The big disappointment: announced but never released

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  1. edenofflowers

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    Bandersnatch and/or Psyclapse by Imagine. :oops:
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    No, the studio music on the two Keys albums came from separate sessions a year apart; the second batch begun after the first was released. The stuff on Keys 2 was nearly done, but I believe there was supposed to be further overdubs and polishing before Rick left the group. And the album that would have been Know was supposed to have a couple shorter pieces added (but not the ones on Open Your Eyes, which were destined for a Conspiracy album).
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    Camille can be added to the list, even if most of the tracks were supposed to appear on Crystal Ball (1987).
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    MR: Al, I’m a big Paul Simon fan and you played guitar on the track “Allergies” from his Hearts And Bones album.

    Al DiMeola: That was supposed to be the return to Simon & Garfunkel. Art Garfunkel sang on every song, but the two of them did not get along. That record could have been a monster. It was actually better than Graceland. I listened to Graceland a few times recently and it’s good; it had a cool vibe with the African thing and it was a very smart idea. But Hearts And Bones was great writing. With Art on there, that could’ve gone double platinum. It was still within that space of record company stability when you could sell a ton of records. I think that would’ve become a big comeback record for them.

    MR: I agree and songs from that album such as “Rene and Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War” could’ve become instant Simon & Garfunkel classics.

    ADM: I was supposed to be on that one. I still have the music he sent me for it here. I was on “Allergies,” but I just couldn’t make “Rene And Georgette Magritte...” work so Paul wound up not using my part. I was just happy to be on anything of his because I was a fan of both of them. Those early records were great.
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    "Allergies" is one of the ones they did live. Doesn't sound like Artie is singing here, but the recording isn't very good:

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  8. peterpyser

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    Twisted Heart by Gino Vannelli
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  9. andrewskyDE

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    Not an announcement, but Kraftwerk often hinted they gonna remaster their first three albums sometime in the future.
    Der Katalog came up years ago... and still some puzzles are missing.
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    Hope in 2019 we gonna get this.
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    For every album era and tour Coldplay brought out a live album* and sometimes related video material, except in the X&Y period.
    They planned to release a DVD with the title How We Saw The World, containing a concert in Toronto from the Twisted Logic Tour (2005).
    The DVD was cancelled, but eventually the concert was released online on HD streams.

    *Though no full live album from the Parachutes era, I include the Norwegian Live EP here. (And maybe A Head Full Of Dreams gets a live album counterpart soon?)
  12. Strat-Mangler

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    As well as a new 2-channel mix.
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  13. ostrichfarm

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    Re-releases of Boards of Canada's early albums, and/or the "early years" box set that was once strongly rumored, but never came to be.
  14. Beamish13

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    Dr. Dre also announced an unmade film project called Revolver very frequently circa 2003-2008
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  15. EdwinM

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    Pub songs and rebel songs. Can't imagine Bono doing Poor Paddy, the Fields of Athenry or Whiskey in the Jar. Better leave that to Shane McGowan
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    I remember seeing the full page ad for this never to be released CD either in Goldmine or Discoveries mags back in 1997. I would have bought it had it come out. It has the same clam-shell packaging as the 1997 30th anniv. Pink Floyd - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn mono CD.
  17. wildstar

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    Back in IIRC late 1995 a double disc Cars comp came out that included about a dozen rarities. Inside the clamshell case was an advertisement for an upcoming 1996 release of an all demos CD called IIRC "Raw Hits". It was to include the entire first album in early pre-Elektra/pre-RTB demo form followed by a selection of other demos spanning the rest of their career. It never happened.

    ...but what did eventually happen was the "entire debut album in demo form" did come out as CD2 of a deluxe edition of the first album in IIRC 2000, except they couldn't find the demo for the first track of the album (perhaps the reason the "Raw Hits" CD never happened?) and ended up using a live recording for that song instead.

    ...and over the last couple of years they finally released expanded editions of the rest of their albums which included (what one would assume to be) all the tracks (and probably more) that were supposed to be released on the 'Raw Hits' CD from 1996 that never came out.

    Hard to say for sure though, since AFAIK there was no tracklisting announced for "Raw Hits" at the time, outside of the first 9 tracks.
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    Also All Things Must Pass from George Harrison.
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    The MFSL SACD catalog. Pick ten.
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    There are a few tracks from that unreleased album floating around (before it just became Paul Simon's solo album Hearts and Bones). I wonder if it was ever completely finished with Garfunkel's vocals on all tracks? I remember hearing the Think Too Much version of "Song About The Moon" and it's AMAZING with Garfunkel singing the bridge (The laughing boy / he laughed so hard ...)

    That was before my record buying days, but I can only imagine how big a disappointment that must have been if you were expecting it to come out and then it never did!
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  21. All Down The Line

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    Could You Walk On Water 1966
    Rolling Stones
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  22. John Fell

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    Someone posted an article in one of the Aftermath threads that it was never really considered for release.
  23. All Down The Line

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    Maybe but Oldham spoke of it publicly and Decca did also and photos were used.
  24. Usagi75

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    Laurie Anderson - Songs From Moby Dick (I was really curious about this album when it was announced. It never came out, though finally some of the songs appeared on 2001's Life On A String.)

    Harry Nilsson - Papa's Got A Brown New Robe (Nilsson's final album is now floating around and its not his best work, but still seems like it deserved a proper release.)

    The Slip (members of Edie Brickell & New Bohemians) - Give 'em the Slip (1997 album ultimately rejected by Geffen Records, a few songs have appeared on New Bohemians greatest hits compilations)
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