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The Grateful Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JRM, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. notesofachord

    notesofachord We are Dancing on God’s Thumb

    Everything you said is true and I agree. There is one problem:

    Rhino and GDP sold their souls to a corporate giant. Warner Music is run by a board whose only purpose is to MAKE MONEY. They couldn’t care less about “doing the right thing”. They only give away money if the lawyers force them to.
  2. notesofachord

    notesofachord We are Dancing on God’s Thumb

    Feel free to vote with your wallet and not buy any of the official releases.
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  3. Oliver

    Oliver Bourbon Infused

    Listening to this show right now. Yup, yet another great, yet different sounding Dark Star. Man I love '72. Almost never disappoints.

    Edit: Great transition to Morning Dew.
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  4. notesofachord

    notesofachord We are Dancing on God’s Thumb

  5. Archtop

    Archtop Soft Dead Crimson Cow

    To my way of thinking, it depends where the mistakes are made. I mean, I've done some ~350 gigs and I've made my fair share of mistakes. But written segments should be rehearsed and mistakes should be rare in this context. Clams in an improvisational context are not great, but perfectly acceptable. Clams on written segments, such as the counterpoint on Morning Dew are simply laziness and are unacceptable.
  6. Oliver

    Oliver Bourbon Infused

    Exactly, if Phil is hitting some sour notes on the verses of say Bertha that's not good but if he's searching for something and hits a bum note during the 15th minute of Dark Star that's pretty acceptable as long as he eventually gets to that high point he's looking for.
  7. Tom H

    Tom H Forum Resident

    Kapolei, Hawaii
    I think if anyone is using Betty Cantor's name to sell product then she is entitled to some form of royalty. I don't know if that's what the law says, but it should be.
  8. Oliver

    Oliver Bourbon Infused

    Finishing the night off by listening to DaP 30 1/2/70 Fillmore East. In shocking news a great Dark Star lol...

    Edit: to be fair due to bourbon consumption I'll probably be listening to something later :edthumbs:
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  9. Oliver

    Oliver Bourbon Infused

    Great version of Eleven.
  10. Jerfan13

    Jerfan13 Makes wrinkles advertised as creases

    Lol...my favorite Samba In The Rain is from Michigan, in 1994. Those “birthday” shows...Jerry kills the Vinnie tunes. Check ‘em out! Yes...I was high...still am...lol.

    Great comments about Phil. As a guy who started seeing them in ‘89, I don’t think Phil was anywhere near the force he was from ‘70-80, you know. His whole “let Phil sing” schtick had notably changed his persona and I’ll never forgive him for Wave To The ****ing Wind...although Jerry does rip it once or twice...I digress. Phil was just a dude in corduroy shorts, lol.

    With that said, I was planted in wonderful Phil seats(Thanks Calico, aka Ruby, RIP), for the Deer Creek shows, in 1993. The last night, the 23rd, was a Phil night. Yes...it’s a weird setlist and at the show, I Hated everything up til the jam out of Terrapin(loved the Broken Arrow)....which was one of the best jams I saw them play(meaning I was 10 rows away and dialed in, pie eyed, you feel me)...but it was a Phil night. It’s got all the clunkers too...and it’s a chore to get through, lol, but as a guy watching that night, I submit 6-23-93 as a Phil show!!!


  11. Frosst

    Frosst Vinyl-obsessive kiddo

    Listened to 1/18/70 this morne'. A really good show. Great Dancing In The Streets, Good Lovin', Cold Rain And Snow, Black Peter and China > Rider. It also features a spicy Turn On Your Love Light. '70 is always rewarding.
  12. gedsmit

    gedsmit Fair Weather Member


    I love this poster - not an original of course, but one of those San Francisco Poster Co ones where the guy who owned the plates moved to the UK in the early 70s and printed off a load to make some dosh.

    They were never intended to be fakes, as he used slightly different ink colours and inserted “San Francisco Poster Co” at the bottom right corner.

    The guy I bought it from (£20) bought some of the stock in the 70s and have been sat in a plans chest, so great condition for a 50 year old poster. Well, that’s his story - I don’t mind if not, it still looks great. Thought I’d go for an ornate frame rather than the usual black modern poster frame.

    Took a bit persuading to have it on the wall (I haven’t got a man cave) due to the skeleton, but my wife relented! She likes the art nouveau lettering.
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  13. warewolf95

    warewolf95 Forum Resident

    Greenville, SC
    Cant she just copyright the term Betty Boards or something?
  14. fishcane

    fishcane Dirt Farmer

    Finger Lakes,NY
    Nice colors. Here’s my mid 70s print that’s been in every house I’ve had since childhood, complete with the tack holes and tape repair from the day I bought it:doh:
  15. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    Laziness, or the state of consciousness prevalent on the stage in any given moment. Or maybe even a reflection of the state of collective consciousness of the audience.*

    * - sung to the tune of Olivia Newton-John's hit: Let's Get Metaphysical!
  16. gedsmit

    gedsmit Fair Weather Member

    Got the house to myself this afternoon and plan to listen to the whole of Dicks Picks 12 (6/26 and 6/28/74) with Chelsea v Tottenham on TV, sound muted.

    Back of the net :righton:
  17. Jerfan13

    Jerfan13 Makes wrinkles advertised as creases

    Chelsea FC for life!!!! Spurs are ****e!
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  18. KeninDC

    KeninDC Hazy Cosmic Jive

    Virginia, USA
    Live sports with live Dead is about the only time I can successfully multitask. Got some ACC and Big 12 basketball/Dead planned for today.

    Those of you who suggested the Deer Creek - July 18, 1990 show were not kidding. With a raucous Help>Slip>Frank right out of the box, it just keeps getting better.
  19. Frosst

    Frosst Vinyl-obsessive kiddo

    Listened to 8/21/68 a little earlier today. Whoa boy, what an experience! Total primal psychedelic madness. This might be one of the very best 60’s shows I’ve ever heard, especially one of the best pre-'69 shows. One of the very best Other Ones from this era and this Alligator, I would say, is the best version of them all. Such an awesome jam, the whole 21 minutes were totally mind-blowing. Also the Good Morning Little School Girl might very well be the up there among the best versions, though I haven’t heard too many different versions of this tune. I also love the In The Midnight Hour closer. One thing is also for certain: Pigpen was truly the frontman. He completely dominates this show and is at his A-game. I’m always amazed at how much he was the focus during these early years. It was very much his band and that comes through on this show perfectly well. Love it!
  20. Doggiedogma

    Doggiedogma Forum Resident

    IMO, the tape source a person used to record the show belongs to the taper, if someone uses the taper's recording for profit, then the taper should be getting a % of the income from sales. The taper owns the tape and the music on their tape, it's their recording.
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  21. johnny q

    johnny q Forum Resident

    Bergen County, NJ
    Am I wrong for thinking the Providence 5/14/78 "Eyes" is the best ever? So fast and frenetic!
  22. Doctor Jimmy

    Doctor Jimmy From Bach to the Beach Boys

    South Korea
  23. *Zod*

    *Zod* Forum Resident

    New England
    my favorite back half is 9/7/73, but I haven't figured out which front half to attach to it. Same story with the Eureka Viola Lee.
  24. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    Back in the day the magic formula was watching Islander hockey with the GD blasting. Worked for 4 consecutive Stanley Cups. :wave:
  25. Archtop

    Archtop Soft Dead Crimson Cow

    No, but you're not necessarily right either. ;)

    Then again, back that up a bit and check out Let it Grow. That's the stuff right there, is what that is.
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