The Beatles Please Please Me album appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Beatles Fan 1999, Dec 1, 2016.

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    re 'A Taste of Honey' - it's; 'I'll come back / ('he'll come back') ...for the honey/ (for the honey).......and you

    the film 'A Taste of Honey' with Rita Tushingham and it's 'adult' themes plus it's sharp class angle was considered to be quite controversial in early sixties Britain and probably appealed to Paul's 'arty' side showing the band was aware of cinematic releases that were then deemed to be cutting edge influential works even as early as on their debut album (Paul would later go on to do the film soundtrack for 'The Family Way' another ground breaking British film release)

    - plus the ballad pointed towards first 'Till There Was You' then later solo McCartney led original numbers such as; 'I'll Follow The Sun', then 'Yesterday', 'Michelle', 'Eleanor Rigby' 'She's Leaving Home' etc , so it's inclusion has some validity and at the time was seen as a surprisingly sophisticated number for a bunch of musically formally untrained working class young lads from the 'Pool' to even attempt !

    it wasn't all Rock & Roll or vocal harmony flavoured Pop music...there was a soul angle, a motown vocal harmony influence even a Bacharach song too, alternations of musical style and range plus an originality of self composed tracks which showed The Beatles clearly had something more to offer than many 'beat groups' around at that time - around 300 or so just in the Liverpool area !

    re 'Some Other Guy' - the fact is EVERY BAND did it ! - certainly in Liverpool .....The Searchers cut it for PYE Records and The Big Three (a bigger Liverpool group than The Beatles early on) recorded it for Decca - tho' The Fab Four loved it they probably felt it was a bit of a beat group 'standard' and even as early as 1963 they were looking out above and beyond their Cavern Club days towards more unusual material in other musical idioms their songwriting quickly developed
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    This Beatles album (like the majority they recorded) has no bad tracks. Even the scarce sub-par songs are saved by their great singing and/or sheer enthusiasm and/or great arrangements and production.

    In this context Do you want to know a secret is one of their weakest, mainly because of the careless throwaway lyrics, peaking by rhyming "two" with "two". Come on!
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  3. ohnothimagen

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    Sure he did- he drew up the setlist for the Decca audition, didn't he? Heavy on the covers and show wonder Decca rejected them.
  4. douglas mcclenaghan

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  5. Kim Olesen

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    Myth. As Lewisohn proved the Decca audition very precisely reflected what songs they were doing live. Contemporary set lists proves this. The Decca audition reflected their live act at that time.
  6. nikh33

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    No, he didn't.
  7. dumangl

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    Depending on what mood I'm in, either Please Please Me or Magical Mystery Tour is my favorite Beatles album.
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  8. stereoguy

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    I'm talking about LIVE. No one told them what to play Live.
  9. Chemguy

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    Come on, Lightbulb! It's Ringo! Ringo!

    I can't pick a would the other songs so jealous :love:
  10. Culpa

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    For many of us, myself included, the "American version" was Introducing the Beatles, which did include There's A Place and Misery.:righton:
  11. jwb1231970

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    Yeah that's a great album, but always hard to find when I started listening in the early 80s...the Early Beatles filled that need so I guess I never pursued getting Introducing...
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  12. Dr.O'Boogie

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    I relocated to Thailand last year and was recently reminded of what a fantastic opening track "I Saw Her Standing There" was. I had a girlfriend over and played it over my blue-tooth speakers. This is the first time she had ever heard the track. I defy anybody to keep still when ISHST is being played!
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    I love Please Please Me. It's one of my favorites - I go for the early stuff (the first three UK albums and singles, or the U.S. equivalents) the most by The Beatles - and I prefer this in stereo, too. It's great either way though.
    My favorite songs on here are Please Please Me and There's A Place.
    I Saw Her Standing There is pretty high up too. Misery is a great song. I love Do You Want To Know A Secret. Anna is superb.
    I don't think there's a bad song on it.
    My first ever Beatles album was a copy of Introducing The Beatles - a pirate copy, natch, in mono. I always loved that, so of course I love this.
    I prefer With The Beatles to Please Please Me and, despite what some think of A Taste Of Honey, I think it's okay (even if it'd probably be my choice for the weakest track); it's nowhere near what that song called 'Til There Was You is - now that's awful.
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    She's cute and doesn't mind dancing to The Beatles- she is a keeper! :)
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  15. ohnothimagen

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    Can't beat that. Even my missus is not above dancing to a Beatles tune (among other artists) now and then...sometimes I dance with her and the kids look at us like we're both nuts:laugh:
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  16. andrewskyDE

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    Would be interesting if 'Some Other Guy' and 'Soldier Of Love' were on the Fabs' debut album, as I read the latter song was actually planned to be recorded in that 10 hour session.
    The BBC version sounds so amazing, sad there's no proper EMI studio cut of it.
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  17. PaulKTF

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    Agreed! I'm so glad they were at least done for the BBC recordings and included on the Live At The BBC set.
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  18. Dr.O'Boogie

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    I love these videos that break down individual contributions to The tracks.

    I'm not a guitar player myself but a friend who is once told me that The Beatles guitar bits always sound simple at first hearing but as soon as you try to replicate them you realise that nothing is ever quite as simple as it seems, always a little twist somewhere or other. Thanks.
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  19. Strat-Mangler

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    The whole album kicks major butt with the exception of P.S. I Love You which is a terrible terrible song.

    Aside from that, I like everything on it and listen to my German Horzu copy often.
  20. goodiesguy

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    I'd still love to hear the rumored second take though, just for the sake of it.
  21. Frosst

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    My favourite song is Twist And Shout
  22. ash1

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    I think it's one of their best. Well played, well sung (even allowing for John's cold) and good variety of tracks.
    Along with Revolver, White Album and A Hard Days Night probably my most played Fab4 LP. Boys is Ringo's best Beatle moment vocally. Take 1 and Macca plays and sings up a storm on it too. Fab.
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  23. DK Pete

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    Agreed. And an excellent representation of what The Beatles sounded like live in a good studio setting (unlike the muddy BBC recordings which, I feel, do not do them justice).
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  24. pantofis

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    To me it sounds like all of them had a cold that day. Or at least raspier voices than later on. I imagine the strain of singing in the studio all day long was immense. If their voices hadn't been trained for years, they probably would have faltered.
  25. trusso

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