The extra wide lp mailers appear to be a thing of the past

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    For a good number of years, Amazon, import CDs, and others were using the extra-long LP mailers. these are the ones that are a few inches wider than the LP record in one dimension and about the size of an LP record in the other dimension.

    But as of last year sometime it seems that everyone is gone to more traditional LP mailers. These are standard square-shaped mailers. I'm wondering if this was done for cost, or they just decided that the extra wide mailers weren't useful or necessary.
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    I assume you're talking about the Pratt mailers..Prices on those have skyrocketed to usually around $1.50/box. Even if you buy in bulk directly from Pratt the price is really high.

    I can buy the regular square mailers with 12" pads for around 50c per box.

    So yea it's really cost prohibitive to use the Pratt mailers.

    Even the whiplash mailers are crazy expensive unless you have the capacity to buy and store 1000 at a time. Which is not feasible for most people.
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