The big disappointment: announced but never released

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by no time, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Dennis Metz

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    There’s a loss:cheers:
  2. Cryptical17

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    In 1970 John Sebastian (of the Lovin’ Spoonful) was reported by Rolling Stone to be releasing a live album from the Isle of Wight Festival. While he did release the live album (CHEAPO CHEAPO REAL LIVE JOHN SEBASTIAN), it was comprised of a few smaller shows in California. I was initially disappointed because the Wight show was supposed to be spectacular. Overall it’s a fun record. And the cover photo IS from the Isle of Wight.
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  3. Nostaljack

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    I doubt that very much. He's constantly made people wait forever for albums. This is nothing new. Nothing has surfaced since 2005.

  4. Orthogonian Blues

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    I see what you mean. To think - back in the 70s, people thought that the two year wait for Songs In The Key Of Life was a long time!
  5. MJConroy

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    I thought it was "Hot Tracks and Cold Cuts". I used that for the title of my college radio show at the time.
    This article has some info: Cold Cuts (Paul McCartney album) - Wikipedia
  6. mtruslow

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    Neil is a Scorpio. He’s a control freak. Gemini’s just change their minds like the wind about everything says this Gemini.
  7. noahjld

    noahjld Der Wixxer

    Will be the same with “Carnival Of Light” and the long version of “ Helter Skelter”....
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  8. The Big Guy

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    The Who announced a 50th Anniversary Box Set (even soliciting material from fans that might be usable). That never happened.
    There was also mention of a Super Deluxe Sell Out for that album's 50th anniversary, which never materialized.
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  9. When it was first conceived, it was going to be a double album titled Hot Hitz and Kold Kutz, with one record being a greatest hits package and the other consisting of heretofore unreleased material. The “Hot Hitz” half morphed into Wings Greatest, while the Hot Hitz tracks continued to be worked on throughout the 80’s, with sone of them trickling out as b-sides, in movie soundtracks, and in the Archive series.

    Ah, yes, the Wikipedia article that you linked has basically the same info, although it is incomplete regarding all the different incarnations of Cold Cuts. I guess I should have read it before posting the above!
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  10. Future Nostalgia

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    The Blue Nile - High reissue (especially as I collected the first 3!)
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  11. Elliottmarx

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    It is stunning that this great film still hasn't been released on DVD. I can't imagine what the hold up can be.
    I remember when I was a kid and Siskel and Ebert showed clips and reviewed the movie on their television show. I was still several years too young (for me) to 'get' Laurie Anderson - and still I was held captive and intrigued by the images I saw on that show.
    Home of the Brave was playing in cinemas, at least in major cities.
    Why no re-release?
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  12. Eiricd

    Eiricd Forum Resident

    Ac Dc - rock or bust concert film
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  13. Wally Swift

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  14. soarer29

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    Whatever the Girl Talk album following All Day would have been.
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  15. georgwithoutane

    georgwithoutane Forum Resident

    On the subject of Queen: in 1996, on the Let Me Live CD single, there was an announcement that their complete BBC sessions would be released imminently. It only took 20 years for that album to materialize.
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  16. Brewmeister

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    Janet LaValley from Tribe was supposed to have a solo album that never materialized.
  17. melstapler

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    "Countryside Blvd" by Cheap Trick frontman Robin Zander instantly comes to mind. Aside from being released with some advance promo copies in circulation and as a download for less than a day, this album remains unreleased and was apparently shelved. This was intended to be his venture into modern country music, but it sounds much better. No songs about buffalos, rodeos, pickup trucks, dirt roads or big booties. This album actually of reminds me of Kasey Chambers meets the Traveling Wilburys.
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  18. Dark Horse 77

    Dark Horse 77 A Parliafunkadelicment Thang

    Definitely, it was Chicago that was filmed, was it not?
  19. walrus

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    Whatever happened there? I mean, it seemed for awhile like that whole thing at run its course, but it's been long enough now where it'd be kind of a fun novelty again.
  20. Son of Ziggy

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    The Stone Roses hyping a third album for several years to sell tickets to pay for their divorces..
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  21. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    Just today, Amazon cancelled my order for the new 2lp 45 rpm The Specials. Release date has been pulled.

  22. Beamish13

    Beamish13 Forum Resident

    I saw an original release 35mm print with Anderson and one of the producers at L.A.’s Cinefamily a number of years back. Neither of them said that there were definitive plans to release it on DVD. I’ve asked the WB Archive people on social media, and I believe they said that they do not own it. Such a shame for an incredible film to be neglected and I shown in its full glory
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  23. Beamish13

    Beamish13 Forum Resident

    I’m impressed by how nothing from any of those sessions has slipped out.

    Don’t most of the band members now have criminal records and/or have been accused of spousal abuse? Awful people

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