The big disappointment: announced but never released

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by no time, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Dark Horse 77

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    Not being a Prince expert, had it been released, would Roadhouse Garden have come out before or after Parade?

    Would Camille have been after Roadhouse?

    My guess is:

    1) Parade 2) Roadhouse 3) Camille

    Where would Dream Factory fit in?

    Prince was one prolific dude!
  2. opiumden

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    Still waiting for Spring 2014.
    "An expanded Blu-ray/DVD/digital release, is coming in Spring 2014 with tons of extra content, 5.1 surround sound, and more. Sign up at to be notified as soon as pre-orders go live.".
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  3. MartyGabriel

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    That would be because there isn't an original 5.1 mix for him to merely rebuild.
  4. Bertly

    Bertly formerly known as "Berty"

    Bryan Adams - 'Reckless' (SHM-SACD)

    Tom Petty - 'Wildflowers...All The Rest' was already mentioned.
  5. Fannymac

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    Cindy Bullens' "Reckless" album.......her third overall, second on Casablanca in 1980.
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  6. BlueGangsta

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    Roadhouse Garden was an album conceptualised in 1998, composed of tracks recorded/ updated around 1985 - 1986. It was not intended to be an album in the 80s.
  7. Dark Horse 77

    Dark Horse 77 A Parliafunkadelicment Thang

    Yes I know it was worked on in the late 90s (just when Prince could've used it, imo), I'm going by the recording sessions in the 80s. Parade came out in March or May 1986 and the the original recordings for Roadhouse date from 84-86 and if I remember correctly Camille was scheduled for late 86.
  8. Eobard Thawne

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    I've never heard the Sessions album but apparently the mixes are slightly different than the Anthology. I know there was a bootleg out there which I regrettably passed up 20 years ago.

    It's probably on youtube out there.
  9. octophone

    octophone fit and working again

    Nurse With Wound - "Automating 5 CD Boxset Ltd Ed." Given that the "Automating" series had only reached volume 3, this was presumed to be a five-disc set. Cue speculation as to the contents and whether or not discs 1 to 3 were the original "Automating" albums and if so, what would be on the other 2 discs.

    All moot, it seems. Announced as "Coming Soon" January 2018, 2 years later, nothing doing.
  10. Buckingham Nicks and Sheryl Crow’s self-titled shelved first album both need proper releases. It’s about time and they both are very well reviewed.
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  11. The Time Bandits soundtrack with the film mix of Dream Away is finally being released this month—almost 40 years after the film!
  12. lavalamp3

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    Wow, maybe there's hope for the Shanghai Surprise soundtrack yet!
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  13. longdist01

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    a few tracks popped up on YouTube in 2014 and 2016 of Remixed tracks from Badfinger's Headfirst Session, the last album with Pete Ham's involvement.

    This album was recorded by third lineup of Badfinger. Consisting now of Pete Ham, Mike Gibbins, Tom Evans and joined by a new keyboardist/guitarist named Bob Jackson ( of Indian Summer/ ROSS band). These four were coerced to write, and record an album within 10 days co-ordinated by bands wicked management. The Sessions were produced by Kenny Kerner & Ritchie Wise (of KISS fame) at Apple recording studios back on Saville Row in December 1974.

    After the new year of 1975 the material was quickly mixed to appease the bands label, but it was all turned down by Warner Bros and sat unreleased for several decades.

    Eventually a reissue was produced by Bob Jackson from his personal reel-to-reel tape copy of the Session Rough mix prepared by Phil Macdonald given to each member of the band back in '74.

    During those many decades Warner Bros could not locate the original multitracks Masters until a complete vault Inventory discovered them after Snapper release occured.
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  14. RadioheadMario

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    In an interview with Noel Gallagher sometime in 2015, he mentioned that Oasis was planning an official release of their 1996 knebworth gig to commemorate the 20th anniversary of that legendary performance. Sad to say it never happened.
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  15. CMcGeek

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    I think some of the tracks ended up on Tracks
  16. SJB

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    While thumbing through older posts, I stumbled upon this chestnut from @tootull:
    Jethro Tull – Heavy Horses: New Shoes Edition, 5-disc set (9 February 2018)
    It contains a quotation from Ian Anderson: "In the next few days, I will be listing to hundreds of hours of live tapes from various years going all the way back to the 70s. These all come from a huge collection I own and we are toying with the idea of putting out an album of basically VERY live sounding music. It will be like owning your own bootleg."
    The quoted interview is from 2017. So far, no sign of any live compilation, and from the way he describes the project, he doesn't appear to be talking about the concerts included with the Steven Wilson book sets.

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