The Church - any of the congregation here? (Part Two)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Remington Steele, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. "Into my Hands"

    Rarely mentioned, but such an amazing tune.

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  2. heyday2day

    heyday2day Forum Resident

    For some reason I am not able to quote. I'm all in on an album by album thread. Great discography that deserves to be discussed in detail. Would love to participate!

    Regarding the upcoming tour...... I was just discussing their upcoming appearance at SXSW with my better half. If they are playing a full show, not a showcase, we will be there. If just a showcase I plan to travel to catch them somewhwere else. What an amazing band.
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  3. JeffMo

    JeffMo Format Agnostic

    New England
    Ploog's drumming really stood out to me on SC, something I hadn't noticed previously and don't typically on Church songs.
  4. craigobau

    craigobau Forum Resident

    London, England
    Just before Christmas, the band made the new song "Xmas" available for free download from their Soundcloud page. Not sure if it's still available, but worth checking out as it's a really good track.

    Just need them to release Marine Drive now (which you can't get at the moment other than if you buy the vinyl version of Further Deeper).
  5. heyday2day

    heyday2day Forum Resident

    I've been patiently (well, sort of) awaiting the U.S. release on 2-3. As much as I wanted to order it, I couldn't justify the shipping costs from Australia. The vinyl looks tasty with several tracks not on the cd, like #23. I'll get both. Can't wait.

    Now, who's going to lead the album by album thread? :D
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  6. I'd love to but I lack the ability to write a few paragraphs about each song (it seems that album by album threads here on SH are always started by highly literate fans who compose several sentences about each song, lol!).
  7. soundfanz

    soundfanz Forum Resident

    Well.....I received my vinyl release of Further/Deeper this morning, and I'm happier than a pig in ****.
    Quiet, flat and great sounding. Both records came in inner sleeves with heaps of pics of the band on each, I transferred the vinyl straight away to poly sleeves.
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  8. Guy E

    Guy E Senior Member

    Antalya, Turkey
    I got a pair of tickets for the Bowery Ballroom show as well so we'll be going two nights in a row, Bowery Ballroom and Rough Trade.

    We shared a table at the Highline Ballroom with a fan who'd come to NYC from Belgium to see the Future Past Perfect tour... we've kept in touch on Facebook. He can only stay in NYC for the Friday show so I thought we'd join him. Two nights in a row should be fun.
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  9. JeffMo

    JeffMo Format Agnostic

    New England
    Anybody getting the physical product today? I'm going to try Newbury Comics when they open (this release wasn't in their weekly newsletter about upcoming releases unfortunately).

    I'm having a New Release Day party for the band in my home office. Started the day with Sometime Anywhere, and now have Parallel Universe on for the first time in ages!
  10. morgan1098

    morgan1098 Forum Resident

    I was hoping to pick up the CD at my local indie, but it wasn't listed on their weekly new release Facebook post, either. :(
  11. Guy E

    Guy E Senior Member

    Antalya, Turkey
    I'd love to hit Manhattan's last remaining record shop and see it on display, but I doubt they'd have it on the day of release. I'll probably order on-line.

    I've always enjoyed the after everything now this outtakes on Parallel Universe. I put together a CDR titled now this (after everything else). Numbers (soft mix), Undo and Oxydental from the Numbers CD-single followed by the six outtakes from Parallel Universe.
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  12. morgan1098

    morgan1098 Forum Resident

  13. heyday2day

    heyday2day Forum Resident

    I'm making the 30 minute trek into Austin today to pick up the vinyl and cd. Have a road work trip this week, will be spending a lot of time with the new set. I'm excited. It's almost like I'm a kid again!
  14. JeffMo

    JeffMo Format Agnostic

    New England

    I called Newbury Comics and they have a bunch in their computer system, but none have been delivered to the warehouse yet. Now I have the "iTunes + vinyl order" at Amazon vs "wait for cd" dilemna. Unfortunately it isn't an Amazon auto rip title or that would settle the debate right there.
  15. JeffMo

    JeffMo Format Agnostic

    New England
    That sounds like a great cdr Guy!

    I've done a similar thing before making a giant iTunes playlist with AENT, both PU discs, plus Numbers b-sides, then hit shuffle!
  16. heyday2day

    heyday2day Forum Resident

    Though Waterloo advertised that it was among their new releases, I was told when I got down there that there was a hiccup and it wasn't in. So I called End of an Ear (my fave place to hunt used vinyl) and they got the cd in but they too had a hiccup, but just with the vinyl. Anyway, drove the 2 miles over and got the cd for $8.99. They are going to call when the vinyl comes in. Will start listening tonight (had kids with me or would have already put it in, but The Church is kind of a personal thing with me. I need to be alone with it). Looking forward to it.
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  17. JeffMo

    JeffMo Format Agnostic

    New England
    Maybe Kilbey is swimming across the ocean with a crate of records on his back! Church Merch is trying to cut those high export shipping rates for us.
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  18. heyday2day

    heyday2day Forum Resident

    I ordered several things from Church Merch over the years but it seems that shipping costs from there have risen considerably since my last purchases a few years back. I hope they do. I'd rather buy direct from the band but those shipping costs are outrageous. Came close to pulling the trigger, swallowing the shipping costs a few times but just couldn't do it. Tough wait.

    I've listened a couple of times and like most Church albums, it will reveal itself over time. Definitely a different feel-sound than 23. Less immediate because of it and I find that exciting. Think this band is one of the top bands of all time and perhaps THE top band ever in terms of quality of catalog vs length of time. I'm
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  19. heyday2day

    heyday2day Forum Resident

    having issuesposting this message. :)
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  20. AlienRendel

    AlienRendel Forum Resident

    Chicago, il
    I'm waiting until the tour comes to town and assuming I will be able to pick up a copy of the LP then.
  21. BadJack

    BadJack doorman who always high-fives children of divorce

    Boston, MA
    Good points. I feel like I've only recently come around to "Sometime Anywhere" and that album's 21 years old! But "Untitled" took me a bit as well, so I almost feel that I should withhold judgment until 2020 on the new one.

    That said, I got "Further/Deeper" in the mail this morning and listened to it on a snowy drive into work. Sounded pretty good to me.
  22. Levitated

    Levitated Forum Resident

    Littleton, MA
    I have been living with the FLAC download from the Church site for a few months now. I think I'll hold off on the vinyl until the Cambridge show. Who knows maybe they'll have some signed copies at the merc table like for Untitled!! Loving the new album by the way, really looking forward to the show!

    Which reminds me, any Forum members heading to the Cambridge show still interested in a pre or post show beer? Still plenty of time to decide.:cheers:
  23. slipkid

    slipkid Senior Member

    Just got the new album in the mail today. Ordered a couple others that I had been meaning to pick up for a few years as if I can just get time to listen to them all....hopefully next week!
  24. EasterEverywhere

    EasterEverywhere Forum Resident

    Some fascinating discussion here.
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  25. 1970

    1970 Forum Resident

    Oregon USA
    Thanks for posting this. Two of my favorites. Enjoyed it very much.


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