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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JRM, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. SBegonias17

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    It’s a whale of a song. :tiphat:
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  2. ScramMan2

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    Portland OR
    PAC is an awesome venue!

    I've seen a lot of the shows there but not until after 1974 when we moved down there. And they stopped a lot of the rocker shows in the later 70's there because the Kiss fans tore the hell out of the place.
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  3. US Blues

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    Although you must admit, the "Other One > SOTOTW > Other One" sequence from 10 Dec 1971 is smokin' hot.
  4. DrLunchbox

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    Hillsborough, NC
    Sittin’ is one of those burning blues numbers I wish they hadn’t retired. Always a highlight when I see it in a set.
  5. libertycaps

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    Portland, OR, USA
    DaP 3 arrived today. Got all 24 plus the GOAT "The Frozen Logger." Woot. :pineapple:
  6. HighThyme

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    I think you misunderstood what I said. I'm not talking about the tapes that were auctioned and therefore not in the vault, I'm talking about the tapes she'd recorded that were not put in storage by her in the first place because she hadn't taken them back and they were still with the rest of the band's tapes at their offices, where anyone in the band's circle of trust could probably access them, including Betty herself, at one point. Those tapes have been used for vault releases, credited to Betty, for years.
  7. Stone Turntable

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    New Mexico USA
    If Larry David were a Dead Head, there would be an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm featuring a subplot about how annoying song abbreviations are, with a special emphasis on MAMU.
  8. Archtop

    Archtop Infinity goes up on trial!

    Greater Boston
    Major kudos for proper use of the subjunctive tense.
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  9. wavethatflag

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    Pacifica, CA
    OK, dudes, I wasn't sure whether to put this here or Un-Grateful, but I opted for here, so hopefully no teeth gnashing ensues, because 'twas not my intent.

    OH MY GOD, the musical brilliance is splitting my bRaIn in 25!* I went to see Phil at his club last night. The lineup was Tom Hamilton of JRAD, Ross James, Holly Bowling, PHIL, and I don't know the drummer's name (forgive me, drummer, you were great).

    Wow, Tom Hamilton man, dude knows exactly what he's doing. At one point he starts playing, or rather, teasing/playing "Stella Blue," and I'm like, "Wow, is he going to step up to the mic and do the slow Jerry? Is he? Because there's a lot to that, I don't know. . ." But no! He transitions from Stella to Eyes, and the crowd was literally dumbstruck, as in how the HELL did he just do that? But he did do it, and it was crazy.

    They did a ripping Help>Slipknot!>Franklin's. Just on the nuggets, everything just right, Is dotted, Ts crossed, just killed it.

    Ross James, man, I stick with my initial assessment of his playing in the band--he's obviously been trained as a conventional rock guitarist. He does not do Jerry. I don't even think he has it in him. He actually served, in this band, as a nice counterpoint to Tom Hamilton's "Jerry," and I'll get to T.H.'s playing a little below, but, man, I swear to God, some of Ross' playing last night, his runs and fills. it was like he was playing "Bodhisattva" with Steely Dan. He's a good guitar player, but how he stays in Phil's orbit playing as he does, I don't know. Phil obviously likes his un-Jerry style. But the problem for me is that Ross' un-Jerry style goes beyond sound and effects, it also goes to timing. Ross has the timing for Steely Dan session work, or a straight-up Chuck Berry tribute concert. How he's on stage with Dead-centric musicians is beyond my wheelhouse. It takes more than long hair and a tie-dye.

    This is NOT to say Ross messed anything up, because. . .

    Tom Hamilton, man. Last time I saw him was with Billy & The Kids at Peachfest a few years ago. He was on fire last night. Forget Mayer man, T.H. is the around 40-something player that should be playing Jerry/Hunter music. He just KILLED, again, and again and again. The woman next to me was like, "Who is that guy? He's great!" And he was. He's a friggin' transition ninja with this music, no doubt. Makes me wanna go see JRAD again. And prior to last night, I did not want to see JRAD again.

    Holly Bowling, she's getting better. I don't know if she's getting better or they've turned her up in the mix. She can literally play anything. She's almost Keith-like, or maybe she's totally Keith-like, we'll see. She's great on piano and organ. And she makes the best keyboard faces. While everyone else on stage usually kept a straight face, she makes faces like a fan would make a lot of times. And this fan is a fan of Ms. Bowling.
    *So concludes the overt werewolf95 tribute portion of this post.
  10. HighThyme

    HighThyme Well-Known Member

    At the time he had them, yes, but I can't imagine he had any influence once any of them got lumped with all the rest at the band's office. Don't forget, we know she also had some of the tapes Rex recorded in her possession that wound up in the storage locker auction as well. From what I understand, anyone connected to the band could walk in and ask to borrow a tape. Eileen Law and the rest of the staff would know who to trust.
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  11. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

    :biglaugh:needs more bold and oversize text though.

    I had that dear Jerry concert on my DVR, Billy and the Kids were an unexpected highlight, largely due to TH's playing. (I had to erase it though, to make room for my kids' Wild Kratts episodes.)

    I'm going to seek out this show, as I want to hear more of what you mean about Ross, you've been saying that for a while.

    And IMO as long as Phil is there it 100% belongs here. (I'd be OK with a band with no GD members if they play all GD tunes too.)
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  12. libertycaps

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    Portland, OR, USA
    Sure this has been mentioned before, but just noticed my DaP3 is a "Limited Edition" but not numbered.
    This must be a copy from a run of unnumbered extras for defects, shipping damage, etc....right?
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  13. trd

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    San Jose

    Thanks for the write up. I was, unfortunately, out of town this weekend so I missed jrad and this! Couldn’t agree more re Ross James, I really don’t get him. And yes Tommy is a magician.

    Oh and Holly IS a fan. She’s close friends of friends of mine so I’ve been able to speak to her a little and hang out. She’s just a phish kid who’s crazy talented, finally broke through thanks to YouTube and is quite literally living the dream.

    Glad you made it and had such a great time
  14. wavethatflag

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    Pacifica, CA
    Yeah, I saw on her website a while ago that she's been to over 300 shows, which is nuts.
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  15. budwhite

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    Götaland, Sverige
    Did ya rob a bank?
  16. Six Bachelors

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    Hmmm...that surprises me. I was sure that the downloads were not HDCD whereas the discs were. I'll check mine out tonight.

    Oh - sorry. Didn't see this reply. Thanks for checking.

    So, even if the downloads are HDCD they might as well not be. That manages to be annoying and not annoying at the same time.
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  17. BurtThomasWard

    BurtThomasWard Guided by Loke In Memoriam

    There are a few of those around, yesh. Mine is number 1357, but I have at least four without any. Edit: 9, 11, 12 and 17. The latter two being replacement discs from

    No biggie. Unless you ordered it from China... :D
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  18. US Blues

    US Blues Forum Resident

    Excellent field report!

    Regarding Tom Hamilton- go see JRAD. He and that band are masters of morphing songs, to the point where "Costello" (I think he's the FOH mixer) puts a scorecard on FB after each show which teases out all the teases, song quotes, and other musical surprises at each and every show, intertwined in the setlist. And best of all TH does it in service to the music, and to the fans. Let Meyer tour with the dinosaur's, TH plays with the fiery young kids who will carry this music forward for years to come.

    And yes, a JRAD show with Phil guesting on bass would be off the proverbial chain.
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  19. rbbert

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    Reno, NV, USA
    Given the fact that HDCD hardware is disappearing (if there are any players being manufactured currently, they are few in number and probably due to be replaced very soon by updated models which won’t include HDCD), it’s better for it not to be used. Really, once 24/48 and higher recordings became available to the consumer, HDCD was superfluous and unnecessary
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  20. US Blues

    US Blues Forum Resident

    For your listing pleasure: 14 November 1972 II- Oklahoma. Some truly mind-boggling moments in the transition from He's Gone > Truckin' :drool:
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  21. DrLunchbox

    DrLunchbox Forum Deadhead #1604

    Hillsborough, NC
    By and large, I agree with your statements on Holly and Tom Hamilton. Holly was just in town but I missed the show (on kid duty. ARGH!)

    I saw Greensky Bluegrass a couple of weeks ago and they did a full set of Dead material. At the very end of Eyes I swear (either Bruzza or Anders) played the post-verse Stella Blue riff. It was subtle, and if I hadn't been messing around with Stella Blue lately I probably would have missed it, but I thought that was a great little tease and placement of it.

    Re: Tom Hamilton, my only qualms about him are his voice/phrasing/cadence. I don't like it on every song he sings with JRAD. Most of them are fine, but there are some (I can't think of one off the top of my head) where I would prefer something different. Atlantic City comes to mind, as one example, now that I think of it. I was at that show and I thought the vocal delivery could have been better.

    Tangentially, I don't really like Josh Mayer's voice on most of the Dead material I've heard him do. I just don't think it suits it. I have no issue with his guitar playing. Whereas to me, Hamilton has an occasional miss vocally in JRAD, Mayer has an occasional hit in Dead & Co. I prefer the higher batting average.

    As I've said before if I had the choice between JRAD (or Oteil & Friends) or Dead & Co, I'd personally choose JRAD every time. YMMV.
  22. SBegonias17

    SBegonias17 Forum Resident

    Does anyone know anything about these Fabulous Fox Limited Editions floating around eBay for Dave's Picks 8 (one of the three Dave's I don't have). It appears they are from reputable sellers - did they get funny with their replacement copies on that edition? I can't find any reference to them outside of ebay sellers.
  23. bmoregnr

    bmoregnr Forum Rezident

    1060 W.Addison
    I noticed that Oppo dropped HDCD in new models, and they were probably one of the last ubiquitous users. I don’t want to open a can of worms, but I have noticed a lot of discussion over the years around the forum that there is likely a penalty paid by any non-HDCD decoding users. Probably my only non-HDCD user example displaying this would be Neil Young’s stuff. I can go back and forth between hi res and redbook on a lot of remasters and I get a sense of resolution differences in general; but a non-HDCD redbook vs. a Neil Young hi res clearly tells me at least in the instances of the 3-4 albums I have tried this experiment, there is definitely more than resolution differences alone going on, and the non-HDCD redbook gets pretty “bottled up” sounding. Steve H. stopped using it in 2011 because he felt it colored his remasterings for example; read only if you like worms by the can: I've decided not to run my masterings through an HDCD converter..

    Also has anyone else noticed were are blowing through the GD years by the page numbers these days. I have recently been compelled to listen to a show by the year commensurate with the page!
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  24. Claxton

    Claxton Forum Resident

    Fort Worth, Texas
    And I want to tack on 14 November 1971 - Fort Worth. The show that got me on the bus. A 16 song prime '71 first set, followed by a killer Truckin>Drums>Other One>MAMU>Other One>Wharf Rat.
  25. US Blues

    US Blues Forum Resident

    As noted upthread, Jeffrey Norman uses a legacy DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) built by Pacific Microsonics, the company that developed HDCD. This DAW is still considered to be one of the best sounding systems available for the work Jeffrey does on our behalf. As @rbbert noted this DAW will add the HDCD trigger code even if HDCD processing circuitry is not utilized. And as further noted, many recent GD releases are not HDCD encoded in any meaningful way, but the encoding to trigger the HDCD light on equipped players still present in the metadata.

    If you really want to get your eardrums upset, we can open a discussion of how most every DAC made throws away the actual data stream from a CD, or HD source, and mathematically recreates the digital audio information stream. :yikes:
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