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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JRM, Apr 11, 2014.

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    Man, it's been a while since I've listened to the 9/17/72 He's Gone--> TOO--> Sing Me Back Home and now I remember why. It's unnatural to have one's head ripped off too many times over a short time period of time. A re-stitching/recovery is needed.
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    Happy Graduation Day! :D
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    I was 20th row in Denver- yes they had seats on the field at the old Mile High Stadium. It's a good show, maybe not the level of Sandstone. And they play Picasso Moon which some people think is a terrible song. :crazy:
  5. SJR

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    Sweet. I’ll check it out.

    Well, it is bigger than a drive-in movie, oo-wee!
  6. Archtop

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    Having had some time to digest the elephant that is the 9/17/72 TOO, there's a segment in there (~23:30-28:30) that's essentially a Jerry meltdown over a full band groove. I'm going to have to leave that open for another listen tomorrow. That's a unicorn right there, is what that is. :thumbsup:
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  7. Crispy Rob

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    They do Day Tripper a lot better than Get back, but it’s more of a fun novelty than anything to get too excited about. Overall, a good fun show although I think the really strong shows that summer are the Greek run and then Cincinnati onward. That said, this show is a nice appetizer for what follows.
  8. Crispy Rob

    Crispy Rob Cat Juggler

    Oakland, CA
    If you’ve been enjoying the Summer ‘91 tour, by all means close it out in Denver. Also quite good although not the peak of the tour, but a fitting end with another Dark Star tease to complete the theme. I had SO much fun on that tour and still really like revisiting those shows, although the double keyboard clutter bothers me more now than it did at the time, which it didn’t at all back then, when it all felt like a new, exciting and unpredictable chapter in the band’s history, and the somewhat to (in the end) clearly disappointing future of the band was still unwritten. Bonner Springs was a lot of fun because it was a great outdoor venue with some natural rock formations (not as spectacular as Red Rocks, but not too shabby either), and relatively friendly and unjaded locals (including a local teen who was clearly having his mind blown on a first psychedelic experience near us during the 6/25/91 second set). 6/25/91 was the first of only two Comes A Times that I caught live. We heard hints of it coming out of Space and it lived up to the anticipation. Fun drive post show to Colorado all night very LIT and listening to a Pat Metheny mix that a college friend had made as flatlands began to yield to rock formations…
  9. Mr_Flanders

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    Very close, as in you can see Kentucky from Cincinnati. A lot of people probably parked in KY and walked across the bridge to the venue.
  10. Crispy Rob

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    Oakland, CA
    9/6/79 MSG tonight. So far, quite good, especially a strong version of Althea before the first set closer of Lost Sailor/Saint of Circumstance that I’m just launching into now…
  11. SJR

    SJR Big Boss Man

    This evening’s listening is Blossom Music Centre, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, 25/06/85.


    Ok, why the f u c k not? 1985, I am inside you. Yes, I’ve been day-drinking so I’ll try and be on my best behaviour. Damn IPAs (and stouts). Hic

    I’ve never seen or heard of this venue, so I’m totally assuming the Dead only played here this one time. Though again, it’s looks a beautiful setting.

    The first thing I will say is this show has energy. Like, schizo energy—it’s a wild and intense, rampant energy that don’t quit. Oh, and any show with a 2nd set The Wheel and China Doll, let alone a China > Rider and PITB is gonna get my attention.

    I was a little apprehensive looking at this set, with a rare Day Tripper opener—and although it’s a little rough round the edges, it’s fun and upbeat, and it must have been a “trip” being there—and isn’t that what it’s all about?!; I’m reminded, I absolutely love West L.A. Fadeaway—I don’t hear it all that often but I dig the raw, bluesy sound and the dark(ish) “atmosphere” this one creates; well f u c k me, C.C. Rider absolutely smokes—this is searing hot, when it’s good this one is great; a jaunty Dire Wolf has Jerry in a growly, animated mood; even Row Jimmy has a little extra pep in its step, and it is brilliant, with a scintillating solo; yee-haw! … a trio of smokin’ cowboy rockers that actually erm, rawk; Jack Straw is a rager; and a “mighty swell” set-closer. A rip-roaring 1st set, it’s seriously rollicking from the get-go.


    I will say right now, I absolutely love this—a raucous Gimme Some Lovin’ is loud and booming, opening the 2nd set on a bangin’ note; China > Rider is short but it packs a melodic punch—crackling with energy, it’s a lively duo; bang! … a huge PITB > Drums > Space > The Wheel > PITB is the gooey-jammy psychedelic heart of the set/show that really gets out there and explores before a “computerised” meltdown featuring a load of beeps and squelches that develops into Drums > Space—these mid-‘80s Drums > Space are crazy huge, with a vast array of effects and instruments that hold you captive—toilet break, what you talking about bro—I wouldn’t want to miss it; rolling out of Space, “The Wheel is turning and you cant slow down”; then a stompin’ PITB reprise that dissolves into; a dead-set gorgeous China Doll with those gritty, weathered vocals making it sound so heavy and powerful, it may make you cry; well, holy s h i t … this Sugar Magnolia is relentless—it rallies, rocks and hits an explosively euphoric crescendo, it’s crazy and crunchy and abrasive and is absolutely f u c k i n g stupendous. Jesus H. Christ; a Touch Of Grey encore to send the punters home happy as Larry … yep, “we will get by/we will survive.”

    Not bad for a Saturday night listening sesh.

    Ok, well that was some good s h i t. Exhilarating. Again, I’m completely surprised how much I enjoyed that. I thought ‘85 was meant to be poor?

    Yeah, it may be a notch below the show from Cincinnati yesterday, but it had a completely different flavour, and it was a riotous good time. Recommended.

    I: Day Tripper > West L.A. Fadeaway > C.C. Rider, Dire Wolf, Beat It On Down The Line > Row Jimmy, Me And My Uncle > Big River, Big Railroad Blues, Jack Straw > Might As Well.

    II: Gimme Some Lovin’ > China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider > Playing In The Band > Drums > Space > The Wheel > Playing In The Band > China Doll > Sugar Magnolia.

    E: Touch Of Grey.
  12. SJR

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    As the world is falling to s h i t, affecting everyone and everything we hold hold dear, the GoGD are a bastion of light in the ever growing darkness that is slowly engulfing us all.

    I love this band. Love ‘em. F u c k i n g LOVE them.

    “Shine on, keep on shining.”
  13. gedsmit

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  14. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    IWT. My 5th show, in before Sailor > Saint became repetitive dreck (Spring '81). :doh:

    The second set is long and luxurious and the band is in a mellow space, it being the final show of the tour. The tempo and texture of Terrapin Station changed considerably as Brent settled in to the action, and this version embodied the slowly pace characteristic of the time. I hope you enjoyed the listen!
  15. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    "There'll be a minute or two of respectful silence as Mickey fiddles aimlessly about the stage."

    24 June 1970- The Cap, Portchester. A day late and 2 goals short of a Cup.

    Dark Star > Attics Of My Life > Dark Star > Sugar Magnolia > Dark Star > Saint Stephen > China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider!

    Encore: Uncle John's Band; Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  16. OhioHead

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    @ SJR - Blossom is in or next to the Cuyahoga National Forest, it is a gorgeous venue (minus the police in the woods “now” looking for illicit activities on the way into the venue for certain newer touring bands), good acoustics, big lawn…….besides the “wood presences” the other downside 2 roads in & out of complex.

    20k - 30k or so capacity, Phish, DMB, various country acts still play the venue.

    Best show I ever saw @ the venue was Widespread Panic 8/10/2006, 4 year anniversary of Mikey “Panic” Houser passing, stop gap guitarist no longer w/ WSP (George M), Mikey’s guitar tech Sam Holt using Mikey’s rig + long time WSP producer John Keane on guitar & pedal steel, only 3k or so in attendance, WSP played an emotionally charged show w/ a tip of the hat to the “lingering lead!”
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    You might as well listen to the rest of the tour. The big shows are coming up.
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    New Jersey
    Who said that?
  19. LandHorses

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    New Joisey
  20. Crush87

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    New York
    My god there is not a single peep heard on the tape during the breakdown in Dark Star — complete command of the audience
  21. KCWhistle

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    Kansas City, MO
    It's not as if you've been timid about voicing your appreciation for 85, but this is a comparison that piques my interest. Perusing the tour dates for the year, I assume you're talking all of June and July?
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  23. profusion

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    My trip through the Dave's Picks is coming along, albeit slowly.

    I just finished Vol. 7--4/24/78 Normal IL.

    First set is a little sluggish, but that second set is a classic early '78 firecracker. "Werewolves of London" is a nice cover for the encore. That was a very new song at the time, and I wonder what the audience thought.

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  24. mgb70

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    Orlando, FL
    There's been a few mentions of the Z2 Comics "Grateful Dead Origins" graphic novel and deluxe set with the fancy slipcover and Fillmore West 8/21/68 LP (Rhino). For those that have purchased - how is the graphic novel? How is the LP mastering and pressing?

    I saw Brooklyn Vegan was selling the LP separately (now sold out) and the softcover version of the graphic novel was just $19.99 which I would have done, but now it looks like the deluxe set for $99 is currently my only option to buy to get both.
  25. malcolm reynolds

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