The Beatles - Revolver - 2022 Remix

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Deacon Blues, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. cwitt1980

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    Then they would have had to call the next album Run For Your Life... and Today. I guess it would have fit with the images.
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  2. DK Pete

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    Yes. It’s actually the only (re)mix other than the original stereo/mono.
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  3. Octavian

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    Well. There is also the '87 stereo remix.
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  4. minkahed

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    Exactly. No further comment.
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  5. minkahed

    minkahed Forum Resident

    Completely agree with this assessment.

    I only listen to the original UK albums anyway, but I wouldn't trade, "Run For Your Life"
    for "Yesterday anytime for the week, day or second.
  6. thrivingonariff

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    RFYL is lousy, period. "You Can't Do That" = same theme, much better song, and done at a stage of the group's musical development where that sort of song fit.
  7. lobo

    lobo Music has always been a matter of Energy to me...

    Tough crowd. TNK is the one song that screamed for some more adventureous stereo panning. And finally Giles delivered for once. Not sure about the AI'd drums though, but they don't worry me too much.
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  8. NumberEight

    NumberEight Came too late and stayed too long

    Maybe they simply confused the two songs:
    We all live in Eleanor Submarine
    or possibly Yellow Na Rigby.
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  9. revolution_vanderbilt

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    You Can't Do That is a great song.
  10. Ern

    Ern Senior Member

  11. I think it’s still a great song. It’s about a misogynist. Lots of folks hate the lyrics but I don’t see it as a ‘personal’ song Othough John could be abusive). I wouldn’t have picked it to close the album. I would have picked Run For Your life as the b-side for We Can Work It Out and put Day Tripper on RS as the concluding track. I think that In My Life is fine where it is.
  12. Very cool. Thanks. Maybe they can use the same technology to remix some other artists as well.
  13. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    Levittown. NY
    Not so tough on my part…it’s only one of three songs on the entire remix which I find questionable albeit, not world stopping. The other two are more so song “moments”. One is the bringing down of the “when I was a boy” guitar line in She Said and the other is the over-emphasized (and scratchy sounding) edit prior to the acapella vocals on Good Day Sunshine. Otherwise, I find this a very good album remix. I must have played it twenty times already which is quite a lot given the time I’ve spent on the outtakes and mono mix (not to mention comparison plays of various original mix pressings).
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  14. No. It wouldn’t have fit for me. Clearly an earlier recording. I’ve Must Seen A Face fits better. I’d argue taking Day Tripper to the album.
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  15. StingRay5

    StingRay5 Important Impresario

    Capitol should have just released the UK LP without tampering with it.

    I'm not fond of "Run for Your Life" and I don't think it fits in well with John's other, more thoughtful songs on the album, but the Beatles decided to put it there, so it's there. I'm not arrogant enough to think they should have done whatever I might personally prefer, or even what the majority of fans would prefer (if we even had a way of determining that, which we don't). It's their work, they made it what they wanted it to be, end of story.
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  16. mpayan

    mpayan Resident Mofi Shill

    While I still think that there are artifacts from the demixing and I am not at all a fan of this remix, I do think as this technique is understood more and develops that there may be some even more amazing capabilities.

    Wouldnt it be cool if one day we have access to all of these parts and could play around and make our own remixes without all the artifacts that this now new-ish demixing technique has?

    "Revolver 2030: The Home Remix Project"
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  17. lobo

    lobo Music has always been a matter of Energy to me...

    I really like these passive aggressive posts. "You better love this remix as blindly as I do or I will hit you with my false positivity over the head until you bleed like the bloody naysayer you are!"
  18. Laservampire

    Laservampire Down with this sort of thing

    Some people have valid critiques about the remixes and how they are being done, and they have every right to express their opinion without being told to "get lost" by people who want to gush endlessly in the echo chamber of positivity and unquestioning praise.
  19. Beatle Ed 2021

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    I love the way you can hear the vibration / rattle of Ringo's drums in isolation. The MAL extraction was able to identify that it was part of the drum sound and not extraneous noise!
  20. mpayan

    mpayan Resident Mofi Shill

    "Run For Your Life" is a great song. Wouldnt want it any other way..wouldnt want it any other way...wouldnt want it any other way....

    there I said it. All this John and his "revelations" about his songs make me feel I should crawl up in a bed and doodle.

    Its just a fun song!
  21. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    Levittown. NY
    As I’ve said before, would the Nancy Sinatra version-had it been as well known-garner such modern day vitriol?
  22. Well, I wouldn’t call it fun. It’s about a Very dark, nasty guy but it’s still a terrific song likeBaby Let’s Play House.
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  23. mpayan

    mpayan Resident Mofi Shill

    Yeah, idk, I just think there is a lot of revisionism that occurs. We sometimes forget these were basically boys writing fun songs about girls.

    But my favorite early John is "You Cant Do That" so what do I know..."do I have to tell you one more time I think its a sin...?"

  24. Monasmee

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    Recently read a quote by XTC’s Andy Partridge who contends that sixties psychedelia grew directly out of children’s novelty records ten years prior with their sped up, slowed down, reversed, & echoing vocals.

    In other words, the music that we now “associate” with an acid trip evolved from that younger generation who simply grew older, the Beatles & George Martin being a case in point.

    If this theory holds true, & to put things into some perspective, try to imagine how Bach’s music may have sounded considering the lack of blues, rock, jazz, or advanced technology, had he dosed on ergot rye and/or magic mushrooms.
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  25. mpayan

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    Eh, Idk, I think the meaning of how we take words and phrases has changed. It reminds me of Veronica being chased by Reggie in the Archies. But I guess now that would be considered politically incorrect as a cartoon.

    We just have such a jaded and twisted society that it has made us leary of any hint of sexism or antifeministic hints.

    Im a feminist btw. Yes, men can be feminists.

    Just think we have allowed things to ruin our enjoyment due to societies negativism.
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