were going for the digital squeaky clean look and it shows, the picture quality is not going to age gracefully.
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  24. vince

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    I think that's rather grand!
    I'd take one home with me., when can I BUY IT?!?!?!
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    Three-Part Series Made Entirely from Never-Before-Seen, Restored Footage to Premiere on Disney+

    November 25, 26, and 27, 2021

    Today, Disney+ released the trailer and key art for the upcoming three-part series “The Beatles: Get Back.” The Disney+ original docuseries, directed by Peter Jackson, will be arriving on Disney+ just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Made entirely from never-before-seen, restored footage, it provides the most intimate and honest glimpse into the creative process and relationship between John, Paul, George, and Ringo ever filmed. Be sure to check them both out, and don’t forget to watch “The Beatles: Get Back” when it rolls out over three days, November 25, 26, and 27, 2021, exclusively on Disney+.

    Directed by three-time Oscar®-winning filmmaker Peter Jackson (“The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “They Shall Not Grow Old”), “The Beatles: Get Back” takes audiences back in time to the band’s January 1969 recording sessions, which became a pivotal moment in music history.

    The docuseries showcases The Beatles’ creative process as they attempt to write 14 new songs in preparation for their first live concert in over two years. Faced with a nearly impossible deadline, the strong bonds of friendship shared by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are put to the test.

    The docuseries is compiled from nearly 60 hours of unseen footage shot over 21 days, directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg in 1969, and from more than 150 hours of unheard audio, most of which has been locked in a vault for over half a century. Jackson is the only person in 50 years to have been given access to this Beatles treasure trove, all of which has now been brilliantly restored.

    What emerges is an unbelievably intimate portrait of The Beatles, showing how, with their backs against the wall, they could still rely on their friendship, good humor, and creative genius. While plans derail and relationships are put to the test, some of the world’s most iconic songs are composed and performed.

    The docuseries features – for the first time in its entirety – The Beatles’ last live performance as a group, the unforgettable rooftop concert on London’s Savile Row, as well as other songs and classic compositions featured on the band’s final two albums, Abbey Road and Let It Be.

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