The Feuding Zappas

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jeff Kent, Apr 29, 2016.

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    Of all places, we saw Dweezil on Wife Swap (TV show) he came across way down to earth and the show tries to demonstrate that to a fault.I tend to relate to him more than the show's conclusion .Would love see him (SOLO) live one day! Saw Beer For Dolphins (great show) and the recipients of those two CDs mentioned were quite surprised! Not every day you buy a CD as a gift just to have right there at the checkout someone that is on that Disc and personalize it to the people getting it,right? not just an autograph.:D
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    I've got the Barking Pumpkin version, which I bought when it came out. "I Want A Yacht" actually got a fair amount of airplay on the local station at the time.
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  3. Dillydipper

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    Almost like that "Marshal McLaren moment" in Annie Hall...only with more poodles!
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  4. marblesmike

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    It's easy to side with DZ when most of what we know about this legal dispute is what he's claiming publicly.

    I hope they can iron this out so the family can collectively work to preserve the legacy of their father's music, because at the end of the day, that's what should matter most, whether it's through love performances or vault releases.
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  5. UglyPineapple

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    All I knew of the feud came from Dweezil speaking publicly. Than Ahmet did some interviews on SiriusXM's Volume and he made a couple of points. My opinion is they've got issues that are deeper than Frank's legacy and have only been making lawyers richer. Three hours in a locked room with some beers will settle the whole thing.
  6. GuidedByJonO)))

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    Maybe, but it'll never happen at this point. Too many lawyers with financial interests in keeping this fight going and going and going, sadly.
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  7. Farmer Mike

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    The lawyers are only following their clients direction. This a money thing for both sons with a chewy nougat of mommy and daddy issues and a hard candy coating of why did my brother do that to me.
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  8. GuidedByJonO)))

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    Sure, but no matter what the brothers may end up working out between them, this is going to be a tough train to slow down at this point. And, lawyers that have invested a lot of time and money in this so far likely won't exactly be whispering in their clients' ears for a private settlement between the two.

    Regardless, the whole thing is a shame.
  9. dlokazip

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    I don't know if it's that easy, but I hope it is.
  10. Hamhead

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    Never mind. Not many people knew there was a third one, I though there were a few that flew under the radar.

    After seeing this cheesy hologram display, the Zappa hologram thing will be a turn off for me.
    Watching a little Frankie pacing around on a pedestal for two hours while the band plays will boring.
    Leave the holograms to the greedy estates who will milk the cash cow till it runs dry, oops it looks like the ZFT joined the fray.
    Before the Dio hologram whipped out the sign, I was hoping he would whip out a can or two of diet Dr. Pepper.

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  11. GuidedByJonO)))

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    I'm actually not completely opposed to the whole hologram thing, but I think it would need to be marketed way differently than it has been so far. Rather than passing them off as a "concerts", I think they should treat them more like laser light shows and price accordingly.

    I don't want to pay $100 to stand in a sweaty crowd to watch a hologram guy pace around on stage between real musicians. But paying $20 to watch a hologram of Jimi play along with a great soundsystem while I sit in a plush, comfy seat? I just may want to try that.
  12. dlokazip

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    Hi @wavethatflag. I am quoting your post from the hologram thread into the Feuding Zappas thread because I believe my question is more appropriate for that discussion.

    You made the mistake of indicating that you are an attorney, so I must ask...

    Dweezil has now said that he has twice offered a settlement with the ZFT to allow him to register his own "Dweezil Zappa" trademark in exchange for him dropping any other legal action (or something like that).

    Correct me if I'm wrong: If Dweezil trademarks "Dweezil Zappa" as his, doesn't the ZFT have to pay him extra for use of the trademark when distributing Havin' A Bad Day, Confessions, Go For What You Know, and "My Mother Is A Space Cadet". If I ran the ZFT, I'm not sure I would agree to that.
  13. letmerollit

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    ...I’ll see you in November.

    Response To My Brother's 2nd Open Letter
    For clarification, I have not received any recent emails or calls from my brother.

    Ahmet, if you did send a recent email, which address was it sent to?

    Was it sent it to my email address, the one you recently blocked me from and illegally seized and archived all of the contents, claiming it was for the "protection" of the ZFT? The role of the trustees of the ZFT (you) is to work within the best interests of the beneficiaries of the ZFT (me), so how does stealling all of my emails protect me, I wonder?

    I'm not sure how my 15-year-old, private email address (with over 80,000 emails), containing attorney-client privileged information, divorce records, medical records and personal communications between me and my former wife, as well as my wife and kids, is suddenly your property.

    Conversely, I haven't had any trouble receiving emails sent from your attorneys.

    The inappropriate vitriolic email your wife sent me the other day landed in my inbox. How come I got that and not your email?
  14. kendo

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    Cue a dozen grey attornies.
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  15. GuidedByJonO)))

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    This ain't getting resolved anytime soon, is it? Really, really sad and the worst part is what all of this is doing to Frank's legacy.
  16. Chris DeVoe

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    As I said earlier in this thread, the model is Charles Dickens' Bleak House, where a huge fortune is whittled away over years by the various members of the family hiring attorneys to fight over it.

    "Mr. Kenge," said Allan, appearing enlightened all in a moment. "Excuse me, our time presses. Do I understand that the whole estate is found to have been absorbed in costs?"

    "Hem! I believe so," returned Mr. Kenge. "Mr. Vholes, what do YOU say?"

    "I believe so," said Mr. Vholes.

    "And that thus the suit lapses and melts away?"

    "Probably," returned Mr. Kenge. "Mr. Vholes?"

    "Probably," said Mr. Vholes.
    Zappa v. Zappa is the Jarndyce v. Jarndyce for the current century.

    It is most definitely not the legacy Frank intended, but it is the one created by the little troll he married.
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  17. marblesmike

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    Couldn't Gail have have nominated a neutral executor of the estate rather than pinning one pair against the other?

    Not cool that Dweezil dragged Ahmet's wife into his court of public opinion.
  18. Chris DeVoe

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    Gail could have, and should have, left the division of the estate as it was.

    That was a bit tacky, but so was deleting Dweezil's e-mail account. And if he was using it for communication with his lawyers, quite possibly a criminal act. Ahmet is acting as if Dweezil and Moon don't own 40% of the Zappa Family Trust.
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  19. GuidedByJonO)))

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    That was my first thought, but if she is truly sending him inappropriate emails and his brother refuses to speak with him in any other format, did he have much of a choice? I don't know, the whole situation is such a depressing mess, even if I seem to land more closely to Team Dweezil, based on what we've been privy to thus far.
  20. Jeff Kent

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    I think he did it to prove that if she has the correct contact info then Ahmet must have it as well.
  21. citizensmurf

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    It's a large case of "he said he said", but Dweezil made a good point about verbal agreements vs actual legal agreements. Ahmet can say whatever he wants, but it's the legal muscle which speaks volumes. I found Ahmet trying to belittle Dweezil for his pledgemusic campaign kind of ironic. He wants DZ to spend his supposed inheritance on legal bills, while Ahmet uses to ZFT money to keep the lawyers happy. Why shouldn't DZ ask people to help out? The larger issue isn't a private matter, it's about the legacy of Frank Zappa's music. DZ wants to keep playing the ZPZ shows, and not have to pretend it's not still ZPZ, while Ahmet wants us to go see a ****ing hologram. I know what outcome I'd rather have, and it's not both options.
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  22. Boswell

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    You know, I wonder if this is a case of Frank bonded with the older two more than the younger two and Gail didn't like it, thus the ownership division as a rectification of that and thus all this. It's all so unreasonable and emotional it seems like it's something gone awry in the family dynamic.
  23. Michael Rose

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    From someone who knows nothing about the family. It seems like the Zappa offspring were set up for difficulties from the onset. Not talking about their names, but how mother and father preferred to be acknowledged by Frank and Gail. To me, you are already creating an arms length relationship with your children. Since 99.9% (very scientific research) of the kids' friends, family, & peers had more the 'traditional' family dynamic. But forgoing all that, does anyone know why Gail omitted Moon and Dweezil from board of trustees.
  24. gd0

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    Tough, but fair. :laugh:

    Somewhere, somehow, a Very Dark & Horrible Thing must have happened between Dweezil and Gail. Normally I wouldn't care what it was, but it is screwing with my opportunities to hear treasures from the Vault. I can't imagine that there isn't a negotiable legal avenue that can't undo Gail's sabotage.

    Well, yeah, the hologram is predictably dopey, but Dweezil's road show doesn't really advance Frank's art either, even if it does enjoyably commemorate it. Even though Ahmet and Dweezil make compelling points when they poot forth in public, neither of 'em has their eyes on the prize that interests me.
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  25. Lord Hawthorne

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    With brown shoes.
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