"THE FOG" It Was 40 Years Ago...2/8/1980

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    The Fog

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    Love this movie just can't believe it's been forty 2/8/1980 years since it was released. Directed John Carpenter was young creative and hungry as was Deborah Hill. Great movie just reliving the movie on blu ray tonight.

    Great cast excellent crew work and some awesome cinematography by John Carpenter. Hal Holbrook as a believable Father Malone, Janet Leigh as Kathy Williams throw in Tom Atkins and Jamie Lee Curtis and you have a lot of fun brewin' with The Fog.

    Scared the crap out of me when I first saw it. Share your memories of The Fog.
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  2. Sinister Footwear

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    Wrong subforum, maybe? :agree:
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  3. I have a thing for Adrienne Barbeau. You know , a thing.
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  4. Purple

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    Not a fan. Usually I would never say this but there needed to be some more violence for the fog to prove menacing (show me, don't tell me). Their attempts at doing this were at best mixed- Carpenter added some violent bits after the fact (at the producers request) but they seem out of place.

    Liked some lesser Carpenter (Escape from LA, Invisible Man) over this one.
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  5. ssmith3046

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    Are you sure 1980 was 40 years ago? I find that scarier than The Fog :)
  6. Torontotom

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    Great film. I think this competes with The Thing as my favourite John Carpenter film. So atmospheric. Great music score. And Adrienne Barbeau is terrific.
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  7. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

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    Yeah, I did the home video mastering (pan/scan only, sadly) for DP Dean Cundey in 1980. Terrific movie, scary as hell even on the small screen.

    I did a fairly-recent film with Ms. Barbeau doing an extended cameo, and I spent several hours making her look as glamorous as possible. Let's just say it took a lot of work (she's now 74), but I didn't mind taking the time to make her look her best. And she's a highlight of the film.
  8. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    From the bottom of the hearts of all young people who saw her first in that movie (I was 12), we thank you!
  9. Jackson

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    MA, USA
    The Fog should've stayed in the fog.
  10. Speaking of Adrienne Barbeau. ..
    I used to watch episodes of ' Maude ' just to see her and I hated that effing show!
  11. Django

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    Dublin, Ireland
    She's definitely one the reasons I love this film. I really like the atmosphere. It's a really old fashioned style horror. I don't think you a see a drop of blood in the whole film.
  12. The Panda

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    Great movie, but zero character development. But the pace is so fast, you don't notice.
    I had a bumper sticker for the movie, don't remember how I got it.
    That aerial show near the end with AB trapped on the lighthouse roof and her heels slipping was great.
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  13. I always enjoy a late night viewing of this one.
    Good classic.

    "Mrs. Kobritz?"
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  14. The Fog it's a favourite of mine since I was a kid. I have some memories of my father taking me to the cinema to see it but being only 6 I didn't quite understood it but I felt scared nayway.
    I've had it on VHS, DVD, two BD editions (now actually three) and the Studio Canal UHD BD that despite some compression issues at some points (I know where they are, I just don't pay atention to them) it looks much much better on UHD BD than I expected, after all The Fog is a low/mid budget B movie. But either the DP or the engineers that did the restoring/mastering did a great job.
  15. Barnabas Collins

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    Love The Fog. Very atmospheric horror film; you can tell John Carpenter was influenced by Mario Bava.
  16. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    I actually thought it was a good movie, and it was unusual to see a film where kids and old ladies got killed -- that was brave of John Carpenter to buck that Hollywood trend.

    True tales of Hollywoo: a friend of mine was on the Norman Lear show America Tonight, which taped at Metromedia Square on Sunset, and as we were walking down the hallway, Adrienne Barbeau was coming the other way and she could barely get by us. Narrow hallway, very busty woman. That's among the weird things I remember from the 1970s.
  17. daglesj

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    It just doesn't amount to a whole lot at the end. :shrug:
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  18. The Hermit

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    It doesn't have to... with The Fog, the atmosphere is the story in the end... it's an old-fashioned ghost story by the campfire (hence the wonderfully evocative opening scene with John Houseman) and I'm fine with that.

    Between Dark Star in 1974 and Big Trouble in Little China in 1986, Carpenter had an unbroken run of classics... and The Fog is most certainly a classic; the scene on the trawler when the drunken fishermen encounter the ghostly mariners is still one of the scariest scenes I've ever watched... and what a final shot just to make sure you don't sleep a wink that night!!!

    Man, I love me some classic Carpenter :cool:... those films age like a fine wine...
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  19. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer Seeker of Truth

  20. Chrome_Head

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    Los Angeles, CA.
    I happened to catch this on cable about 4 years ago probably, had never seen it before. It definitely intrigued me, and I love the coastal town setting.

    Now, I watch this every Halloween after buying the blu-ray. It's not the most terrifying movie ever, and it has some clunky moments, but I seem to catch something new every time I watch now (Jamie Lee Curtis' character named Elizabeth and the ship named the Elizabeth Dane, and of course, everything starts going to hell in the town when she arrives).

    The fog effects and the atmosphere are fantastic. And Barbeau's Stevie Wayne is a cool character.
  21. daglesj

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    Norfolk, UK
    Yeah but it still doesn't amount to a whole lot at the end...and as I am the viewer...that's what counts.:shrug:
  22. I was just gong to click ' like ' but....
  23. vince

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    "And, now, my night's aren't quite so lonely.
    In fact, I
    I don't feel bad at all!
  24. Hexwood

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    The Fog is my favourite JC film. It's beautifully shot and atmospheric. Great soundtrack too.

    They Live is another good one.
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  25. Dr. Funk

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    Fort worth tx
    Good Carpenter moments, but not his best in my opinion. I find Halloween, Escape From New York, and Big Trouble In Little China to be a bit better, with The Thing leaves them all in the dust.

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