The first stereo you personally owned?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Krankenstien, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    My first grown up stereo was comprised of a Yamaha receiver and speakers with an AR turntable. The newly released Shure V15 III cost almost as much as the AR.
  2. sixtiesstereo

    sixtiesstereo Forum Resident

    Back in 1966 (when I was 16!) I wanted my own stereo system (my parents had a console
    in the living room) for my bedroom. Two companies had come out with what would
    eventually be called "compact music systems", KLH and Harmon Kardon. Hands down
    the best of the two was the HK, but it was pricey (I believe $500). Got a loan from my
    parents and I was good to go.
    This wasn't some cheap plastic record player that surfaced in the 70's, but a true high
    quality sound system. Walnut wood, Garrard turntable, sensitive tuner, and two of the
    best two way, floor standing HEAVY speakers I had ever heard (HK 40's). Crystal clear with simply incredible, and clean bass.
    At any rate, I used that system for at least 10 years, and to this day I miss the quality
    of the sound of that system.
    And here's a page from the original promotional booklet which has the original Stereo Review
    write up about it which I had already read in my subscription copy of the magazine.
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  3. sixtiesstereo

    sixtiesstereo Forum Resident

    And here's a pic of the HK-40's that came with my above system. (I replaced the grill cloths
    on mine with a darker, brown cloth).
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  4. beppe

    beppe Forum Resident

    Venice, Italy
    Around 1970. Lenco A50 amplifier, Canton three ways loudspeakers (can't remember model), Technics SL2000 turntable with Stanton 681EEE, Sennheiser 414.
    Very satisfied at that time.
  5. Flatlander

    Flatlander Active Member

    My first stereo system was an embarrassing Sears thing with Omni-directional speakers, forced onto a dispersion cone to accomplish the Onmi effect.

    I was building a Heathkit tube amp, but I could NOT wait any longer. I had to have some tunes going, NOW!!
  6. A Panasonic music centre. Turntable, radio and cassette. Bought for me by my parents in the 1980s and I still have it! I pull it out of storage occasionally and play through my boxes of 7 inchers. Has a straight fixed tone-arm with no adjustments. I still have the original Panasonic speakers but tend to wire it up to an old pair of Wharfdale XP2s to get a bit more bass.
  7. Will1960

    Will1960 New Member

    In 1977, I was 17, had my first job, and had $500 in my savings account. Went to the local "hi-fi" hut, and purchased a HK-430 receiver, Garrard TT, and a pair of Wald 12" 3-way speakers in nice wood cabinets. Part of a package deal for $399. The HK lasted for 20 years, and I moved through different TT's and speakers as money allowed. The HK was probably worth $200-250 at the time. The table served it's purpose, and the house brand speakers allowed the shop to offer the package price and still make some money. Still see the HK-430 online as vintage gear. Thought about buying one for posterity. Thing was bullet proof. Good looking to boot!
  8. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    Nice looking amp. I'd like one of those or similar.
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  9. quicksilverbudie

    quicksilverbudie quicksilverbudie

  10. Drew769

    Drew769 Forum Resident

    HK receiver (35 wpc), Luxman CD player, Paradigm 3SE speakers.
  11. dgb02

    dgb02 Active Member

    Atlanta, Georgia
    Kenwood KA-701, Technics SL-1800 MKII, JBL L40. Still have the TT!
  12. Bert Oz

    Bert Oz Active Member

    My Dad and I went shopping in Liverpool city centre in the late 70's and he bought himself a National Panasonic SG-5090 Music Centre and some Mordaunt Short Pageant 2 speakers. He made me promise not to tell Mum how much it all cost.

    My first was a JVC RC 656 Biphonic Stereo 4 speaker boom box quickly followed by:
    JVC L-A11 turntable
    JVC AS5 amplifier
    and some cheap bookshelf speakers I can't recall the name of.
  13. Carl Swanson

    Carl Swanson Resident blabbermouth

    In 1969, I bought a Columbia Masterworks "component" system. Happily, one of my girlfriends, the drug-addled one, moved out, came back later while I was at work and stole it, along with a handful of her favorite albums.
  14. Tartifless

    Tartifless Forum Resident

    Telefunken w230 record player
  15. Holy Socks

    Holy Socks Active Member

    Auburn CA
    Mine was a mid-80's all in one stereo from Hitachi. It had a tuner, cassette and record player from BSR I think. Worked OK, but sound quality was not super impressive. I think my parents got it for me at Fedmart.
  16. carrick doone

    carrick doone Forum Resident

    Vancouver, Canada
    As a teen in school I had a Sears (I think) all in one system with a bubble top, plastic all around and plastic bookshelf speakers. I would put the speakers on either side of my bed, lay in between them and listen to This is the Moody Blues and Supertramp. No drugs(okay a little later one) - way cool. Out of school I finally bought a Sansui amp, a turntable, a Sansui (I think) cassette deck that had a nifty flashing light thing going on with the tabs to operate it and the coolest speakers I could find - they were mirrored. Amazingly I thought they sounded very good. Soon after I traded the speakers for giant monster speakers with a 15 inch woofer. Those speakers would end up at parties all the time. I wound up selling the whole set a year later and then reacquired the speakers years later by accident.
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  17. Rocketstail

    Rocketstail Forum Resident

    Elac turntable, Marantz 1060 and a pair of speakers that came on a baffle board and you had to make the speaker cabinets. Speakers had a 12"-6" and two tweeter domes.
    It was 1971 and I was poor!

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  18. Newton John

    Newton John Going for the one

    Tynedale, UK
    It was an early 1970s Philips cassette player/amplifier with speakers to which I added a cheap plastic turntable all acquired during my first term at uni.
  19. Around 1965, I got a Sears Silvertone portable stereo with removable speakers for Christmas.
  20. MusicForAll

    MusicForAll Forum Resident

    Danbury, Ct.
    Mine was a Christmas present, not what I really asked for. Portable stereo record player made in Japan for the Singer Company[​IMG]
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  21. allied333

    allied333 TUBE AMPLIFIER REBUILDER - inquire

    I was about 12 years old. It was a tube phonograph. In 1962, it was stereo. And, I had records, of course.
  22. classicrocker

    classicrocker Life is good!

    Worcester, MA, USA
    In high school I got a cheap Radio Shack system where the turntable did not have any adjustments. No VTF, VTA adjustment etc. It is a miracle some of my vinyl from those days still plays reasonably quiet.
  23. Socalguy

    Socalguy Forum Resident

    First “real hi-fi” was a Dynaco SCA-80 amp kit, Dynaco FM-5 tuner kit, AR turntable, and some Infinity 1001’s. Bought it all from Pacific Stereo in 1974. I was $100 short and had to finance part of it (my first experience with credit). T’was a nice set up ... still have the AR.
  24. drakesroots

    drakesroots Forum Resident

    Portland, OR
  25. tables_turning

    tables_turning In The Groove

    Mid Atlantic, USA
    A hodgepodge of pieces and parts -- A Realistic STA-100 receiver, Garrard SL95 turntable, TEAC A-400 cassette deck and Fortura 10 tower speakers.

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