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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by 808_state, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. 808_state

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    The majority of threads related to the Charlies seemed to be closed so I am starting a new one. They've recently reissued both Wonderland and Up at the Lake on vinyl and I couldn't resist. They're on the way to me from Amazon UK and I can't wait. I have an original pressing of Up at the Lake but not yet a copy of Wonderland. In total this is what I have on vinyl:

    Some Friendly - UK OP
    Up to Our Hips - French OP
    The Charlatans - UK OP
    Tellin' Stories - UK OP & RE
    Us and Us Only - UK OP
    Melting Pot - UK RE

    I've loved this band since Some Friendly came out and even saw the last full show (in NYC) before Brooks collapsed at the next one. There is so much diversity from album to album and yet they make it look easy. I really hope they continue with the reissues...any other Charlie fanatics out there?
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  2. DumbMagician

    DumbMagician Well-Known Member

    Not a fanatic but I loved Between 10th & 11th back in the day. Strange inward-looking vibe on that album that continues to appeal. Would be down for a vinyl reissue as I have no means to play my original cassette anymore (and it's probably knackered anyway).
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  3. vinylontubes

    vinylontubes Forum Resident

    Katy, TX
    How does Some Friendly sound on vinyl? I have the CD. I don't recall ever seeing vinyl here in the US. I'd be tempted if there was a re-issue of that album.
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  4. 808_state

    808_state Former Resident Thread Starter

    I thought it sounds good overall but I ended up buying three copies each having its own issues so I let it go for a while. I'd love a good reissue.
  5. 808_state

    808_state Former Resident Thread Starter

    I've still got my original CD the time I was expecting Some Friendly 2.0 and was quite jarred by how different 10/11 was. I came to appreciate with time...still though I think Up to Our Hips and the self-titled are my favorites. I would cherish a vinyl issue of Songs from the Other Side.
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  6. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    I only have "Charlatans", the original UK double vinyl. Saw "Wonderland" and "Up At The Lake" and was surprised that they reissued them. Unfortunately the artwork looked strange. I've never seen originals so I was wondering if the photos are supposed to be a little bit veiled.
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  7. Downsampled

    Downsampled Formerly PlusMinus

    I love this band. Saw them at what might have been their first US show, and a couple times after that. They have such a big, interesting body of work -- far more than what any reasonable person would have expected back when their first album came out. I've heard various CDs but I've never picked up on any obvious differences between different versions, i.e. US, UK, Japan, etc.

    Anyhow, I think this thread is about vinyl, and I don't have any, so I'll stop there. ;)
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  8. Beaker73

    Beaker73 Forum Resident

    I have the german pressing and it sounds really good, deep and a wide soundstage, like it’s AAA. Only bummer is that The Only One I Know is not on it.
  9. moomaloo

    moomaloo Forum Resident

    I have Some Friendly on vinyl - with the original thick pvc outer sleeve. It's a great album but I don't think I explored them any further...
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  10. rpc_2_uk

    rpc_2_uk Forum Resident

    The early 12" singles can still be bought at a good price. Loads of excellent b-sides and non album tracks on those.
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  11. 808_state

    808_state Former Resident Thread Starter

    Oh no, cd's were my first intro to the Charlatans so fire away on how any medium sounds to you or even compares. I've probably bought Some Friendly three to four times on compact disc due to college, selling or loaning out discs. One of my favorite cd's is the Over Rising single. It used to be sort of a game for me to see if I could find a Charlies disc I didn't own every time I went to a new area with a different music store. Or just to see if a shop had more of their stuff than rack neighbor Tracy Chapman:D
  12. modrevolve

    modrevolve Forum Resident

    I was at the show Jon collapsed at in Philly..such a nice guy whom I met on a few occasions. Still heartbroken about that.

    Just picked up a vinyl copy of Some Friendly on a trip to Edinburgh last week.
  13. 808_state

    808_state Former Resident Thread Starter

    The original LP cover looks pretty much like a blown up CD insert as well so nothing nefarious going on. I'm really curious to compare the sound.
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  14. 808_state

    808_state Former Resident Thread Starter

    The Bowery show was so uneventful and "normal" that it truly was a shock to hear about the next one. It really made me appreciate what I had just seen. Brookes was a top drummer with excellent timing.
  15. Jim B.

    Jim B. Forum Resident

    They were right place right time for the Manchester baggy scene of the late 80's/early 90's (along with the Roses, Mondays etc) and were one of a few bands who successfully transitioned into the Britpop era.

    The second album is very good though so if you like the first then check that out.
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  16. modrevolve

    modrevolve Forum Resident

    he started the wrong song then looked up in the air and just stared into space..the band was laughing thinking he was joking around then he collapsed. We had just seen the maxwells show down front and it was an incredible night. finally saw stuff like White Shirt live.
  17. funknik

    funknik He who feels it.

    Gorham, ME, USA
    I had a copy of the US LP I picked up years ago at Goodwill for $1. It sounded good and I liked the music, but ultimately jettisoned the record. Every once in a while I get a hankering to listen.
  18. vette442

    vette442 Forum Resident

    May I show off a little on this one? I was lucky to buy these fantastic-sounding UK originals from one of my local indie shops around '92-'95 as they came out. I think I got some of the singles for $2.50 each in like-new condition. I also had the Tremolo Song 12", the 1995 s/t 2LP and the 7" singles for Crashin' In and two others, but I'm not seeing them in my vinyl boxes - I must have sold them years ago and kept the CDs/limited CD box sets (they had several of those that were nicely done).


  19. rancher

    rancher Unmade Bed

    Not all in as a fanboy, but I always loved the first two albums and that hard grind of an organ sound ... I have not listened to anything post Rob Collins, though, and don;t have any of this on vinyl
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  20. hamicle

    hamicle Forum Resident

    Dundee, Scotland
    I picked up a UK original vinyl of ‘Some Friendly’ not too long ago and liked how it sounded - really nice balance to the rhythm section in the mix, didn’t sound quite as hemmed in as some British Indie bands if that era can.

    My preferred era is the self-titled through to ‘Wonderland’, but I’m all CD (plus a couple of cassette versions bought at the time) for that run.
  21. rpc_2_uk

    rpc_2_uk Forum Resident

    Up At The Lake and Modern Nature are worth checking out - both available on vinyl. Modern Nature got played constantly in my house when it came out - a great laid back summer vibe to the album.
  22. 808_state

    808_state Former Resident Thread Starter

    I had to get my first copy of Up at the Lake from Japan...not too common in the states. I like everything through Cross my Path but really prefer Tim's vocals when he lets his voice crack ala "How High".
  23. Downsampled

    Downsampled Formerly PlusMinus

    The Over Rising and Me. In Time EPs are fabulous from that early era. I was in Oakland/Berkeley at the time and picked up a bunch of import singles at Rasputin's and Leopold's back then. "Opportunity Three" is really great.
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  24. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    I still have all of my Charlatans vinyl from back in the day too. I have all of those apart from Isolation and Up To Our Hips on vinyl. I did go to buy it on day of release but the cassette was on offer very cheap and I bought that instead! I had very little money then. It's my favourite Charlatans album.

    I really like Between 10th and 11th too. I saw them on that tour. Good memories. I also loved the usually ignored Me In Time single and still do. I lost interest in them after Tellin' Stories. That one was OK but nowhere near as good or interesting as the earlier albums to me.
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  25. 808_state

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