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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JRM, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. BlueTrane

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    Dick's Picks 4

    And fifty other things, of course. :) But it's easy to get overwhelmed early on.

    Yes, we've done this a few times before, and we're happy to do it again, no worries.
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    There are very few bad choices to be made.
    I'm not a vinyl guy (don't see the point, especially for live Dead). Head to the archive and find something to listen to.

    The 5cd Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack is fantastic with many long jams.
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    It sounds like you are doing pretty well all on your own! I'd second Anthem Of The Sun for sure. Maybe Ladies And Gentlemen the Grateful Dead to stick with the shows that made up Skull & Roses. For some reason Dicks Picks 4: 2-13,14-70 is screaming out to me as well in your case. Another thought is DiP 8 but there was a nice traded version of that done recently if you want to taste that 5-2-70 Harper
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Grateful Dead (4/27-28-29/1971) I picked this before realizing that bmoregnr has also just recommended it.
    Europe '72, Volume II

    Tons of live performance video on Youtube, and plenty of audio available for preview. Pick a year. Most of what I've seen on there between 1967 and 1974 runs somewhere between good and excellent. This is an assessment by someone familiar with their foibles and flaws, of course.

    The 1966-1969 Dead used to play really, really fast, is all I can say, lol. I like those vintage 1960s uptempo tunes to snack on, the vibe gets through my laptop better than the long jams or the slow ballads. I reserve the epics for listening with a full-fledged home or car audio system. A reasonable amount of bass is important for proper frequency balance and impact.
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  5. ianuaditis

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    PITB stayed as a first set option until 76, and some of the crazier versions of 74 were in the first set!
    Are you sticking with official releases?

    The real pivot between Aoxomoxoa and Workingman's occurred roughly between April-December of 69 and on into 1970. Although there are some official releases from this era, most of the archive releases are OOP and so may cost a bit much for a starter kit. You can get a real sense of it by digging into 1969 on the Archive, especially shows from those months I mentioned. DP 16 and 26, Road Trips 4.1 and DAP 10 and 19 are all from this era, but DaP 10 especially will cost you.
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  6. btbderek

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    There's such a wealth of information on here, I absolutely love it. Thank you very much to each and everyone of you for your suggestions. Looks like I have plenty to dig into tomorrow, thank you so much! Looking forward to learning more and more, will definitely be back!

    Sidenote: Any good reading material or documentaries on the band that I should check out? I have seen Long Strange Trip and The Other One:The Story of Bob Weir, loved both, but would love to dig in a little deeper.
  7. btbderek

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    Bowling Green, Ky
    I'm completely open to anything, bootlegs, soundboards, audience tapes, whatever is out there pretty much. I mentioned vinyl cause that is the main format I have a dedicated stereo system for, but I have decent headphones for digital/cd stuff.
  8. ianuaditis

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    This is one of their all time jams, beginning with 'Weather Report Suite' in set 2. It's also available as Dick's Picks 12, but it's here for convenience. You wouldn't go wrong listening to a few 74 shows straight through (though be warned, the 'Seastones' aka 'Phil and Ned' segments are experimental electronic music. What the hell is this? is a frequent reaction.)

    These streams are Mp3, but you can get most shows that are featured on the archive from torrent sites. If you are interested in that, other users know much more than I do. We are allowed to mention it but not supposed to get into specifics except by PM.
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  9. Crispy Rob

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  10. unravelled

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    Great introductory material right there mate. Especially based on your starting point criteria. When you're ready for post 74, go directly to To Terrapin, 5/28/77. Although not released on vinyl, it was a noose around many a deadheads neck around these parts
  11. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

    The book Garcia: Signpost to New Space is one of my favorites. It's a collection of interviews done in 71 and 72, half about the band and music and the other half just hippy stuff.

    I recently read both Kreutzmann's book Deal and Phil Lesh's Searching for the Sound. Both were worthwhile, though Phil's read like he had a ghostwriter (even though he didn't,) and Bill's (which was written 'with' Benjy Eisen) read like someone just transcribed a bunch of taped conversations.

    So Many Roads was another good one I would recommend.

    I own the first one, but the others I got via request at my local library, they have a system that lets you order books from all over the state even if your library doesn't have it. I'm probably going to dial up a few more now that I'm thinking about it, so I'll probably have some more recommendations in a week or two!

    Edit: I found out that the library in the next town (which is only about a quarter mile further from my house than the library in my town) has a couple of titles, and the library two towns over (which may be the only one within about 50 miles of my home that I've never been in,) has a bunch more.
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    I'd second any mention of Ladies and Gentlemen the Grateful Dead.

    Hundred Year Hall from the '72 Europe tour. Sunshine Daydream from fall '72.

    From the Vault 1, 2, and 3 are all excellent, and well recorded live shows that you will probably like.

    Upcoming re-issues of Road Trips from 5-15-70 and 2-14-68 probably fit right in to what you're describing also.

    The Fillmore West 1969 small set, and 2-11-69 are also official releases that should be easy to find, from the Live/Dead album era.
  13. Archtop

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    Greater Boston
    Hey, @btbderek, welcome to the bus. It doesn't have a driver and could go off the road at any moment, but oddly, that's why we're all here. Anything commercially available from '68-'74 on should suit you just fine (make that '75 as the 8/13/75 Vault release is absolutely essential). But Reckoning from '80 is also a must-buy. If you get all of that (those I see as essential), you're looking at about $400, so that's a good start and we're talking retail here (not insane ebay resale of rarities).

    Yes, this band is a legitimate wallet-suck. Welcome and strap in. The Bill Graham intro to 8/13/75 is spine-tingling and they're just noodling. Hoo Hah!

    Edit: Great googly-moogly, I'd forgotten how stuipdly hot the Slipknot! from 8/13/75 was. It's currently frying an egg and some corned beef hash in this domicile.

    Second edit: Woozy-goozy the Frankin's is off the charts!
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  14. Instant Dharma

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    Shame those words couldnt be more copacetic.
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  15. US Blues

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    Buy a couple of 4 TB hard drives and find a good torrent client for your OS. :tiphat:
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  16. US Blues

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    They edited out the part where he talks about betting with Ron Rackow regarding getting paid to introduce the band. Revisionist history at it's finest.
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  17. US Blues

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    Kate, it's always a delight when you share something with us.
  18. Archtop

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    Greater Boston
    That doesn't make that intro any less spine-tingling, does it?
  19. ianuaditis

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    I let my cousin borrow my copy of 2-11-69 about 10 years ago, I had made a cassette of it for the car, which is all I have of it now.

    I asked her about it recently, she had no idea what I was talking about. She's getting married this year, I may have to track down a sealed copy as a wedding gift.

    Anyway, I really like that show, I listened again recently to the Live/Dead sequence on it and it was an nice economical rendition, like a digest version of that era.

    And 5-23 and 5-24-69 will also be re-released soon in the Road Trips sequence, that one is a can't miss for me.
  20. *Zod*

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    Connecticut, USA
    I love the Cryptical Reprise from that show.
  21. Six Bachelors

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    I gave Three From The Vault and Dylan’s New Morning to a friend on an extended loan four or five years ago. I ask about them every so often and he always ignored the question until fairly recently he said he didn’t know what I was referring to.
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  22. Olompali

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    Years ago my wife bought a Jerry 4 disc boot box for my birthday. She never got the tape trading thing. The ethos never sank in. I lent it to kid that worked for me. He left the job and I never saw the set again. I'm very happy about that.
  23. hyde park

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    I remember being excited when 2/11/69 was released - I haven't listened to it in a while, though - need to rectify that. I probably will skip the Hey Jude, though.

  24. SBegonias17

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    You’ve gotten lots of great advice, let me add my voice to the chorus.

    You’ll definitely wants Dick’s Picks 4, 8, and 16. They’re the best three volumes possible to show the transition from the GD of the 60s to that of the early 70s. All three can be had for a “reasonable” price on eBay. Bonus is that 8 was just released on vinyl and reports are that it’s great.

    You’ll want some 69, so Live Dead or the FW’69 comp should be on the list.

    For post-70, I’d get Ladies and Gentleman (71), Europe Vol. 2 (72), Sunshine Daydream (72), Road Trips 4.3 which was just reissued (73), the GD movie soundtrack (74), One from the Vault (75).

    For exploring the post hiatus years, I’d recommend buying both available box sets (GSTL and July 78) while they’re available at a reasonable price if you want to dive head first. Otherwise, pick up the single discs (Cornell and Red Rocks). I’d also recommend hunting down Dick’s Picks 15 used - it’s my and many others favorite post-hiatus show.

    Reckoning from 1980 is a must own as well.

    Once you get that and while your wallet recovers, hard drives and torrents are the next step.
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    Wheel is turning...

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