The big disappointment: announced but never released

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  1. BryanW

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    I have the version with The Misunderstood tracks as I preordered it. The licensing glitch was discovered right away, and I ordered a second copy, but got the abridged version. I don't recall with certainty whether the artwork was updated, but that disk is in storage.
  2. Rhett

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    No, the artwork was not updated as far as my copy went. My copy had the artwork with all the tracks but the CD did not. I ordered it from amazon like maybe a year after it came out. Since then, I was able to get the full disc.
  3. jdrueke

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    Atlanta, Georgia
    I can't find anything to back it up, but I could have sworn a deluxe edition of Bob Marley & The Wailers "Babylon By Bus" was slated for release. It would have continued Universal's Deluxe Editions of his catalog.
  4. deadbirdie

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    Billy Corgan - Chicago Songs

    Also, pre-Gish SP archival material that was supposed to come out on vinyl, I believe.

    Plus the other SP/Billy stuff mentioned upthread.

    C’mon WPC!
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  5. Bob Dylan, Chronicles Volume 2.
  6. Colocally

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    Been mentioned earlier in the thread, but I can remember some mail order companies used to advertise in the back of Q magazine and for a few months they had this mysterious entry "Toy - New David Bowie Album". Which was a little bit of a surprise for me at the time (I wasn't online at this point in time). After a few months it wasn''t mentioned and I forgot about it and then a year later there was a big marketing campaign for Heathen. When I bought the Everyone Says Hi singles on CD so of the 60s remakes had (album version) next to them, which was weird as they weren't on an album. A year later, after getting onto the internet and finding some excellent Bowie sites, I finally found out the mystery of this "Toy" album.
  7. Lonson

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    My biggest disappointment was a two cd set of Duke Ellington's "A Drum is a Woman" that was announced, even pictured in a little card of Ellington titles tucked in a few Ellington Columbia cds, but never ever released. Big bummer for me.
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  8. craig4755

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    A few years back, Sundazed announced they were releasing many of the ventures albums on both LP and CD. I purchased most of what they had released on CD, and also purchased the Ventures in Space on LP. Unfortunately their run of re-releases ended before they got to Knock Me Out, most likely my favorite Ventures album
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  9. onionmaster

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    There was supposed to be a deluxe Natty Dread too. The "Kaya" and "Live" deluxes eventually came out after years of speculation, so here's hoping.
  10. BMac19

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    Ultimate Painting- Up!
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  11. Galactus2

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    Not sure if this was mentioned already, but we’re still waiting for The Cure in Orange that Robert Smith promised years ago.
  12. pobbard

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    Public Image Limited's Commercial Zone.
  13. evillouie

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    No one has mentioned the Vinnie Vincent box set. Definitely a sore subject for those who paid good money for it up front way back when.
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  14. Folknik

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    In 1968, Roger McGuinn did an interview with Hit Parader, announcing a double album that was to follow The Notorious Byrd Brothers. It was to be a chronological history of American music with one side of folk and bluegrass, one side of modern country, one side of rock, and a 4th side of spacey electronic music. Gram Parsons came into the band about that time, and he and Chris Hillman talked McGuinn into making a straight country album instead. As much as I love Sweetheart of the Rodeo, I was greatly disappointed that the proposed double album never happened. We did get the great Untitled a few years later, but it wasn't the project that McGuinn had a vision for in 1968.
  15. bRETT

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    That did come out, though it's tough to find anymore.
  16. Rob Hughes

    Rob Hughes Forum Resident

    The MFSL SACD hybrids of Frank Sinatra have been fabulous, but a couple of the best (In the Wee Small Hours, Come Fly With Me) were yanked before production and I presume we'll never see them. Which always bites me whenever I think about how great the released ones have been.
  17. pool_of_tears

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    By 1968/69, you could’ve practically compiled a set with Byrds songs fitting those molds. They pretty much covers those styles already...though it could’ve been interesting to hear such a concept with all new material
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  18. rocknsoul74

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    [QUOTE="dockofthebay, post: 19514659, member: 84073"
    Stevie Wonder has at least three albums due to be released over the past 5-10 years.[/QUOTE]

    Fullfillingness first finale 1975
    People move human plays 1983
    The Gospel of Lula Mae ???
    Through the eyes of wonder ????
  19. Ken K

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    I'm not familiar with the Simon & Garfunkel "Think Too Much". What time period was this supposed to be released in, before or after "Bridge Over Troubled Water"?
  20. bRETT

    bRETT Forum Resident

    Boston MA
    Way after. It was the album that turned into SImon's "Hearts & Bones". Garfunkel's parts were either erased or not recorded, depending on the account.
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  21. Ken K

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    Sayreville, NJ USA
    OK, that was the album where Simon erased all of Art's (guide?) vocals? Was it completed that is known, or just certain tracks done and then vocal parts erased?
  22. bRETT

    bRETT Forum Resident

    Boston MA
    Not known, there have been different accounts. Hardly any Garfunkel vocals from those sessions have surfaced.
  23. alylemoss

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  24. Ken K

    Ken K Forum Resident

    Sayreville, NJ USA
    Makes you wonder if the erasure story is an "urban myth". I know Paul can be difficult, but would he REALLY erase all of Art's work that went into the project? I would think at the very least, a rough mix of whatever was completed was made?
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  25. bRETT

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    What's certain is that they spent a long time working in the studio, and at least half of the songs were played live by S&G. Art did work out a lot of vocal parts, but there were loads of personal tensions and Paul didn't feel the sessions were going well. He did unceremoniously tell Artie (and the label) that it was now a solo album. The only thing we don't know is how much of S&G actually made it to tape-- Some have claimed they made most of an album, others say Art didn't record much.
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