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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JRM, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

    Long River Place
    That's cool. I was stumped by We can Run, I had to look up the setlist.
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  2. posnera

    posnera Forum Resident

    After Midnight - 1980
    Let It Rock - 1975
  3. bzfgt

    bzfgt Interesting and Copacetic Denizen

    New Jersey
    What's remarkable, from the bits I sampled anyway, is how little what one might think of as "rhythm guitar" he plays, if we consider that carrying the rhythm; Weir seems to be sort of playing around in the rhythm but not really carrying it.
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  4. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    26 June 1973- Seattle. PNW Box.

    This Black Peter is utterly sublime.
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  5. tdcrjeff

    tdcrjeff Forum Resident

    Hermosa Beach, CA
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  6. Archtop

    Archtop Machine Grateful King Henry

    Other than some early examples of Lovelight, Bertha, et al, Weir never really carried the rhythm. Phil didn't either. Keith sort of did and the drummers were probably as close to a traditional role of rhythm section anchors as anyone. The result was the crazy conglomeration that we know as the GoGD.
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  7. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality


    Max Yasgur's Farm
  8. Matthew Tate

    Matthew Tate Forum Resident

    Richmond, Virginia

    YES I WAS BORN IN 1982
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  9. dsdu

    dsdu Forum Resident

    Santa Cruz, CA
    I went on a three-week vacation to Thailand in 1982 and stayed for four years.
  10. Freebird

    Freebird One in a million

    This is a true statement.
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  11. seaisletim

    seaisletim Forum Resident

    Philadelphia PA
    Half drunk, cued up Dave’s Pick 17 - Selland Arena, Fresno CA *7.19.74* - immediately satisfied by my decision to start with disc 3 (He’s Gone>USBlues, WRSuite>Jam>Eyes>China, One More Sat..)
  12. Zafu

    Zafu Forum Resident

    Listening to this and it's awesome. Sound quality isn't A+ but totally listenable, and is incredible.

    Having issues linking...its

    Grateful Dead Live at Ballroom on 1969-04-13
    Set 1:
    d1t01 - Turn On Your Love Light
    d1t02 - Doin' That Rag
    d1t03 - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
    d1t04 - Morning Dew
    d2t01 - Dark Star ->
    d2t02 - St. Stephen ->
    d2t03 - The Eleven ->
    d2t04 - Death Don't Have No Mercy

    Set 2:
    d2t05 - Alligator ->
    d2t06 - Drums ->
    d2t07 - Jam

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  13. notesofachord

    notesofachord Cousin Caterpillar

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  14. ducksdeluxe

    ducksdeluxe A mind forever voyaging...


    Only have time for disc one tonight, but someone should be listening to this on its anniversary. :shrug:

    Might as well be me.
  15. martinb4

    martinb4 Forum Resident

    Irvine, California
    Is it me or is the GTH version of Althea the gold standard for GD studio material? It’s perfect in my book. The recording style/sound is very reminiscent of the time, sure but there’s something quite special to it.

    Dave’s Picks 31 has sent me on an Althea rabbit hole tonight. The live one on the 2003 remaster from RCMH 1980 is amazing as well. Now listening to the Go To Nassau one...
  16. dsdu

    dsdu Forum Resident

    Santa Cruz, CA
    More like...
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  17. notesofachord

    notesofachord Cousin Caterpillar

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  18. dsdu

    dsdu Forum Resident

    Santa Cruz, CA
  19. Howard Bleach

    Howard Bleach Imperial Aerosol Kid

    green bay, wi
    Thanks for reading!
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  20. Howard Bleach

    Howard Bleach Imperial Aerosol Kid

    green bay, wi
    Totally agree. It's firmly in the category of "slinky, noir Dead" that I love so much, along with "West LA Fadeaway." I love that sound.
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  21. warewolf95

    warewolf95 Forum Resident

    Greenville, SC

    Texas-Oklahoma-Kansas-Colorado-Wyoming-Idaho-Washington-Oregon-California-Arizona-New Mexico-Texas on our last major run.

    The trip sucked for a number of reasons but getting to see the west was absolutely wonderful.
  22. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    That venue @ CU Boulder is known as the Glenn Miller Ballroom. Glenn Miller, the famous Orchestra leader from the 1930's and 40's, was a CU graduate. It's a beautiful room in one of the older buildings on campus. To have seen the GD there in 1969 must have been mind-blowing on many, many levels.

    PS- It was during this visit to Boulder that Jerry purchased his first pedal steel guitar. This was an important moment in musical history.
  23. uzn007

    uzn007 Pack Rat

    Baja Virginia
    Bob's the anti-Ringo. It's impossible to tell what song he's playing by hearing him in isolation.
  24. uzn007

    uzn007 Pack Rat

    Baja Virginia
    I listened to part of the first set last night in bed. Short but very fiery version of Help>Slip with some of my favorite Jerry licks.
  25. Instant Dharma

    Instant Dharma Hendon!!!!

    East Bay, Ca
    I wanna take a 2 week vacation 26 times a year

    (Add em up)
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