The big disappointment: announced but never released

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  1. pool_of_tears

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    I highly doubt the vocals were erased. Instead, the vocals were turned off/potted down in the mix.
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  2. Diego Lucas

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    With this name, where´s volume 2?
  3. ponkine

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    Pink Floyd - The Wall Live DVD

    this is taken for "Comfortably Numb - A History of The Wall", by our great member Vernon Fitch and Richard Mahon. p244

    "... Lamden also edited The Wall concert videos that were shot at Earls Court in August of 1980. These videos were sent to Lamden in Los Angeles for editing right after the concerts, along with soundboard audio recordings of the shows. (...) Despite the problems, Lamden edited together a complete two-hour Wall live video, compiled from all the videos he received. Asked about this Wall video in 2004, Lamden stated 'The video is broadcast quality, and the audio feed, straight from James Guthrie's board, is excellent'.

    In 2003, all the Wall films in Roger Waters' possession were documented and archived for Waters by Nick Thompson, a film editor who worked with Waters on his solo live shows. When asked, in August 2004, if there were any plans to release the live Wall films, Waters said 'that could happen. I've been looking at some of the material over the last couple of weeks. It finally appeared out of the midsts of time from mixing and editing suite in Los Angeles and it doesn't look too bad. I think it's quite interesting historical document, so yeah, I think it will definitely become available at some point quite soon'"

    14 years on, and that "quite soon" moment never happened
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    Yeah, that one was real. JP wanted to do something during the 1970's and then for Coda, but there was never an actual project confirmed. However, there were articles in major publications during the spring of 1993 about a box set, pointing toward to 4th quarter release. Allegedly Plant did not sign off on the final product, but one has to assume he was on board for a period of time, otherwise there would not have been press about the project. One wonders how far JP got with the compiling/sequencing process before he had to abort that one.
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  5. Pizza

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    I’ll admit it. I did have a glimmer of hope back when George was on SNL that when they made their token offer for the other former Beatles to come down that one or more would show up before the end of the show.
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    Not sure if it was mentioned, but Rhinohandmade had a box set for J. Geils "'Live' Full House" ready to go several years ago, and it was pulled at the last minute because of a dispute with the band. That one still hurts.
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  7. Michael

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    Sundazed Records...announced on CD in the 90's The Smoke-The Smoke on Sidewalk records with bonus tracks...never came to fruition. I'm still wanting this title.
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  8. PacificOceanBlue

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    A few others:
    Sony Legacy had plans for a two disc version of Mahavishnu Orchestra's "The Inner Mounting Flame" that Billy Cobham rejected because of royalty rates. Legacy also announced a Legacy Edition for Janis Joplin and Big Brother's "Cheap Thrills," but it never appeared. There was supposed to be a Legacy Edition for Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Soul To Soul" that was to follow the "Texas Flood" Legacy Edition, but it also never appeared.
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  9. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    we were under the assumption that VOLUME 3 was a given...then they decided to kill the original official US Albums with the US BOX...
  10. pghmusiclover

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  11. munjeet

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    The follow up(s) to Guns N’ Roses- Chinese Democracy. Mentioned as being recorded, mixed & ready to go more than once over the years, but unlikely to ever see release now that the GN’Reunion has taken precedence.
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  12. dave-gtr

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    Before the first SCOOP album was released, Pete Townshend told me (via a letter) that he had a 10 LP Box set of demos sequenced and ready to release. A year later, SCOOP came out. What happened to the "other eight"?

    Formally, in Bucketful of Brains (indie/alternative 80's mag, one of the best) there was an ad for Midnight Music which listed THE SOFT BOYS:SINGLES lp. Given a catalog number, too. It was supposed to gather all the 7" mixes in chronological order. Never came out.
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  13. Walter Sobchak

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    I could swear Sigur Ros has scrapped two albums after completing them
  14. Walter Sobchak

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    What exactly has been the hang up? They insisted at the time of Doss’ death that the record was finished.
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    HA! No, it's not that. LOL is Laugh Out Loud. I wasn't laughing at you. :)

  16. veon

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    Is it too early to complain about the unreleased material that Jimmy Page promised would be released in 2018? No sight of it at this point.
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  17. Farmer Mike

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    I saw her on a tour she did with Mark Eitzel. around 1997 or so, during the meet and greet afterwords, she did not want to talk that record. A woman kept badgering her about it and things ended pretty quickly.
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  18. jimjim

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    U2 - Songs of Ascent. Was talked about a great deal during the 36o Degrees tour as "coming soon" (a la Zooropa) to the he point that the band started debuting its songs during some legs. Then...nada. Now you can see why us fans were sceptical over SoE (thank goodness it did come out!).

    VU -Bootleg Series Vol. 2. Several possible tapes were discussed for this but the project got nixed very quickly after Vol. 1 came out with not even a hint of what would have been next. I think the Boston Tea Party shows (late '68 to July '69) would have been the most likely Vol. 2 given that an unbelievable 4cd box featuring cleaned up 'remastered' versions of the shows suddenly appeared out of nowhere not long after it was cancelled.
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    Prefab Sprout (Paddy MacAloon) apparently has a few unreleased albums stashed away.

    "A career spanning" box set by The Who was almost released Round 3 years ago. The long thread on the forum about it occasionally resurfaces.
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  20. antiqueguy19001

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    The Sgt Pepper 50th edition, with Carnival of Light. A lot of people talked about it being on the album, but it was never actually included.
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  21. JozefK

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    The Bobby Fuller biopic that was rumored c. 1989 after the box office success of La Bamba
  22. SoundDoctor

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    Yeezus vinyl. They even had an artwork design ready.
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  23. Farmer Mike

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    Back in the 90's, I heard a interview with Henry Rollins during which he said he was looking to put together a Thin Lizzy/Phil Lynott tribute album. Never heard about it again.

    GLUDFSSR Senior Member

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    The Cars - self titled album on DVD-Audio in 5.1.
    Would have loved to have heard Moving In Stereo in 5.1
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  25. bataclan2002

    bataclan2002 All You Need Is Now.

    And his entire WB catalogue re-recorded...oh, wait. Never mind.:D
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