The Cure - Mixed Up (3CD) Remaster

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    Although the Record Store Day has the LP releases, there will be a 3cd remaster of this also:

    The Cure have announced an expanded, remastered edition of their 1990 remix album Mixed Up. The band revealed on Twitter a three-disc deluxe edition remastered by frontman Robert Smith, due out June 15. The album is currently available for pre-order on Amazon UK.

    The band have yet to officially share the tracklisting, but long-running Cure fansite Chain of Flowers shared the tracklisting for the upcoming release. The first disc features a remaster of the original album, the second has “Mixed Up Extras,” and the third is “Torn Down: Mixed Up Extras.” Check out the complete tracklisting below.
    The Cure Announce 'Mixed Up' Three-Disc Deluxe Edition - GENRE IS DEAD!

    DISC ONE : Mixed Up – Remastered 2018
    01: Lullaby – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster ( 7:43 )
    02: Close To Me – Closer Mix – 2018 remaster ( 5:44 )
    03: Fascination Street – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster ( 8:47 )
    04: The Walk – Everything Mix – 2018 remaster ( 5:27 )
    05: Lovesong – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:19 )
    06: A Forest – Tree Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:55 )
    07: Pictures of You – Extended Dub Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:41 )
    08: Hot Hot Hot!!! – Extended Mix – 2018 remaster ( 7:01 )
    09: The Caterpillar – Flicker Mix – 2018 remaster ( 5:40 )
    10: Inbetween Days – Shiver Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:22 )
    11: Never Enough – Big Mix – 2018 remaster ( 6:07 )

    DISC TWO – Mixed Up Extras 2018 : Remixes 1982-1990
    01: Let’s Go To Bed (Extended Mix 1982 – 2018 remaster) ( 7:44 )
    02: Just One Kiss (Extended Mix 1982 – 2018 remaster) ( 7:15 )
    03: Close To Me (Extended Remix 1985 – 2018 remaster) ( 6:31 )
    04: Boys Don’t Cry (New Voice Club Mix 1986 – 2018 remaster) ( 5:29 )
    05: Why Can’t I Be You? (Extended Mix 1987 – 2018 remaster) ( 8:07 )
    06: A Japanese Dream (12″ Remix 1987 – 2018 remaster) ( 5:47 )
    07: Pictures of You (Extended Version 1990 – 2018 remaster) ( 8:06 )
    08: Let’s Go To Bed (Milk Mix 1990 – 2018 remaster) ( 7:13 )
    09: Just Like Heaven (Dizzy Mix 1990 – 2018 remaster) ( 3:42 )
    10: Primary (Red Mix 1990 – 2018 remaster) ( 7:10 )
    11: The Lovecats (TC & Benny Mix 1990 – 2018 remaster) ( 4:39 )

    DISC THREE – Torn Down : Mixed Up Extras 2018
    01: Three Imaginary Boys – Help Me Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:21 )
    02: M – Attack Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:07 )
    03: The Drowning Man – Bright Birds Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:29 )
    04: A Strange Day – Drowning Waves Mix by Robert Smith ( 5:05 )
    05: Just One Kiss – Remember Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:57 )
    06: Shake Dog Shake – New Blood Mix by Robert Smith ( 5:11 )
    07: A Night Like This – Hello Goodbye Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:24 )
    08: Like Cockatoos – Lonely In The Rain Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:49 )
    09: Plainsong – Edge Of The World Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:33 )
    10: Never Enough – Time To Kill Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:34 )
    11: From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea – Love In Vain Mix by Robert Smith ( 6:21 )
    12: Want – Time Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:44 )
    13: The Last Day of Summer – 31st August Mix by Robert Smith ( 5:44 )
    14: Cut Here – If Only Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:25 )
    15: Lost – Found Mix by Robert Smith ( 3:59 )
    16: It’s Over – Whisper Mix by Robert Smith ( 4:54 )

    It's being released on June 15

    Looking forward to it:

  2. AlanDistro

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    Sandy, OR
    Too bad their recent remasters have all sounded pretty bad. I'm still tracking down original CD singles for all of their remixes and b-sides.
  3. DetroitDoomsayer

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    Detroit, Michigan
    I'll give it a B for effort, but Robert still missed out on including five 1982-1990 original 12" mixes.
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  4. jimhb

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    Denver, CO, USA
    I am very interested in Torn Down. I may get the pic disc next Saturday to see how it sounds...
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  5. Purple Jim

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    Little Britain
    Aren't they in the Join The Dots box?
  6. DetroitDoomsayer

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    Detroit, Michigan
    Second check reveals there are still 4 original 12" mixes uncollected (from the second disc's designated time period). Join The Dots does have the Hey You!!! (extended mix) as it was a b-side.

    Still missing:

    PRIMARY (12" mix 1981) 5:56
    THE LOVECATS (extended version 1983) 4:37
    IN BETWEEN DAYS (extended mix 1985) 3:55
    PICTURES OF YOU (extended remix 1990) 8:07

    and out of those, only POY has been on CD. I'll up my grade to a B+ :D
  7. MGSeveral

    MGSeveral Forum Resident

    In between days?

    Never heard a longer (or shorter) version...
  8. Teufelzkerl

    Teufelzkerl Forum Resident

    One of my favourite discs, cool thing and great remixes! So far all deluxe editions by Smith sound superb to my ears, so I'll have to grab this.
  9. moni

    moni Forum Resident

    Pictures of You (Extended Version 1990) is on this disc 2 track 7.
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  10. moni

    moni Forum Resident

  11. DetroitDoomsayer

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    Detroit, Michigan
    Whoops, missed it by that much. Shall we go with an A- :)

    edit: No, I think I'll go back down to my original grade, because it seems like there's no excuse to exclude three original 12" mixes. :)
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  12. MGSeveral

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  13. C4rl

    C4rl Forum Resident

    Great album, ordered :righton:
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  14. SteveCooks

    SteveCooks Forum Resident

    Great stuff !

    I miss some of my 12" I gave to a friend when I was in my Beach Boys/Brian Wilson years... That's a pity because The Cure offered great mixes and the sound was the best with these 12". I wonder what sound will give the RSD vinyls but I'm sure that they can't be beaten.

    Nevertheless I think I will buy this set !

    "In Between Days" and "Primary" 12" are not the best of the bunch anyway. The Love Cats is not that creative too but I love the double bass only track that is enlightened here, so I would have kept it if space would have allowed it (which could be the reason why those mixes - that I still have on vinyl :thumbsup: - went away.)
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  15. Jimmy Agates

    Jimmy Agates Forum Resident

    I wish they'd hurry up and do Wish!
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  16. Maurice

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    North Yarmouth, ME
    I'm absolutely picking this up and I'm psyched that it will include these long OOP mixes but I wonder what happened to the Mixed Up 2 remix album project featuring other artists contributing their mixes of Cure tracks. Mogwai already submitted their version of Faith and I believe the Cranes and The Twilight Sad were also supposed to have participated.
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  17. jimod99

    jimod99 Daddy or chips?

    Vienna, Austria
    Amazon UK has a listing for an lp release, of both Mixed Up and Torn Down, on 15 June, so it looks like, as with last years RSD releases, both albums will get a regular release.
  18. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    Curious on the sibilance issues on that 12 Pictures of You Alan. Think I'm going to skip this one- if I enjoy the 'Smith' remixes I may bite.
  19. smokeverbs

    smokeverbs Forum Resident

    Detroit, MI, USA
    While it would be nice to have a complete 12" singles collection, "Primary" and "Inbetween Days" are inessential. I'd like to have the extended "Lovecats" though. I'm morbidly curious about the new mixes.
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  20. SonicBob

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    West Virginia
    Thanks so much for sharing the track listing and the release date, I saw something last night about this but didn't completely read about it. I'm looking forward to obtaining this release and can't wait to hear some of the newer remixes on the 2 companion discs. :righton:
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  21. SammyJoe

    SammyJoe Up The Irons!

    Yes, it was confirmed in the news. Which is good as I passed the last years RSD picture-vinyl releases and bought both regular editions instead.
    Im gonna get the 3cd-edition aswell.
  22. jeffmo789

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    New England
    Made. My. Day.

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  23. dobyblue

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    I'm glad to see that 3rd CD tracklisting and take solace that I won't have to suffer through a picture disc vinyl release to hear it, hopefully the remastering is not too heavy.
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  24. Runicen

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    I'm on board for this. Hoping it also means that the reissue campaign will actually continue so we can get the complete run of albums, though I know these aren't universally regarded as the apex of sonic presentation...
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  25. negative1

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    I hope they delay it forever, Wish was around the time i gave up on the cure. All the singles, the album,
    and everything else was a total letdown. I'm surprised they didn't break up after that.

    Anyways, all their real work and albums was done way before they ever got to it. And deluxe versions
    have been out for ages.

    The fact this is getting released feels like they're just wrapping things from the past up, and be done with it.


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