The big disappointment: announced but never released

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  1. Do we know that those early albums actually exist? Seeing as nothing from them has emerged, I've seen some suggestion that BoC just made them up to mess with collectors and completists.
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  2. veloso2

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    i'd like to hear the third real starbelly album!!!
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  3. ostrichfarm

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    I think so, or at least I've had confirmation from sources I feel are trustworthy. It'd be one heck of a troll job otherwise -- though I wouldn't put it past them to have one or two red herrings in the discography: calling an album Catalog 3 or Closes Vol. 1 already displays a kind of self-awareness on that front.

    My suspicion is that a lot of the stuff they've kept under wraps is banal and guitar-oriented. Certainly the "old tunes" we have are legit (and often great), but they're probably the best of those older tracks.
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  4. John Fell

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    Here is one example. This a summary of the article that someone read from over at IORR. I can't seem to find the original article.

    COULD YOU WALK ON THE WATER? is really a mysterious case. Was the whole thing a hoax ALO did just to get publicity? Actually if we look the way it was advertised in the press it was NOT the 'same' album later they would call AFTERMATH. Namely, they were stating that the album was to be released in 10th of March. We see the track list that does basically derive from the December 1965 sessions (and only five of the to be released in AFTERMATH). But The Stones did very profilic studio sessions in March 6-9, just prior the proposed relaese date. From those sessions we got such songs as as "Paint It Black", "Under My Thumb", "Out of Time" and "Lady Jane" that sound crucial to AFTERMATH and its single releases.

    There are possiblities. (1) One is that due the 'name problem' (like later with the war over the sleeve of BEGGARS BANQUET) the release of the new album (whatever it was called) was delayed, and since they made a very fruitful session 'while waiting' they decided to remake the content, and add new material (and skip some elder). (2) Then it is possible that they weren't satisfied with the material they had by then, and just decided to record some more. The title didn't have any role with it. (3) And finally, there is the option that it was all ALO's ********ting. The band didn't had any plan to release anything in March, but were still doing the material that finally was released in April under the name of AFTERMATH.
  5. bRETT

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    There's very little Garfunkel on the ones I've heard, aside from the solo part on "Moon." Whatever they really did record together has mostly not turned up.
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    Now that I'm thinking it, I wonder if I'm getting it mixed up and I actually just heard a live version of "Moon" with Garfunkel. I'm not sure if I ever heard an actual studio version of that song.

    Sadly, even if the S&G version of the full album exists, I don't feel optimistic it will ever be released. As far as I know, the only recent S&G studio recording is "Citizen Of The Planet" included on their 2004 live album (with such little fanfare that it seemed almost no one noticed). It would be so nice if they did another album, but last I heard they weren't even talking anymore and now Paul Simon looks like he's retiring.
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  7. akmonday

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    I saw that production and it was pretty disappointing so I wouldn't mourn the non-release of this. I do wish she'd release an Empty Spaces document though; that was a great show.
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  8. lordfalconer

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    You've covered my biggest one- The Fragile in 5.1 - allegedly finished for years but never released. I thought with the release of Deviations it must be imminent but nooo :shake:
    With Teeth already had a 5.1 release on the old Dual Disc but it'd be nice to have it done better. I don't really care for Year Zero or The Slip but would probably buy them in surround cause I apparently have nothing better to do with my life! (I'll refrain from the definitive vinyl of either though - got originals of both and can't really see a remaster making much of a difference to the fairly underwhelming music)

    I would literally murder for the remaster / vinyl set of both Machina I & II - better yet if Billy would let someone competent make surround mixes of both too :D
    He said recently that there was progress being made with the legal entanglements - hoping for loads of juicy demos. I remember there was an acoustic version of Wound online for a while that was nice. I'm hoping for a 5-6cd set as well as the DVD of the Metro show or that pre-Machina tour just prior to D'Arcy leaving.
    I don't ask for much :rolleyes:

    Re: Prince - I know Steven Wilson has broadly hinted he would love to mix Prince's stuff. I wish someone could make this happen as the production and mixing on Prince's stuff has often been a little sub par..which is such a shame given he's pretty much one of the greatest song writers that lived :sigh:
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  9. rstamberg

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    Simon & Garfunkel: THINK TOO MUCH (1983)
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  10. Prudence1964

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    McCartney was supposed to release a guitar instrumental album that never got done.
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  11. phillyal1

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    The demos that Ben Vaughn produced for Jeb Loy Nichols deserve an official release.
  12. rs4951

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    Got to be the Rod Stewart re-issue campaign by Rhino. Some came out but...
    Deluxe editions of Footloose, Blondes, Out or order, an outtakes double (stuff that did not fit on Sessions), collections of b sides and remixes..announced and prepped in 2008....still not heard.

    Separately, a single Rod song announced 1996 as forthcoming lead single then shelved where not even Rhino have it...his Pat Leonard produced cover of Time after Time.
  13. EricSwan

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    Unhappy with the wimpy, over-produced sound of "I Want You to Want Me" from their "In Color" album in 1977, Cheap Trick re-recorded the entire album with Steve Albini in 1997 to get his warts-and-all, "live in the studio" treatment. Funny that Kurt Cobain famously said that "Nirvana sounds like Cheap Trick, with louder guitars" and Albini produced Nirvana's raw, abrasive "In Utero" album in 1993. Cheap Trick has talked about the Albini sessions over the years, but the recordings remain officially unreleased except for various bootleg versions.

    I think the original "In Color" album produced by Tom Werman is great, except for "I Want You to Want Me" that would sound like a song for elementary school regardless of how it was recorded.
  14. Dodoz

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    Never really announced but at some point he was looking for a way to release soundboard tapes of live shows (as most SP shows were recorded from 1995 onwards). I would love to hear the soundboard tape of the show I attended in 1996 before I die...:angel: Especially given the stellar sound quality of the tapes he used for the "Aeroplane Flies High" reissue... That show was one of my best experiences ever.
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  15. JayB

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    "Wildflowers..All The Rest"

    Though I'm hopeful it will come out next year.
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  16. Antivenom9808

    Antivenom9808 Forum Resident

    Sam cooke tribute - 2004

    Dylan has sing on that
  17. pobbard

    pobbard The CD is a pretty good format (ducks)

    Andover, MA
    Levene did a kickstarter project a few year ago saying he planned to revisit the Commercial Zone project and "finish" it, and promoted it with clips from the original LP, but what he eventually issued were all-new, instrumental tracks with no relation to the original music (ever get the feeling you've been cheated? I did).

    The only releases this material has ever gotten are the original Commercial Zone and Commercial Zone: Limited Edition vinyl releases in 1983/4, both of which were unauthorized.

    BTW, the reason I added Commercial Zone to this thread was because it did receive a bit of press hype during the recording sessions, while John Lydon was actively involved, as being the next phase of PIL, etc. But when Levene and Lydon fell out, the project was scrapped, and instead we got This is What You Want... This is What You Get a year later.
  18. Antivenom9808

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    The David Crosby / Steven Soles / Linda McCartney reunion album back in the early 80's.

    The "Winter Lp" from U2 back in 2009/2010.

    "Stones Touring party" released by the Stones in 1972:

    1 - "All Down The Line"
    2 - "Bitch"
    3 - "Sweet Virginia"
    4 - "Tumbling Dice"
    5 - "Bye Bye Johnny"
    6 - "Rip This Joint"
    7 - "Gimme Shelter"
    8 - "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
    9 - "Uptight" / "Satisfaction"
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  19. HoratioH

    HoratioH Talk Sparks to me

    Sparks are the MASTERS of announcing projects never to follow through on them. Mai the Psychic Girl is the ur example, being cancelled depending on who you ask because of either Tim Burton pulling out for Nightmare Before Christmas or financial issues. I don't think it even made it out of preproduction. The movie Confusion was cancelled due to Jacques Tati's failing health, and even their Munching Meals the Mael Way cookbook was never completed.

    Sadly, it seems like the Seduction of Ingmar Bergman movie and Annette are going the same way. At least the Edgar Wright doc appears to be in production.
  20. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Forum Resident

    The title was stated by Oldham bs or not but whichever way you slice it a great story and something that could tangibly have been anticipated .
  21. Vaughan

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    John Cale's Caribbean Sunset was slated for a CD release - but that went away. These days the album gets a lot of criticism, but I owned it on Vinyl and always really enjoyed it. It's mad there are digital holes in his discography at this point.
  22. deredordica

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    Berlin's Pleasure Victim and Love Life. They don't need remastering, but I was looking forward to the bonus material...
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  23. Dylancat

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    Yea, what’s up with that.?
    I can only guess the reason why.......
    Pretty disappointing
  24. Dylancat

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    Cincinnati, OH
    Yea, that was a big dissapointment.
    Would’ve been a great release...
    Who knows....
  25. greenoort

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    not "announced", but I'd love to hear Springsteen's electric version of "Nebraska" he apparently recorded.
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