The Beatles' Rooftop Concert - What other songs were on the setlist?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Devotional, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Devotional

    Devotional Senior Member Thread Starter

    Oslo, Norway
    January 30th, 1969 - 42 minutes of The Beatles LIVE.

    Having just seen the "Let It Be"-film for the first time, and being somewhat blown away by the performance (the band smokes with Billy Preston), I'd really like to know what other songs they planned to play that day, if it hadn't been for the police.

    A couple of old favourites? Pepper, MMT, White Album or more Get Back-sessions? What could have been?

    Please file me in! :)
  2. Studio_Two

    Studio_Two Forum Resident

    Pretty much all the titles on "Let It Be" (apart from the piano numbers and acoustic numbers).

    I'm not sure they every really "planned" to play anything else. The conspiracy theorists might even claim that they "arranged" for the police to break up the show.
  3. willy

    willy hooga hagga hooga

  4. crimsoncing

    crimsoncing New Member

    virginia beach
    They planned on doing each song twice to make sure they got a good take. Some where at home I have a boot with the entire performance on it. You are not really missing much. 2 takes of Dig A Pony. 2 Takes of Don't Let me Down. You see Both takes of get Back in the film. I was hoping for a Harrison track but getting george to do these few songs was a major chore!!!
  5. reechie

    reechie Senior Member

    They mainly did multiple takes of what you've already heard, along with some between song fooling around.

    1. Get Back #1 warm-up
    2. Get Back #2
    3. Get Back #3
    4. Don't Let Me Down #1
    5. I've Got A Feeling #1
    6. One After 909
    7. Dig A Pony
    8. I've Got A Feeling #2
    9. Don't Let Me Down #2
    10. Get Back #4
  6. Devotional

    Devotional Senior Member Thread Starter

    Oslo, Norway

    I forgot to add that I'd also like to know what other songs The Rutles were planning to play! "Major Happy's Up-And-Coming Once Upon A Good Time Band"? "Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik"? Or just more from "Let's Be Natural?
  7. Devotional

    Devotional Senior Member Thread Starter

    Oslo, Norway
    Thanks for the quick replies, folks! :righton:
  8. musiclover56

    musiclover56 New Member

    Sunnyside-Up USA
    missing Rooftop track

    Maxwell's Silver Hammer, right?

    clang, clang,
  9. Anthology123

    Anthology123 Senior Member

    In Doug Sulpy's book, George bowed out of have any of his songs performed live. He was so discouraged at the lackluster contributions of John and Paul on his songs he said he'd rather his songs not be done live. It might explain why none of his songs appeared on the rooftop concert.
  10. Considering the impromptu nature of the whole performance and the environmental conditions it took place in (cold & windy mid-January London rooftop) I still find it miraculous how good these performances are and how much the band genuinely seemed to be enjoying playing together live again. Sure, a few of the takes are rough - but the fact that they were able to get no less than three-release quality takes out of it - all of which topped the best studio takes ("I've Got a Feeling", "One After 909" and "I Dig a Pony") along with a 'not bad' "Don't Let Me Down" is still pretty amazing.

    Just as a side note - it's always claimed that the gobbledegook line John inserts in the rooftop film take of "Don't Let Me Down" was because he forgot the lyrics. Watching the film however, it seems to me more like it was an intentional humorous 'edit' of the line ("And from the first time that she really done me..."), perhaps from embarrassment at it's graphic nature while singing it in public. It's fun to watch him turn to Paul for support when they sing out the actual words to the next line in harmony.
  11. Studio_Two

    Studio_Two Forum Resident

    "For You Blue" was an acoustic number, so wouldn't have been considered for the Rooftop.

    Does anyone know why "I Me Mine" was completely "forgotten about" and had to be recorded 12 months later for inclusion on the soundtrack LP? Was this recording done at Phil Spector's request?

    Across The Universe is also something of an anomaly - as it doesn't really appear in the film as anything more than a short rehearsal.

    I guess they were short of material.

  12. Frank Daniels

    Frank Daniels Forum Resident

    Phil Spector was not involved in the Get Back/Let It Be project when "I Me Mine" was recorded. He came onto the project in March, 1970. The song was begun on January 3rd.

    The usual story is that the final prints of the film were being prepared. The two songs were to be included in the movie and therefore needed to be on the album. Since the Beatles had already recorded "Across the Universe," they saw no need to create a new version. Meanwhile, John was on vacation, so a new recording wasn't possible. However, Paul, George, and Ringo were able to create a studio version of "I Me Mine."

    Apparently, George's attidude had changed from 1969 to 1970. I can still picture him saying, "I don't care if you don't want it in your show."
  13. Evan L

    Evan L Beatologist

    Don't forget a quick run through of "God Save The Queen", done while Alan Parsons was changing tapes!

  14. brainwashed

    brainwashed Forum Hall Of Fame

    Boston, MA
    They also busk through a quick version of I Want You, basically just the riff between takes. The last few days before the show, the Beatles reheaRsed the numbers they felt would be best for the rooftop gig....

    I've Got A Feeling
    Dig A Pony
    Dont Let Me Down
    One After 909
    Old Brown Shoe
    Two Of Us
    All Things Must Pass
    Teddy Boy
    She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
    Dig It
    Get Back

    At this point, it was quite clear George would be doing a few numbers, particularly Old Brown Shoe. He even joked that he'd have to learn the guitar part as he was previously playing the piano on the earlier rehearsals. It was George Martin who reminded them all that an electric piano would be setup for Billy to use, although, Let It Be and Long And Winding Road wouldn't be performed, no mention that Two Of Us would be held back though. They also rehearse Something a lot over the two days, but it's clear it's not quite ready. And George thinks it's pointless to try ATMP as the previous reheasals were always poor. Nonetheless, they do rehearse it quite a bit and some of the performances are pretty good. Director, Michael Lindsey-Hogg wants them to do Dig It , Teddy Boy and She Came In Through... they also rehearse each of them several times, including a cool version of Dig It in which John mentions the names of all the above songs, plus, I Me Mine and Across The Universe, Let It Be and Long and Winding Road. Unfortunately, the Beatles and George Martin met privately the morning of the show and George made the decision not to do any of his songs. It's unclear if the show was terminated before other songs could be done, though Martin had 2 additional blank reels ready to record with. Ron
  15. Devotional

    Devotional Senior Member Thread Starter

    Oslo, Norway
    Great post. Thanks! "I Me Mine" and "Across The Universe" would have been amazing...
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