The Eagles MOFI One Step

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Beatleboy1968, Jul 30, 2021.

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    Dying to know what you think!
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    then she will say to sell them
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    I am not convinced technology has improved. Audiophile pressing and vinyl is probably better than what would have been used for the first release, though.
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    Unfortunately, the Customer Reps at Music Direct are notoriously kept in the dark.

    There is stock becoming available. I'm also surprised both titles are being shipped. That's a $260, hole in the old music budget this month. Not at all expected.
    Like an earlier post...Honey, MD shipped both Eagles One Steps, can you pick up an extra shift this week?
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    That would work with my wife, for sure. haha
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    That is correct. The only promo label issue of the debut is a crappy-sounding mono fold down.

    The original stock Asylum label is confusing to many people who think it's a "white label promo".
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    Years ago, on his web site, Tom Port claimed that the first issue of the Eagles first album differed from all other issues and that (paraphrasing) 'it would never sound like that again'. Anyone know what this is about? Is there some early version that used a different master?
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    No idea, I wouldn't even have a clue on what a 1st would even be.
    I have an old Presswell
    besides the cat # E, both sides
    etched 'side 1' , looks like H7 maybe
    etched 'side 2' , looks like a A something, I can't make it out.
    5.98 price code on spine
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    they’re beautiful
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    I agree - and I always treat my Wife to regular a new bag and belt every few months........(that way, the Hoover will always keep the house clean whilst she does her chores!).....
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    Tom Port? :laugh:

    Best to disregard his non-stop stream of BS.
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    lol, not sure which thread I should put this in, we'll start here .. probably will end up getting in trouble for cross posting
    As I stated in one of threads, I don't have a reference disk to compare against. And, this isn't a play regularly record that I know like the back of my hand.
    1) Dead quiet everywhere but at the beginning 10 seconds or so of side 3 which has some schmootz on it that did not brush off but will likely go away with an ultrasonic bath.
    2) If the OG sounds better I would be shocked. The separation, detail and band member focus are excellent and well balanced.
    3) Maybe a smidge bright for my taste, but that is just as likely to be the source material. There is plenty of bass, it just has a little crispiness on top.

    This is what I want expensive pressings to sound like. I could get ultra picky about 30 seconds of Nightingale has an odd distortion in the left guitar. But I need to stream that to compare.
    Peaceful Easy Feeling is on right now. The vocals are incredibly clear. The lead and background singing and each instrument is easily found and placed. I think SRV Couldn't Stand the Weather is still the best sounding One Step I have. But this sounds really really good.

    EDIT: I went to stream HD Witchy Woman from Amazon .. it sound like ass, so it was pointless to compare streaming to this record. Sorry, I don't have anything to do a real comparison with.

  14. jmcecil

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    Just to add to my comments. The SRV sounds like he is live in the room a lot of the record. The Eagles sounds like a super produced slick record. There are only a few times in the record that you feel like the band is "here". Again though, different type of record with different types of songs. I didn't expect that "you are there" kind of vibe. But it is immersive and has a great full presence.

    Another goofball thing .. I listen in multi-stereo 90% of the time. I forgot, and was diggin the **** out of surround Eagles :p But, then I realized that wouldn't do you guys any good, so I started over.
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  15. jmcecil

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    Woe .. Desperado is a mixed bag to me. Not my cup of tea musically, but my wife loves the first few Eagles records :)
    Not as quiet as The Eagles, but that is vinyl lottery. It's still quiet, but there is a touch of rumble. You can't hear it except when there is no playing. Your copies could end up the opposite.

    Side 1: Doolin Dalton, Twenty-One, Out of Control. I don't like the sound at all. Sounds distorted/hyped. Sound stage is narrow and pinched.
    I was kind of getting ready to be disappointed but then ...
    Side 2: Tequila Sunrise, Desperado. WAY better than side 1 sonically. But still not as audiophile as most of The Eagles until it got to Desperado. Desperado strings were very lush though. It kind of got better and better as side 2 progressed.
    Side 3: Certain Type of Fool, Doolin Dalton again, Outlaw Man, Saturday Night. OK, now we're talking. This is back to awesome sounding. Wide stage, excellent instrument focus, very rich sounding.
    Side 4: Bitter Creek, Doolin Reprise. Continues to be excellent like Side 3. Big stage, rich acoustic tones.

    I need to go back and figure out if Side 1 just needs cleaning, if it's damaged or just how the songs are. If it's damaged, it is subtle.
    I give disk 2 a total win.

    My 2 cents :) Can't wait for everyone to get their copy and tell me what an idiot I am!
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    I thought standard practice back in the days was to create copies of the master to send to the various pressing plants. So an OG isn’t from the master, by default.
    Where these MoFis are from the master?

    not a “technology” advancement but a process improvement for sure
  17. ggergm

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    There is one difference in technology. The One-Step process eliminates a whole positive>negative cycle of copying the lacquer.

    I bet the improvement will go beyond that.

    Back in the good ol' days, the only difference between a WLP version of an album and later first pressings was the white label. The stampers all came from the same mother. For a popular band, and Asylum was promoting The Eagles heavily even when they were unknowns (I remember, growing up in Los Angeles), the quantity of albums pressed was more important than their quality. That was equally true for both the promo and general release versions of albums 50 years ago. Slowing down the manufacturing process, spending more time cutting the lacquer, not running a stamper until it is totally used up, working in a clean room environment, using quality vinyl, all of these things and more will be done with these Eagles pressings. Heck, much of that is done today even with a 3,000 LP standard pressing for a run-of-the-mill band. This kind of quality wasn't important for WLP versions of records back when.
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    From MoFi's Instagram

    Eagles’ self-titled debut and Desperado UltraDisc One-Step box sets have started shipping. If you’ve already placed a preorder on our site, check your email for a shipping notification this week!

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    I got my notice that Desperado is on it's way.
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    Did you order from Mofi?
    Was told today that in this case, Mofi orders will ship first, then MD orders that bought both titles, then MD individual title orders.
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    I ordered both of these. Can’t wait.
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    You wouldn't believe the price for one in Canada compared to buying in the US. I will have both Eagles 1 steps soon. Looking forward to it.
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  23. bajaed

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    Any more listening impressions?
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    Can it compete with the price at the official Mofi reseller in France? A whopping 199€ for a single One Step release. (235 US$ Or 298CAD at today’s exchange rates). It certainly pays of to order them in the US + shipping costs + import duties.
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    Not really. Tom is correct in that the original S/T Eagles album (white label, but not a WLP) was the only pressing to utilize the master tape. The later pressings with blue sky labels sound like crap in comparison. It was believed that the master tapes were long misplaced or destroyed. So it will be interesting to hear from people who compare the One Step against the original pressing. I took a chance as I believe MFSL would not have issued a One Step without the actual master. We shall see (or hear). Sonically bettering the original will be a tough task. I will report back when I receive my copy.
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